So fierce were the 1970s lamborghinis wildest sports car turns 50!

Beautiful is different. Sorry, this sports car has nothing to do with Italianita and grace. If this car were a dog, it would be a particularly wild promenade mix. It's a flying saucer with parts from the junkyard. Terrible, spectacular, unique and a great moment in automotive engineering – that is the Lamborghini Countach. Ugly as night for most, but unquestionably one of the most breathtaking cars ever made. No Lambo is more Lambo than the Countach.

But you'd be bending reality if you fell into jubilant arias at the thought of the almost unpronounceable Countach alone. When the successor to the famed Miura first saw the light of day, the sports car world trembled to its core. Ferrari shook the unspectacular 512 BB out of its sleeve, Porsche shone with the first 911 Turbo. At Aston Martin and Maserati, on the other hand, there was disbelief and shock. To say that the Countach's angular rocket design was polarizing would be an understatement.

Unbeatable – in a quartet

Even in a game of quartets in the schoolyard, no one could stand up to it. Anyone who outdid his opponents in a Countach didn't need to ask for homework for the next two days. More cylinders, more displacement were hard to find back then. The 4.14-meter-long super sports car was one of the fastest anyway.

Tips & tricks for budgeting your road trip

Remember to top up the windscreen washer system to prepare for the cold temperatures, and make sure the radiator antifreeze was checked at the last vehicle service.

Winter tires provide better grip in all conditions, not only in snow and ice, but also when the temperature drops below 7°C. Most of the time, they're more expensive and you need space to store summer tires. As a compromise, you can mount all-weather tires (also called all-season tires), which provide better grip than winter tires in the warmer months and better grip than winter tires in summer. In some countries, winter tires are mandatory, either nationwide during certain periods or only when roads are covered with snow and ice, although regulations may apply only to certain regions.

Each country has different requirements; for more details, check the websites of the ADAC or tire manufacturer Uniroyal , which provide up-to-date information on the European regulations that apply during the winter. It's best to do some research on your vacation spot before renting a camper. Road salt damages the underbody. These places open to splashing water. We recommend you wash the vehicle more often if you rent a camper in winter. If there is a risk of frost, the heater should always be operated at a minimum of 15 °C. Switch the recirculation fan (if fitted) to automatic mode. When outside temperatures are extreme, furniture flaps should be. Keep doors slightly open. If there is a risk of frost, cover the outer surfaces of the windows with winter insulation mats.

Tattoos, red buckets and a ghost at the morbach trade show

For the approximately 10,000 visitors to the twelfth Morbach trade show, there was a great package of information, entertainment and lots of trade show gifts in and around the Baldenauhalle over the weekend. There was a wide range of jobs on offer at more than 40 stands, including the Trierischer Volksfreund media house.

Tattoos and bright red buckets
Very much in demand on both days was Martin Schunck from Tattoo Studio Abstract Linework. He had almost continuous clientele. Anne Petry had a gecko pricked, others preferred mountains and palm trees. The company has been around for a good year and a half. So it was time for the young entrepreneur to show the people of Morbach "the face to the name as well," he said when asked why he participates in the regional fair. The reasons of the exhibitors for the participation are varied. Some – like Café and Kino Heimat – wanted to use the opportunity to become even better known, said Doris Beyer. Ludwig Schuh from the Möbel Schuh company, which will be celebrating its 125th anniversary in two years, on the other hand, handed out plenty of bright red buckets and referred to the open sales Sunday taking place at his company at the same time.

At the Sparkasse Mittelmosel Eifel Mosel Hunsrück, Nora Horn provided information about the new construction project "Special Living in the Morbach Center" on Bernkasteler Straße and Gerberweg, while at the VR-Bank Hunsrück-Mosel everything revolved around sustainable financial investments. Car dealers showed their new models. At the booth of the media house Trierischer Volksfreund there was an allowance for the household budget, if one estimated the quantity of ducks in a container correctly. At the same time, editorial director Lars Ross and editor Ilse Rosenschild were on hand to answer questions. Sarah Sauer from the pharmacy at Oberer Markt demonstrated a new service: the automatic sorting and shrink-wrapping of medicines. The visitors liked what was on offer. "The whole event is highly interesting. There are loud high-quality stands. I am positively surprised", said Peter Tresch from Hundheim. "The trade show is a showcase of all that we have here in Morbach. We should be proud of this," Hans-Georg Gröber from Morbach was also impressed by the event.

Starting into the future with an e-car, but which charging system to use?

Jan Hammerschmied, Head of Charging Infrastructure at cosmix, Europe's largest charging infrastructure platform, will give you a guidance which technical criteria and decisions has to be made.

In addition, Philippe Vangeel, Secretary General of the European Association for Electromobility (AVERE) will answer yours questions regarding the development and trends of smart charging infrastructure in Europe in this webinar.

Skoda yeti pictures

Skoda Yeti AbstractAs a compact SUV, the fifth series in Skoda Auto's model range combines virtues that until now could only be offered by completely different classes of automobiles, but not by a solitary automobile. The Yeti's handling and travel comfort are in no way inferior to that of a mid-size sedan, yet its off-road capability is unrestricted. It offered above-average space, high load capacities and, last but not least, a powerful towing capacity. At the same time it does not allow itself any intemperance in the consumption of fuel. On the contrary, the base model with a 77 kW (105 hp) 1.2-liter TSI engine has a fuel consumption of just 6.4* liters per 100 kilometers and emissions of only 149 g/km* CO2, which is outstanding in this class. (*preliminary values).

So the Yeti defines a new stage in the extremely diverse history of Skoda. Although there have been quite a few off-road vehicles under the trademark of the traditional manufacturer in the past, they were rarely designed for driving on normal, public roads without restrictions.

The characteristics of the Skoda Yeti as an off-road vehicle

The first important off-road Skoda automobiles, which made relatively good progress also on asphalt roads, were the models of type 952 and 956 – the predecessors of the historic Superb. From 1942 to 1943, the Skoda Superb 3000, a sedan with a 3.1-liter inline six-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive, was built. It was followed by the wheeled tractor Ost, designed by none other than Ferdinand Porsche and manufactured in the Skoda factories under pressure from the occupying forces during the Second World War. Its six-liter four-cylinder engine delivers 90 hp, but the one-ton behemoth can only move moderately quickly. From 1952 to 1956, the Type 973 off-road vehicle was produced, which had impressive off-road capabilities, a wading depth of 600 millimeters and a gradeability of 85 percent. In the sixties, the Trekka was developed, an off-road vehicle specially designed for the New Zealand market. Its success led to further exports to Australia, Samoa and the Fiji Islands. Beach buggies, special vehicles and custom-built vehicles are what the planners and developers at Skoda in Mladá Boleslav come up with again and again. However, there was no significant series production of off-road vehicles.

Who likes to call his programs targeted

The graphical design of the control menu is attractive and clear. This is how the first menu page presents basic capabilities. Setting options of the Pioneer at a glance. From here you not only get to the picture and sound tuning, but you can also start the photo viewer or use the CEC link to control the connected HDMI devices. The latter worked flawlessly in the test – via Consumer Electronics Control, the Pioneer even reached the menu pages of the connected Blu-ray player, even though it was dealing with a player of a different brand. Not many TVs can do that at the moment. Accordingly, the player was easy to control with the Pioneer remote control, and according to the manual, surround systems can also be controlled in this manner.

This is all the more impressive, since the plasma's control stick not only looks very high quality, but is also clearly laid out and easy to use. In addition, its signal strength is sufficient to direct the equipment to the receiver on the screen without precise aiming. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the lack of a clear pressure point when pressing the buttons. There one does not know always so exactly whether the encoder really passed the command on.

A pleasant surprise is the numerous help texts that the menu automatically displays for the settings options. However, they do not always help. The instructions remain very unclear, especially for features that need a lot of explanation. There Pioneer might still file. The photo viewer, which loads photos via a USB input and presents them in full HD resolution, could also be improved. An excellent service in itself. However, the electronics need a full 20 seconds to load an 8 megapixel image – that's a bit long.

Fri. 31.01. On our seats we could follow the action. Follow well on the tables in our section. Unfortunately we did not have the monitors in view. The afternoon and later also the evening were nevertheless exciting. And also for snooker newcomers very interesting. The tense atmosphere is simply intoxicating. Written by veej on Tue. 01.04.14 at 11:21

– Orange Tree 4 Friday Ticket: Snooker – German Masters 2014 2014-01-31T13:00:00

Snooker always a pleasure to see

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Startupcard 100

In the context of the current Startup Safari of the Deutsche Bahn, we have received a short, but even more qualified, increase from Evalea. The goal of the 5-day "long-term meet and greet" is to give an already established startup like Evalea the opportunity to network with employees from a corporation and use this expertise for their own business model and benefit from their experience.

On the other hand, employees from corporate groups also benefit when they experience the founding spirit of the respective startup live and also get to know the working methods and practices of the young entrepreneurs for a few days. Clearly, for large, established companies with more than 200.000 employees more difficult to overcome common startup practices and approaches such as z. B. Fail-Fast can be implemented immediately, yet the new impressions provide Group employees with a different view of their own processes and procedures.

It is precisely this exchange and getting to know the different approaches that creates a win-win situation for both sides. And this was ultimately one of the guiding principles of Deutsche Bahn, which planned and organized the project together with the HIGHEST start-up center.

Price comparison car insuranceWhoever owns a car in Germany also has to take out car insurance. As a Germany is even required by law. However, due to the price war prevailing in the industry, there are still considerable price differences in the Car Insurance. Anyone looking for low-cost car insurance should definitely compare several offers. This can be done without much effort with our price comparison car insurance. You only need to briefly enter a few details. Already you get an overview with the tariffs of almost all insurance companies. With price comparison car insurance you are guaranteed to find cheap car insurance. This service of Price comparison car insurance.Org is of course completely free of charge and non-binding for you.

Consider differences in benefits when comparing prices.

With a Price comparison However, you should not only pay attention to the premium amount for car insurance, but also to the benefits of the insurance Car insurance include in your decision. After all, what good is it if you have found a cheap car insurance policy with low premiums in the price comparison, but its benefits later leave much to be desired?. This can then ultimately cost you more than was saved by the low premium. Ultimately, the amount of the premium must always be in proportion to the benefits of the car insurance.

Type class and regional class

With a Price comparison for car insurance you also need to provide a few details about the car for which you are looking for insurance. This is necessary because each vehicle model is assigned to a certain type class in the car insurance. In principle, the higher the type class, the more you have to pay for your car insurance. If you have your car license ready, you only have to find and enter the four-digit manufacturer number and the three-digit type code number. You can also carry out the price comparison car insurance if you do not have your car license at hand. In this case, you simply need to specify your vehicle model with year of manufacture. Select engine from the list. In addition to the type class, the regional class also has a significant impact on the calculation of premiums for car insurance. Therefore you have to pay more for Price comparison car insurance in addition, specify either your area code or your postal code with. After that, the price comparison for car insurance can already start.

How to successfully migrate legacy applications to the cloud

Legacy or legacy systems such as mainframes are always a headache for CIOs. Modernizing with moving applications and data to the cloud seems like the solution, but it also comes with some challenges. You can find out which procedures you should definitely have on your screen in our guidebook.

As digitization continues, many companies are looking to move their applications and data to the cloud. The advantage of cloud migration, which began on a large scale only a few years ago, is not only the modernization of the application landscape, but also that organizations can free themselves from the expensive maintenance of their own data centers.

The greatest difficulty is often the migration of data and applications on sometimes ancient mainframe behemoths and other legacy systems. "The future of legacy applications is in the cloud. But the issue is not quite so trivial and requires a competent partner like us," say experts at the All for One Group, the leading IT and consulting group from the DACH region.