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Sporty: Fiat 500S

Sporty fiat 500s Sporty fiat 500s Sporty fiat 500s

With the new S-model of the Fiat 500 the Italians are not only on men's catch, they want to address and inspire above all sporty ambitious ones. The sportiest variant (excluding the Abarth version) can be ordered both as a sedan and as a cabriolet. Price starts at 15.290 euros, the four-year warranty is of course always included. With specific bumpers all around – front with integrated fog lights – side skirts. The roof spoiler makes this 500 look even more expressive. The handles of the doors and tailgate and the exterior mirror caps contrast in matte gray and meet darkened rear window panes on the sedan. Black cooling air inlets at the front of the vehicle and the lower radiator grille in

Sporty fiat 500s

Honeycomb structure are among the other specific body components, as is the chrome-plated exhaust tailpipe.

Skoda shows suv study with plug

The vehicle study Skoda Vision S is to follow the new design language of the brand – translated into the SUV segment.


The vehicle study Skoda Vision S with six seats over three rows of seats is 4.70 meters long, 1.91 meters wide, 1.68 meters high and has a wheelbase of 2.79 meters. The vehicle study is based on the Volkswagen Group's Modular Transverse Toolkit (MQB).

Remote control cars are fun, but self-driving robot cars are even more fun. In this tutorial, we'll build a four-wheeled robot that can drive around and avoid obstacles. I purchased this complete 4WD kit from AliExpress, but you can easily buy most of these components at an electronics store and assemble them yourself.

I recommend reading through all the instructions before starting, as this will clarify some things that may be confusing on the first run-through. Because of the length of the instructions, this can also look like a very long, advanced project, but it's actually pretty simple. You don't have to be intimidated – this is a beginner's project that you can get satisfying results with and build on as you learn more. Don't like this robot? Here are some more Arduino robots. 8 Arduino Robots You Can Build for Less Than $125. 8 Arduino robots you can build for less than $125. The Arduino can do a lot, but did you know it can create full-fledged robots? For quite cheap too! Read more about what you could easily build instead.

Here's what we got after taking everything out of the box:

When Auto Union resumed production in the winter of 1949/50, it was done by necessity in a horse stable and had to buy commercially available parts – in order to be able to make motorcycles at all – which by no means met the requirements to be made today. This is especially true for the brakes used in the initial series, so no more will be said about them here. If you still have a DKW from the early months with its inadequate brakes, the most you can do is try to achieve something by tinkering, but it won't be very much in any case.

When this issue goes to print
When this issue goes to print

Figure 17: Section through the old brake with drive.

When this issue goes to print When this issue goes to print When this issue goes to print

Cut through the new rear axle from RT 175 and RT 250/2 onwards. Construction basically the same, only the hub is completely new.

When you buy a motorcycle as a classic car

Cologne Motorcycles in classic design are in vogue. But historic machines are also in demand. What interested parties should bear in mind when buying these old treasures.

Rumbling single-cylinder or purring four-cylinder. A lot of chrome. Little plastic. Historic motorcycles still have their appeal today. But as beautiful as the old sheet metal looks, very few two-wheeled oldies can be driven without any problems.

And there are also other things to consider. Thorsten Rechtien recommends taking an expert along for the inspection who is familiar with the model or with classic machines. For the expert at Tüv Rheinland, the overall impression is what counts, i.E. The condition of the machine: "Flash rust or small rust spots are not bad, but a warped frame, a defective engine or missing parts are."

Transport with traction all

Anything that might be suitable for transporting very heavy cargo in general, and then for off-road driving in particular, is banned in Germany after World War II. The victorious powers know all too well from their own experience how appropriately designed heavy trucks lend themselves to tank transportation. On 150 hp (110 kW) the Allies have set the upper limit for motorization. Semi-trucks, three-axle trucks and four-wheel drive, for example, are also off limits.

But these restrictions fall away relatively quickly over the course of time. And as early as 1950, Mercedes-Benz can bring a first all-wheel-drive truck, which, moreover, is not to be regarded as a quasi-military island solution like the previous all-wheel-drive trucks, but marches largely in step with its less off-road brethren, which are equipped with the common rear-axle drive (axle formula 4×2: i.E. A total of four wheels, two of them driven; all-wheel-drive: 4×4).

The LA 3500 makes a grandiose start

Skyrim survival mode everything that changes and how to activate gordon bicker

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim officially unveiled its Anniversary Edition today, as eager fans and newcomers alike flock to plunge into the enchanting world of Skyrim. This edition aims to bring new features to the game and celebrate the achievements Skyrim has earned over the years. As a community of culture and a history for the ages, there will always be some news for fans to enjoy. One of them is the free inclusion of Skrim Survival mode in the game for all players of the "Special Edition" and "Anniversary Edition", in which you will see the world of Skyrim in a whole new light.

What is Skyrim survival mode?

Survival mode is a creation that is a game mode that changes the core components of the experience. You need to make sure that there is a good shelter for your character and things like food and other resources. The mode is in some ways similar to Fallout 4 'survival mode.

It was first released to players in October 2017, when it was free for the first week and cost 500 Creation Club credits thereafter. However, thanks to the release of the anniversary edition, it is now completely free again.

Which fossil fuel can keep up?.

SAMSON. May 2002 SAMSON MAGAZINE. Subject. Energies of the future. Report. Entrepreneurship on the right course. Portrait. Birthday in the Gaudí Year

SAMSON. May 2002 SAMSON MAGAZINE. Special topic. Energies of the future. Report. Entrepreneurship on the right course. Portrait. Birthday in the Gaudí year

August 20, 2016 | Author: Juliane Kramer | Category: N/A DOWNLOAD PDF (2.1MB) Share Embed Donate Report this link

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1 SAMSON May 2002 SAMSON MAGAZINE Special Feature Report Portrait Innovations Energies of the future Entrepreneurship on ric…

If you're like me, you've probably heard of Raspberry Pi and how it can be used to create your own DIY projects, like setting up a home media server or controlling a robot or monitoring the weather. If you like tinkering with electronics, Raspberry Pi is a good starting point for beginners or advanced users.

If you're an electrical engineer, you probably already know what to buy for a Raspberry Pi, how to set it up, program it, etc. If you are a geek like me but have never messed around with anything like Raspberry Pi or Arduino, the choice can be a little more confusing.

Which Raspberry Pi to buy?

This won't be an extensive comparison of models, as there are already many websites that have covered this topic. Instead I will break it down into very simple terms. If you look at the official Raspberry Pi website today, you have the following models:

Studies are part of every car show. Although only a few models make it into series production, the first glimpses of the automotive future are always included.

The latest new car models can be admired at the Paris motor show. More exciting to look at than the often well-behaved production models, however, are the studies in which designers are allowed to let off steam. Gullwing doors, futuristic interiors or unusual materials may never make it into the series, but are spectacular to look at. Other concept cars already show what will be on the road in a few years' time. Eight examples.

DS Divine

DS is Citroen's new sub-brand, the sporty DS Divine coupé shows the direction in which the new brand is heading: toward the premium segment. Laser headlights with Swarovski stones, doors that open in opposite directions and, instead of a rear window made of translucent facets reminiscent of a reptile's scales – the DS Divine doesn't stand a chance of making it to series production, but it's pretty to look at.