Lower, wider, faster that's how car tuning remains legal

Booming basses make the rear window vibrate. Not a sheet of paper fits between the tires and the wheel well, and the front spoiler crouches on the floor. Tuned cars are not for everyone. But it does not always have to be extremely wide, deep or glittering. Tuning goes also more discreetly.

Booming basses make the rear window vibrate. There's no room for a sheet of paper between the tires and the wheel arch, and the front spoiler crouches on the floor. Tuned cars are not for everyone. But it does not always have to be extremely wide, deep or glittering. Tuning can also be more discreet. According to Jürgen Bente of the German Road Safety Council (DVR), large. Wide wheels particularly popular with tuners. Then follow body kits with spoilers and side skirts. Harald Schmidkte of the Association of Automotive Tuners (VDAT) sees it similarly: "Wheel-tire combinations with special wheels are unreservedly among the most popular tuning products."But also lowering or track widening or the optimization of engine or exhaust is popular with tuners.

According to Arnulf Thiemel of the German Automobile Association (ADAC), the trend is towards tuning that is close to standard production without any conspicuous visual changes. Measures that do not require major conversion work and can be easily retrofitted are also popular. This includes other wheels, chip tuning, foiling and exhaust systems. "Work on safety-relevant parts such as the engine, drivetrain, chassis and brake system, as well as airbags and electrical systems, on the other hand, is something for professionals only," says Thiemel.

They have become a local gem: the three bakehouses in altenhof, weidach, and schlettach. At the end of the construction work, the mayor, councillors, planners, guests of honor and craftsmen met for an inauguration ceremony.

the measures were made possible by a grant from the bavarian state ministry of food, economics and forestry in connection with the community task "improvement of the agricultural structure and coastal protection", initiated by the federal republic. After all, subsidies of 49,000 euros flowed in at a total cost of 75,000 euros. The masterpiece, however, was delivered by the Schlettach bakery friends under the chairmanship of rainer schellenberger, who, with the help of master oven setters walter and marcus goldhammer, managed to reanimate the oven so that it can be baked again as in earlier times. The first test baking succeeded. In altenhof, too, baking has already resumed after the renovation, as its chairman florian ruppert let it be known, but he also thanked all the contributors.

The funding was in the hands of the Amt fur landliche entwicklung (ALE) (Office for Rural Development). the application for the framework decision for the area of the initiative rodachtal for structural investments in bakery and brewery buildings was carried out by the engineering office for planning and environment erfurt.

With the opensource PIM system Akeneo you bring order into your product data and processes. Designed for handling marketing data, Akeneo offers a user-friendly interface for importing, maintaining and publishing data. You always have control over the completeness of the data.

Akeneo is modularly designed, flexibly adaptable and expandable, allowing the system to be scaled according to requirements. Akeneo has proven in numerous projects over the past years that it is able to map the requirements of the market in the best possible way. We recognized the potential of Akeneo early on. Became the first Akeneo integration partner. With our trained development staff and many years of experience in PIM projects we offer our customers quality and know how. In short: We know what is important in PIM projects, for the benefit of our customers.


15 Disadvantages of wealth

Being rich means having to worry about absolutely everything except money.

– Johnny Cash

Most of us would like to be rich. We imagine that almost all our problems would disappear if only we were really rich. Having lots of money would mean we wouldn't have to worry about keeping a roof over our heads, sending our kids to any school they wanted to go to, or having enough to live very comfortably in retirement. What's not to like about being rich?

Europe's car market e

Auto analyst Matthias Schmidt calculates figures for 18 markets in Europe in December 2021 – milestone for transport turnaround.As reported by the Financial Times, for the first time, more electric cars have been sold than diesel vehicles – across the entire European automotive market. This shows: The unstoppable disruption of the automotive sector is proceeding exactly as predicted by Tony Seba and other experts: in the form of an S-curve. After a slow start, exponential growth has now been achieved. More electric than diesel across Europe is thus a significant milestone for the transport revolution.

The Financial Times bases this on "preliminary estimates" by auto analyst Matthias Schmidt. The record does not relate to 2021 as a whole, but to the month of December. One reason, besides electric cars rapidly becoming cheaper and more attractive due to the rapid learning curve, is that the switch to battery-powered vehicles is subsidized by the government in almost all European countries. Stricter emissions regulations and the still-simmering legal battle surrounding the VW diesel scandal are doing the rest.

Three years ago, Cleanthinking reported on the reasons why electric cars are unstoppable. Since then, the number of models on the market has multiplied, battery cell factories are sprouting up, including in Europe, and legal regulations have clearly been tightened up. Many manufacturers have announced billion-dollar investments -. Are converting their entire fleets to electric drive systems.

The toyota diesel emissions scandal

How Toyota drivers use the revocation joker Bypass driving bans in the Toyota diesel scandal and use the credit revocation to return your Toyota diesel suffering from depreciation to the bank. You do not have to continue servicing your loan in the event of a successful loan revocation!

How to return my Toyota?

Nothing is known so far about the Toyota diesel scandal. This does not necessarily mean that the manufacturer has not cheated, but official indications from the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Motor Transport Authority) have not been forthcoming so far, at least. However, measurements by Deutsche Umwelthilfe have shown that the Toyota Auris emits over five times more nitrogen oxide than it is actually allowed to with the Euro 6 emissions standard. This will probably not be enough for a claim for damages. Still, Toyota drivers have a chance to make the diesel scandal work for them. If you have financed your car purchase, take a closer look at the loan agreement, resp. Even better, you have an experienced lawyer take a look at it. HAHN Attorneys at Law has already reviewed thousands of car loan contracts. Can say: About nine out of ten are faulty by, for example, the mandatory information is missing! If you have made your car purchase as a consumer and together with the car purchase agreement also a credit agreement was offered, then a faulty credit agreement means: You can pull the revocation joker. Even if your vehicle does not have an illegal defeat device and even if it is not a diesel vehicle, you can use the revocation joker. The 14-day cancellation period does not start if the contract contains errors or does not contain all the mandatory information. You can revoke the loan agreement even years later.

With a successful loan revocation you return your Toyota to the bank and receive in return the already paid installments and any down payment refunded. In addition, in our opinion, you are entitled to a refund of interest. Without any scandal you can get rid of your car at good conditions!

The best exercises against back pain

Many employees sit at a desk and in front of a computer all day long. The limited working posture leads to permanent back problems, especially for those who sit all day in the office.

The following tips should help you find the ideal working posture for your desk job and thus positively counteract health problems.

Exercises against back pain – article overview:

From the madness of the soul to the stinginess is horny

The miser wave rolls. Retail chains advertise with "cheap prices. Competing for the most attractive "stinginess level". Retail chains advertise with "stingy" prices. Competing for the most attractive "stinginess" level. Slogans such as "Stinginess is cool!", "Cheapness", "Super awesome prices" bring the new trend of purchase and consumption to the point. But why actually? Why is suddenly "horny, what was previously considered unseemly? Why are saving, skimping, bargaining and being stingy "in" today?? Why did vices suddenly become virtues??

Torture, blindness, plague

Stinginess, understood as excessive thriftiness, stinginess and stinginess, but also as possessiveness and greed, has been regarded since time immemorial as a morally reprehensible quality that deserves criticism, even contempt. The philosophers consider stinginess and tenacious hoarding as "evil and unjust against God, against his neighbor and against himself, as the "root of all evil" (Paul) and "source of misery, discontent, worries and sorrow" (Hippocrates), as "madness of the soul" (Augustine), terrible "torture" (Gregor) "Blindness, "incurable disease" and "pestilence (Cyprian), as a "constant plague and torment of the soul" (Solomon).

Motorradsternfahrt in kulmbach bot zweiradfans ein willkommenes ausflugsziel

Motorcycle star ride again a welcome excursion destination. Of it alone 10 were.000 arrived by motorcycle. The prevention event of the program "Bayern mobil – sicher ans Ziel" (Bavaria mobile – safely to your destination) initiated by the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, the Upper Franconian police and the Bavarian Driving Instructors Association with the support of the city and district of Kulmbach, Kulmbacher Brauerei and Antenne Bayern fulfilled the expectations of all those responsible in terms of road safety.

The patron of the event, Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann, himself arrived in Kulmbach on a motorcycle in glorious sunshine. Herrmann emphasized on his arrival: "Arriving instead of getting around must be the motto". Under this motto, the motorcycle star ride in Kulmbach offers the optimal conditions for conveying the topics from the road safety work. In 2017, every fifth road user killed on Bavaria's roads was a motorcyclist. "Especially too risky and fast driving are main causes of serious accidents," added the Minister.

Highlight: the motorcycle parade with record attendance

Car rental in denmark

The best tips on car rental in DenmarkDenmark has many other beautiful places and activities to offer besides the capital Copenhagen. To explore all the nooks and crannies, we recommend booking a rental car in Denmark for your next trip. So it is possible for you to visit the lighthouse "Rubjerg Knude" located in sand dunes or to explore the hilly fairy tale town of Odense on one of the Danish islands of Fyn. The Danish islands are connected by long bridges, so a round trip is a highlight in itself. It is a beguiling feeling to drive on a road in the middle of the sea. Try it out, it's a unique experience.
If Copenhagen is the starting point for your trip to Denmark, we recommend that you book a rental car directly at the airport. There are two airports, Roskilde Airport (RKE) and Copenhagen-Kastrup Airport (CPH). There you will get good deals on rental cars due to the large supply and well-known car rental companies such as Enterprise, Europcar and TUI Cars will be there as well. Denmark includes the Jutland peninsula. Numerous other islands. Islands are known to have less space than big cities like Berlin or Madrid. Keep this in mind when choosing the car class for your rental car in Denmark. You will be better off with smaller or medium car classes – not only in terms of parking; your wallet will also be happy about lower fuel consumption with these car models. The environment and Denmark as an environmentally friendly country will thank you for it.
Obey the signs you encounter on the road to avoid traffic violations. Scandinavian countries are generally known for imposing decent fines for speeding on the roads. Depending on how much you exceed the speed limit, a fine can start from 1.000 kr (134 €) will be incurred. Failure to obey a red light will result in a fine of 500 DKK (67 €). In Denmark, the daytime running lights must be turned on: If you are caught without lights, you pay 500 kr (67€). You can also be charged a fine of 510 kr (69 €) for illegal parking.

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Denmark

How much does a car rental cost in Denmark?

A rental car in Denmark costs on average 30 € per day.

Which car rental in Denmark is the most popular?

Economy (Ford Fiesta or similar) is the most common car rental class in Denmark.