Flood damage

Damage caused by floods is an extraordinary burden for those affected -. Exactly the same must also be entered in the tax return. This means that at least so-called existentially necessary expenses can be deducted – i.E. If new clothing and household goods are necessary or if mud and garbage have to be removed from the house. A new car or garden furniture, however, do not fall under the category of existentially necessary expenses.

– To the article: Elementary insurance – how to protect against natural forces?

Own contribution must be deducted in the tax return

There are also some limitations to consider. Because not all damage can simply be claimed in the tax return.

Shared, intelligent vehicles and magnetic roads: Everything points in this direction of automotive development. The basic goal is to pursue a strategy of "zero emissions, zero accidents, zero safety violations and zero defects". As a result of these changes, the automotive industry may change dramatically in the future. Its main feature could be the standardization of technology in many areas.

Carsharing, autonomous cars and electric highways

It is possible that owning your own car will be the exception in the future and will become a hobby or a leisure activity. The traffic in large cities can be handled via Car sharing be handled, and the fleets of companies offering such services will not only be Electric cars, but also autonomous vehicles which are used in fully autonomous transportation systems be used.

The same future is envisioned in freight transport, where partially autonomous trucks or even entire convoys consisting of a pilot vehicle with a human driver and subsequent fully autonomous trucks Be tested. However, before that, the entire transport infrastructure must be transformed, which may even acquire new functions. Cars of the future May no longer rely on an on-board power source, but will be powered by special bands that generate magnetic fields. While this all sounds like a futuristic vision, some of these trends can already be seen today.

Nowadays the pollution is a problem without solution. The reason for this is, among others, the application of cars and trucks to drive long distances. This produces so many exhaust gases that damage the environment.

Electric cables for electric trucks on the highway.

However, nowadays it is not possible to do without these means of transport completely. In Germany, however, there is an alternative solution with regard to the different types of trucks: one would like to Install electric cables, that would load the trucks. This would avoid the use of fuel.

Horizont opens doors lightning, electric shocks, impostors

As Dr. When Heinz Müller founded an electrical engineering workshop in a cowshed near Marburg in 1945, the inventor probably had no idea that his descendants would develop the business into a globally operating and successful company under the name horizont. Thousands of visitors took advantage of the open day on the occasion of the 70th anniversary to take a look behind the scenes.

In everyday life, people often come into contact with products from the Korbach-based company: Whether pasture fencing devices and sheep knot fences in animal husbandry as well as barrier beacons and warning lights at construction sites or in case of accidents – these and other articles and devices of horizont's "agrartechnik" division, developed and built in the county seat, are the products of the company and "klemmfix are used all over the world. Numerous local fire departments, as well as the police and THW, rely on the products from the plant on Homberger Weg: Among other things, there are stop sticks ("trowels") and folding signals, flashing beacons and blue lights at horizont.

Where does the electric fence get its power??
But how is a housing for a flashing beacon injection molded from plastic pellets?? What sophisticated technology is contained in an LED panel for securing construction sites?? Where does the pasture fence device get its power over months? What tricks do the Korbach tinkerers come up with to protect sheep from the wolf, which is also reappearing in Germany?? Answers to these and countless other questions were provided at the open day at Homberger Weg. Here, the guests not only got an insight into research, development and production, but also into that of the horizont high-bay warehouse: in the large high-bay warehouse, the goods are stored according to a sophisticated system and, if necessary, shipped all over the world. Guests were even allowed to ride in the large forklifts that whiz through seemingly endless aisles during the many tours of the plant.

On the road to greener mobility with gck motorsport partnership

What does the future of mobility look like? What impact will motorsport have on this? What new technologies are up for development and refinement? These are just some of the issues we consider in our constant search for new technologies and new partnerships that reflect our passion for motorsport and our spirit of innovation.

A new multi-year partnership with GCK Motorsport, the sports and media flagship of Green Corp Konnection (GCK), reflects Motul's desire to move forward with partners who share the same philosophies, with GCK using motorsport as a laboratory to develop technological solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. The 360° partnership will combine innovative, industrial, technical and racing elements and includes Motul's activities in the world famous Dakar Rally as well as participation in the brand new FIA World Rally-Raid Championship and the FIA World Rallycross Championship with GCK's Lancia Delta Evo-e RX. Motul will work with GCK Motorsport to demonstrate that tomorrow's new energy-powered cars will be able to run longer and even more efficiently, combining reliability and high performance in the race and on the road.

Motul will support GCK Motorsport in its participation in the 2022 Dakar Rally with a bio-powered drivetrain and will be a partner in the development of a hydrogen-powered vehicle to be launched in 2023/4. The partners will also focus on the FIA World Rallycross Championship, which will switch to electric propulsion in 2022. In all programs, Motul's pioneering research and development department will develop and test the latest products for tomorrow's mobility under completely new racing conditions. GCK Motorsport has established itself as a true pioneer in the FIA World Rallycross Championship (WRX), and its ambitious multi-year development plan for cross-country fits well with Motul's motorsport innovation strategy.

H license plate less tax and insurance for classic cars

Even cheaper to drive: With the H license plate as a seasonal license plateWith regard to vehicle tax, additional savings can be made if the H license plate is applied for as a seasonal license plate, i.E. The car may only be driven during a specified period of the year. This period covers a minimum of two and a maximum of eleven months, can be freely chosen and is noted on the license plate. The vehicle tax will be adjusted accordingly.

For example, if you have registered your car for four months in a year, you pay only one third of the usual amount, which is about 64 euros. The seasonal license plate in conjunction with the H suffix has only been around for a few months.

For classic car collectors: the red 07 license plate

The red license plate with the "07" behind the city code is particularly interesting for classic car collectors. The motor vehicle tax is also a flat rate of 192 euros, but it is an alternating license plate, with which several old vehicles may be moved alternately, provided they meet the requirements that also apply to the H license plate.

Long car ride with kids 6 tips

With our six tips, you can easily master a long car trip with your children:
Prepare car trip with childrenProvide entertainment– Books- Games- Tablet& Co.

Plan regular breaksPack the right provisionsUse the children's sleep rhythmPrepare for travel sickness

1. Prepare car trip with children

Here's how best to prepare for the trip:- Research child-friendly car stops and rest areas.- Making the car more comfortable with pillows and blankets.- Buy a safe child seat that is comfortable even on long journeys.- Put sun shades on the windows.- secure luggage well so that no objects can fly through the car and endanger your children when braking hard.- Get extra high-visibility vests for kids and dogs. These are not compulsory for them, but are recommended.- Stow wet wipes, kitchen roll, trash bags and change of clothes within easy reach.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is considered a must-have in online marketing. By automating your marketing activities, you work
economic and more efficient. Here you can learn more about basics and Advantages automation.

What is Marketing Automation?

With Marketing Automation, the Automation of your online marketing processes meant. Therefore offer software platforms the necessary basis. Thus save you above all Time and thus Costs. Manage your email campaigns yourself? Then you know how much effort is involved. Furthermore, in addition to Email marketing the management of Leads automate. In addition, the automation of SMS, web push or App Push common practice. The appropriate marketing automation tools make implementation child's play.

Marketing Automation – Best Practices for Fast Content Marketing

Even though automation sounds like a rigid mechanism, every campaign is so individually as the company itself that generates them. Marketing automation helps especially with Content creation, find the right one for your target audience. Further, coordinate different steps as needed on an. The personal address of the customers is common practice.

Vehicle dedication and appointment of the honorary commander

April, the consecration of their new HLF20 (Hilfeleistungslöschgruppenfahrzeug) celebrate. After nearly three years the procurement of the new vehicle found thereby a solemn conclusion. At the beginning speeches of mayor Heinrich Süß. Commander Andreas Haagen the way to the new fire-fighting vehicle as well as the importance of this means of operation summarized. In 2015, District Fire Commissioner Matthias Rocca confirmed the need for the new fire truck, which was then also strengthened by the municipal council with a unanimous decision. After the first inspections and the joint invitation to tender with the Heßdorf volunteer fire department, which resulted in a ten percent higher subsidy, the company finally arrived at a Ziegler superstructure on a MAN chassis. The total cost was 451,000 euros, with a subsidy of 130,900 euros. In addition, the fire department converted its respiratory protection equipment to positive pressure with the purchase. The active firefighters had to familiarize themselves with the numerous innovations during a three-month training period before the vehicle could finally be officially put into service on Easter Saturday. With the Protestant pastor Wilfried Lechner-Schmidt and his Catholic colleague Johannes Saffer, clergymen of both denominations consecrated the vehicle. Lechner-Schmidt described the new means of operation as "important tools" for the volunteers in a time in which more and more people prefer to enjoy their free time than to engage themselves for the benefit of the community.

Afterwards it went on in the festively decorated Weisendorfer multipurpose hall with the speech of circle fire adviser Matthias Rocca. He described the new acquisition of the municipality as important in order to be able to provide "effective help for all citizens". In addition, he said, it is a "future investment", which also provides an "incentive for the next generation". At the end he noted still jokingly that the mountain direction Nankendorf can be conquered by the stronger motorization "now within the auxiliary period".

To the loosening up in between the Komödianten duo Trampel& appeared Schnößel (Elisabeth Ort and Regina Baumgärtner), which had prepared a piece especially for the vehicle consecration. With funny anecdotes the two made the audience laugh. They lit humorously the "fire department life" of the previous commander Wilhelm Oed. This show interlude was the prelude to the second part of the evening. The honor of Wilhelm Oed to the honorary commander. His 30-year term of office included a number of important milestones. Thus the predecessor of the vehicle consecrated on this day, a LF16, was put into service under him. An LF8 as a second fire engine and the construction of the second appliance house as well as the renovation of the old building are also among the achievements of his work as commander. The association life did not remain too briefly in its term of office however also. Thus he closed the sponsorship with the fire department Kalchreuth, made contacts to Weißendorf in Thuringia and helped with the organization of the 125th anniversary of the fire department. One year after being appointed commander, he was appointed district fire chief. This office he has until today. He achieved all this in addition to his job. Did not neglect thereby also its family. After the current commanders Andreas Haagen, Björn Bethge and board Bastian Selig had presented the career of Wilhelm Oed in the fire department, it was time for the honor itself. Visibly moved "Willi" appeared as he entered the stage with his wife for the presentation of the award. As a gift to the two was presented to them a voucher for a balloon ride. Mayor Heinrich Süß also awarded him the citizens' medal in gold. The award of this "award for special honorary commitment" had been decided unanimously in the municipal council. "Who else, if not Willi", were the words that were spoken at the meeting of the municipal council, he said. In his speech of thanks he said that looking back he had a nice time during these thirty years. He also expressed his thanks for the trust placed in him and for the cooperation. He was also grateful to his wife and his two children for their support during this time.

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta release was launched in 1954. Giulietta in terms of technology can serve as a model for many modern cars. The basic version was equipped with an engine with two overhead camshafts (this scheme has been used since 1926 in almost all Alfa Romeo gasoline engines) with a displacement of 1.290 cc and a power of 54 hp. Giulietta Sprint coupe body was produced from 1954 to 1968. The body for this car was designed by Carrozzeria Bertone.

The Giulietta version of the station wagon, developed by Colli in collaboration with Alfa Romeo, was in production from 1957 to 1960. 91 copies were released. 1957 – 1 unit, 1959 – 71, 1960 – 19 units From 1957 to 1959 cars of the first series were produced – 750C, since 1959 cars of the second series – 101,22.

Alfa romeo giulietta