Historian: Corona could become an 'epochal turning point

Historian Andreas Wirsching sees the coronavirus pandemic as the potential end of an era. “There is much to suggest that 2020 will go down in history as an epochal caesura”.

“While we don”t know that for sure now, some things are discernible, especially with regard to globalization,” the director of the Institute of Contemporary History Munich-Berlin told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

Wirsching, who holds the Chair of Modern History at the University of Munich, believes that the era of internationalization and globalization of the past 50 years will be subject to major changes, "if not ended".

Traditionally the shooting club Almrausch Neuwirtshaus carries out its king proclamation at the beginning of the year. 1. Schutzenmeister Armin Hahn led with 1. Sports director Hubert Winter through the evening. This year 79 participants have taken part in the price and king shooting.

Vanessa Hahn (45.6-piece) leads the new royal house as shooting queen. At her side are as 1. Knight Christina Dollinger (55.0-piece) and as 2. Knight Lothar Bold (64.4-piece). In the royal house of the youth is the new Schutzenkonig Louis farmer with a 123,0-Teiler. At his side as 1. Youth knight Laura Swiercz (149,2-piece) and as 2. Youth knight Helena Warmuth (200,3-divider).

The title of Robin Hood was defended for the second time in a row by Wolfgang Fub. As titleholder he received from 2. Schutzenmeisterin Heike Kohlhepp the feather-decorated hat. The second place as Little John was won by Wolfgang Hahn, and Brother Tuck may call himself Hubert Winter. Sebastian Bold was the Robin Hood winner in the youth competition. Second and thus Little John became Elias Muller before Paul Kohlhepp, who as a newcomer secured third place as Brother Tuck. Traditionally with the king shooting of the Almrauschschutzen also a large price shooting is accomplished. Youth leader Heike Kohlhepp and sport leader Hubert Winter carried out the price distribution.

The district of Bamberg saves 36924 euros

Savings are already being made in the district’s building department, the Hirschaider Realschule is a prime example, the Don Bosco School in Stappenbach still needs to be addressed, and the Scheblitzer Realschule is likely to see some action soon. Robert Martin addresses these properties of the district with regard to the energetic area. The aforementioned were subjected to the annual energy audit like the others. Result: The result satisfies him, the total costs were reduced by 7 per cent or 36924 on 492 691 euro. On the other hand, there was a slight increase in heat consumption (1.68 percent) and water consumption (4.69 percent).

"We have a consistently positive energy development in the district", comments District Administrator Johann Kalb on the results of the audit. The district’s climate protection officer, Robert Martin, in office since 2008, has also been involved with municipal energy management since 2013.

This includes the preparation of an annual balance sheet for the district’s properties. These are not few: In addition to the aforementioned secondary schools in Hirschaid and Scheblitz, the Ebracher secondary school is also included, as well as the Giechburgschule Scheblitz, the Bamberg agricultural school, the district administration office (main building) and the district building yard in Memmelsdorf. The energetic balance refers to energy, heat and water consumption. And according to Martin, the results for the past year were positive in terms of savings. Not only because the total expenditure could be lowered. He attributes this to the generally lower costs for heat and electricity, and especially to the Hirschaid secondary school. Here, heat consumption has been reduced by almost 70 percent since the refurbishment.

Art and music in the graben gardens

artists and singers in mainbernheim were drawn to the moat gardens along the historic town wall for the "garden signs 2018" of the district of kitzingen. Under the motto "B8-liches Zusammenammentreffen", paintings and drawings were created during the day, and in the evening, well-known songs resounded between the wall and highway 8. Already in the morning, painters from the artist group "freitagsmaler", who had been invited by the artist gabi grotsch from mainbernheim, could be found among flowering garden plots, vegetable beds and the sandstone towers. In the course of the day, a number of other artists from mainbernheim joined in, resulting in about 20 paintings of different colors, techniques and expressiveness. these were then exhibited in the moat gardens. In the afternoon, more and more children were drawn to the blooming paradise. In the "children’s creative workshop", the 40 or so young artists could, for example, paint wooden candlesticks or print carrier bags with natural dyes. the "B8-liche" day ended with the traditional mainbernheim summer sing-along. Musicians from Mainbernheim played unamplified for the numerous guests. Together they also managed to chant against the cars passing by on the B 8. Peace returned to the grabengarten only when traffic subsided. The resulting pictures can be viewed until the end of august in the cafe barenstark in mainbernheim. Photo: thomas bachleitner

What is really going on in the Grafenberg quarry??

In the future, the Barnreuther-Deuerlein quarry will also be allowed to use higher "polluted" material can be dumped and even up to 30 percent construction debris and track ballast. This request of the quarry owner unsettled some Grafenberger, who also fear a danger for the groundwater.

Because even if a sorbent layer is provided, it can withstand the vibrations caused by blasting in the active quarry? If by the new permission from the quarry then a garbage dump becomes? They would like to receive answers to these questions, as the meeting for the establishment of a citizens’ initiative made clear.

Now the management of the quarry has also spoken out and is trying to answer the pressing questions of the people of Grafenberg in a multi-page flyer. "We have thus tried to translate the official German", says Frank Eichler, the operations manager at the Grafenberg site. Instead of groundwater pollution and environmental damage, the opposite should happen with this.

The "Song of a Blackbird – as it is poetically called in a song title – is present everywhere in Fortschwind. Because the blackbird is still very common in the Hochstadt district. A barn swallow also sails high up through the air, but is reluctant to be caught on camera. Yes, the village and its surroundings are a bird paradise. The Fortschwinder noticed this as early as 1958 and founded a songbird protection association. Since then, bird walks have taken place every year on Ascension Day, attracting visitors from far and wide.

Stefan Arneth and Gerhard Utzmann, who currently lead the association as chairmen, also see themselves obliged to other tasks. Voluntarily, but for the well-being of their feathered friends they count twice a year to the given dates of the "hour of the winter birds" and the "Hour of the Garden Birds the bird population. In the last days – from 9. until the 12. May – the Landesbund fur Vogelschutz had called for a count of garden birds.

As the name suggests, one hour at a time was to be counted in the garden or around the house.

WhatsApp: Data protectors warn against the use of the messenger

Thuringia’s data protection commissioner Lutz Hasse has warned against the private use of the messenger service WhatsApp with reference to a court ruling. 99 percent of its German users would behave "deliktisch", when they use the service, Hasse said Wednesday during the presentation of his activity reports for 2016 and 2017.

Because anyone who uses WhatsApp allows the service to read out all the contact data on their smartphone. However, someone may only give this consent to WhatsApp if all the people in the user’s address book have agreed to it.

Hardly exists in reality

But since such complete consents practically never exist in reality, the use of the service is generally illegal, Hasse said. This view of data protectionists, he said, was also confirmed in 2017 by the Bad Hersfeld district court in a judgment. "This decision concerns only private people", Hasse said.

The winter service in munnerstadt is prepared for winter

the grounds of the munnerstadt building yard were bustling with activity on friday. vehicles were loaded with salt or brine, all prepared for possible use. "Winter can come, we are well prepared", says farm manager stefan sluzar.
The weather report does not promise anything good. Although a closed blanket of snow is not to be expected in Lower Franconia, snow may fall on the weekend and the roads may become slippery at any time. For this reason, the four vehicles were also loaded with salt, and the bauhof employees dispensed with the snow shovels for the time being. If, contrary to expectations, they are already needed this weekend, they are quickly assembled. "We have ordered winter road maintenance", says mayor helmut blank. This means that the drivers are on standby at the weekend and can be called out immediately if necessary.

Tractor for the west

the head of the depot is proud of the fleet of vehicles that has been expanded over the past few years. The tractor is only in its second year of use. "In high gear, driving 45 kilometers per hour", says the mayor. It will be used in the western districts of burghausen, reichenbach and windheim and on the access road to the thorax center in lower franconia. Even if the tractor is the latest acquisition, the unimog is the flagship vehicle in the fleet. It will be used in the eastern parts of the city."Because there is a long way to go", says stefan sluzar.
In addition to the city center, munnerstadt, including maria bildhausen, has eleven districts, some of which are connected to each other by municipal roads, for which the city also has to provide winter services.

Hardly any chances for TV ebern

ebern – after a convincing 4:0 win against FC Mitwitz in the season opener of the soccer district league Upper Franconia West, TV ebern came away empty-handed in its second attempt. FC lichtenfels was defeated by a score of 0:1.
The first 20 minutes clearly belonged to the home team, which started aggressively, with a strong fight and very playful. Shots by zollnhofer, aumuller and gutgesell did not find their target, a volley from zollnhofer touched the post, and a schardt free kick hit the crossbar. On the other hand there was a good free kick by S. fisherman’s shot defused by goalkeeper ruck with a fist save. From the middle of the first half, the game became more even, but also flattened visibly. FCL almost took the lead at the break, but a header by oppel was cleared on the line by the ebern defense.
The second period began briskly, but then was a bit slow until the 60th minute. Minute there, before lukas dietz just missed the ebern goal. Shortly thereafter, FCL coach grau proved to be extremely lucky when he sent niklas lulei onto the pitch. TVE had a kick, lulei won the header duel with his first touch of the ball, took off, received the ball from oppel and slotted it into the short corner for 1:0.

Free kick into the wall

In the following period, the "Korbstadter" failed to score, closing the deal. Ebern only managed to build up pressure in the last ten minutes, but had no more really dangerous action. The last spark of hope was extinguished when white put a free kick into the wall. Shortly after that it was over.
FC lichtenfels: ruck – F. Goller (66. N. Lulei), M. Hellmuth (29. Hempfling), schardt, C. Goller, gutgesell, scholz, dietz, zolln-hofer (81. P. Krappmann), oppel, aumuller / TV ebern: J. Kapell – dohler, steinert, aumuller, ludewig, ammon, J. Fischer, S. Fischer, white, music, kollmer / ref: rossow (obernsees) / spectators: 185 / goal: 1:0 N. Lulei (66.)

A generous donation from Edeka and GWF helps the young people in the Erich Kastner Children's Village.

46 children are currently housed in six homes in the districts of Schweinfurt and Kitzingen. Children who experienced terrible things in their first years of life. Who had to be separated from their biological parents. And can make a new start in the Erich Kastner Village. "These kids all bring a big backpack of experiences," explains the facility’s founder, Gunda Fleischhauer. "A lot of what they’ve experienced is also inconceivable to us." What all children desperately need: Time, patience, attention. And a different support than their peers.

"Much of what our children have experienced is unimaginable to us." Gunda Fleischhauer, founder of the facility

About two-thirds of the children who grow up in the Erich Kastner Village attend regular schools in the surrounding area. The others are accommodated in a specially created facility, the "schulchenPlus". Here, too, patience is the supreme virtue. It can happen that a young student only listens to music for days, reports the facility’s managing director, Gerald Mohrlein. Until this boy virtually "wakes up" – emerges from his previous life. And attends classes.