Zoff in der union so unterscheiden sich csu und cdu

On Thursday, the CSU concluded its two-day closed-door meeting at the Seeon monastery in Upper Bavaria. A position paper for the CSU's own election program was adopted. Not in all respects, however, there is Unity with sister party CDU. Particularly in things tax cuts it crackles.

Tax breaks for small and medium-sized businesses: the CDU/CSU reach agreement before the Bundestag elections?

The position of the CSU around party leader Markus Söder is clear: Tax relief are a "Core inventory" in the joint election program of the Union. Söder affirmed in Seeon that it was "time for a new departure in tax policy in Germany".

Specifically, his party is planning a "saver-strengthening package". Thus, limit values and the subsidy amount for the Employee savings allowance doubled will. Currently, for example, singles who use the employee allowance by means of a fund savings contract may not exceed 20 annually.Earning 000 euros in taxable income. You will then receive a maximum of 80 euros per year from the state. The CSU is also seeking write-offs for climate and digital investments and a reduction in corporate taxes.

Registering a new residence deregistering

A move causes a lot of work: moving helpers have to be organized, boxes lugged and furniture reassembled in the new apartment. Not to be forgotten is the bureaucratic effort that many apartment changers like to put off – with unpleasant consequences. Because changing the residence means more than just going to the office once. With the following step-by-step instructions, relocators will manage to contact both the authorities and important service providers, such as the bank or the energy supplier, in good time and in the correct manner.

1 Step 1: Inform service provider in advance
2 Step 2: Deregistering the old apartment
3 Step 3: Collect documents for re-registration
4 Step 4: Re-registering your main residence
5 Step 5: Re-registration of all vehicles
6 Step 6: Forwarding order with the post office
7 Conclusion: Start early and in a structured manner

Step 1: Inform service provider in advance

Even before authorities are informed about the move, own service providers should be notified. These are mainly the following companies or institutions:

Camper rent saarbrücken

Rent a motorhome SaarbrückenIf you want to rent a motorhome and discover Saarbrücken, the capital of Germany's smallest state comes up trumps in a big way. With its colorful city life, cultural diversity and charming surroundings, the center of the Saarland has numerous attractions in store for you. We show you how and where to rent motorhomes and experience Saarbrücken.

Rent a motorhome and discover Saarbrücken to your heart's content

Saarbrücken is blessed with a uniquely international flair due to its proximity to France. With the Saarland Museum and the Saarland State Theater, art and culture lovers are sure to get their money's worth when you rent a motorhome to explore Saarbrücken. Culinary delights and breathtaking natural landscapes all around, however, also invite families to head for the nearest motorhome rental near Saarbrücken and discover the region individually.

Experience Saarbrücken on four wheels

Castles and palaces tour to Heidelberg

Route to Heidelberg (155 km) Saarbrücken – Homburg – Kaiserslautern – Neuleiningen-Heidelberg

Permissibility of scanning and storing identity cards

Verdict v. 28.11.2013 – Az.: 10 A 5342/11


On the question of when and under what circumstances the scanning and storing of ID cards by private companies is permitted.


1. The action is dismissed. 2. Orders the plaintiff to pay the costs of the proceedings; the judgment is provisionally enforceable to that extent.

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WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center


T-Online.At Internet Services GmbH and Scout24 AG v. Erich Schwaller

Proceedings No. DCH2008-0018

1. The parties

The applicant is T-Online.At Internet Services GmbH of Vienna, Austria (applicant I), and Scout24 AG of Baar, Switzerland (applicant II), represented by Dr. Robert Flury, A. W. Metz& Co. AG, Zurich, Switzerland.

The respondent is Erich Schwaller from Winterthur, Switzerland.

Do you really want to delete your tour.


Skechers sports brand

The young brand Skechers from California is now represented worldwide.

Founded in 1992 in a small California beach community, Skechers has grown from a company with initially just one product line and a single storefront into one of the most sought-after footwear brands in the world. Skechers has been named "Company of the Year" several times by Footwear Plus magazine.

At home all over the world

The global success is based on the most diverse product lines, the wide range of national and international distribution channels and a strong marketing effort, such as print and TV advertising.In the U.S., Skechers sells its products through department and specialty stores across the country, company-owned stores such as in Times Square in New York and the Universal City Walk in Los Angelos, and through the Skechers Internet site www.Skechers.Com. In Germany, the products are available at selected shoe retailers, department stores and sports retailers, as well as on the Skechers Internet site www.Skechers.En to buy.

Windows 10 and gaming – how well do they fit together?? Those who are gamers and are toying with the idea of switching to Microsoft's latest operating system are probably currently asking themselves this very question. We took a closer look at Windows 10 and asked around on the Internet what other gamers have to say on the subject. Read here what you can expect from Windows 10 for gaming.

Windows 10: Use it right from the start!

Windows 10 hasn't been out long, but latest figures show more than 75 million users have already switched to Microsoft's latest operating system. Among them are, of course, many gamers who are now wondering: What can I expect when I switch to Windows 10?? How good is the gaming performance, what does Directx 12 bring and what about compatibility with older games? You can find the answers to these questions here. In the article Windows 10 vs Windows 7 in the test, you can also find out how Windows 10 compares with its (pre)predecessor, even apart from games.

We are there. And you? Vehicles LF 16-12 LF 20-16 DLK 23-12 GW-T KdoW MTW 1 MTW 2

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New fire truck ready for use! Firefighters with the latest technology

We are at it. And you.

The paint shines bright red, the chrome-plated Martin horns on the roof gleam in the sun and the blue light flashes unmistakably even in the bright daylight. The new fire engine for the Nußloch volunteer fire department has arrived! It solves the after 28 years of service really strained. From all kinds of ailments plagued predecessor vehicle off. And now that the crew has completed its training, can […]

Time several regional meetings held in lünen

Chairman happened. From now on the club grew steadily. Since the founding of the club until the 80s, the riders of the BMW Club Lünen were not missing at almost any BMW meeting or motorcycle race.

The meetings took place in Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Yugoslavia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France as well as everywhere in Germany from north to south and from east to west. Six to seven regional meetings were held each year. A national meeting attended. The regional meetings were organized by the individual BMW clubs. The national meeting was held by BMW Munich with Paul Schweder as organizer. At that time the BMW clubs were still supported by BMW Munich for their events. They received the cups free of charge as well as presents for all other placements. Present came also from the BMW representation at that time Mulfinger in Dortmund-Hacheney. Likewise financial support received one on request of the BMW AG. If one had to show profit, this was set off with the BMW AG.

Regional meetings

The BMW Motorrad Club Lünen e.V. Had held several regional meetings in Lünen during this time. Up to the present time it was unfegähr 20 to 25. The first meeting was held at the restaurant zum Forsthaus in Schwansbell, three more at the restaurant Killiansmühle, three more at the restaurant Aschoff in Wethmar, at the restaurant to the former shooting range on Moltkestraße, then at the restaurant Breddemann on Brunnenstraße. Since the meetings became ever larger, we had to accomplish unfortunately some years the meetings in Selm with the Landmetzgerei Brünning, since in Luenen for our meetings hardly an execution possibility because of place and space offer existed.