The very easiest way to attach your surfboard to your RV or car is, of course, to store your surfboard in the rear garage of your RV or in the interior of your car. In this case, unused sleeping quarters like those in an alcove motorhome are particularly well-suited for this purpose. Depending on the surfboard model and size, it can be stored inside the car while driving and stored in the unused pop-up roof upon arrival. However, this sleeping compartment must not be set up while driving. We present you alternatives to transport your surfboard with your camper, campervan or car fast and easy. What are the advantages and disadvantages of mounting a surfboard outside or inside??

Preparing your surfboard before applying wax
5 simple tips to remove wax from your surfboard
What vehicle are you traveling with?
How to fix my surfboard on the car?
How to transport my surfboard in a campervan?
How do I attach my surfboard to the rear rack of my motorhome??
What is the difference between a surfboard bag and a surf sock?

How to attach my surfboard to my camper or car.

Preparing your surfboard before attaching it

In the best case, you still have time before your trip to remove the old surf wax on your surfboard so it doesn't stain your camper, car or surf bag. Basically there are several methods of removal.

Finding the right bike for children

Göttingen.When the offspring wants to pedal in spring, the old bike may have become too small. Which wheels are suitable starting from which age, the press service bicycle (pd-f) explains on the basis of standard values. Because children develop differently. Important: In Corona times, you should call the dealer in advance to make an appointment for advice.

On a running bike with verve

Bicycles without pedals are suitable for children from about two years old. This allows the little ones to develop a sense of balance, steering and speed. This trains motor development. Prepares for real cycling.

Electricity-saving check: Tips and tricks for the household

Saving electricity for beginners and advanced users

Less is more – that's how it should be when it comes to electricity consumption. There is potential for savings in every household, which you can find with our electricity savings check.

Telekom wg search.De deposit saving TenantEngel

Bargains find tips to buy bicycles on the internet

What applies to computers, shoes or clothing also applies to bicycles: buying online often saves money. "That's not always the case, but in principle, bargains are certainly possible on the Internet," says René Filippek of the Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club (ADFC, German Bicycle Club).

Despite this, the proportion of wheels sold over the Internet is still relatively small. At 11 percent, it was according to Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (ZIV) last year. With rising tendency: In 2012 it was still 9 percent. According to the ZIV, the slight growth is primarily at the expense of self-service and DIY stores, not retailers. They are still good for 70 percent of sales. Also because increasingly more electric bicycles are sold, for which there is a higher need for advice, speculates the ZIV.

But even apart from e-bikes, bicycles are among the more complex goods that can be ordered on the Internet. That's why online customers should know what they're getting into.

Thanks to WhatsApp, sending messages, pictures and videos to friends and family is child's play. This quickly adds up to a huge amount of data. What many forget: Every picture. Every video WhatsApp automatically saves to your iPhone. Fortunately, however, this can be prevented quite easily. How to save a lot of space on your iPhone in no time at all. In this article, we'll show you how to get the
Disable or enable automatic saving of images can. You will also learn how to manually save pictures in WhatsApp can. By default, images received in WhatsApp. Videos automatically downloaded to iPhone. This can put a lot of strain on iPhone memory under certain circumstances, such as when a WhatsApp group is constantly sending photos or. Videos are posted. However, with a simple settings in the WhatsApp app, the automatic download of photos and videos can be turned off quite easily.

1. First open WhatsApp on your iPhone and go to the bottom right corner under "Settings". 2. Then select the menu item "Memory and data". 3. Tap now on the option "Photos" or. "Videos" and sets the check mark at "Never".

Whatsapp save pictures

When rackets kiss the ball

A bit like before an exam. But I'm "only" going to the DHB's field hockey scouting course. Although I haven't played field hockey myself so far, as a mother of three field hockey boys I've now been bitten by the field hockey bug, and the field hockey scout course is intended to clarify whether I'm confident enough to run a training session with lots of fun and a bit of field hockey for the bambinis at our club.

I borrowed my racket and glove from my big boy, because there are also four practice sessions on the schedule. Friday afternoon, punctually at 17:00 o'clock it starts in a seminar room in the Jahnhalle in Bad Kreuznach. There are 14 of us and, to my relief, there are many other field hockey parents who have also come to participate by watching.

Our instructors, Linda and Iris, get started right away. First we get an overview of what they have in store for us, then everyone is allowed to introduce themselves briefly and tell why they are taking part in the course. Almost all of them have children who play field hockey themselves, and only a minority of them come from a field hockey family – the field hockey virus seems to have infected more than just me.

Vilnius as a city trip – definitely a good idea. Even if the capital of Lithuania is not as famous as its northern neighbors Riga and Tallinn, the city has many interesting sights to offer. And thanks to the fact that Lithuania is a member of the European Union and the Eurozone, a short trip to Vilnius can be realized without much preparation.

Tips for a city trip to vilnius

Tips for the city trip to Vilnius – public transport

Vilnius city center is connected to the airport by buses and train. However, the train does not go directly to the old town, which makes it rather uninteresting for a short trip. Much better is the connection with buses, with which most tourist destinations in the city center are easily accessible.

Tips for dealing with interview anxiety

Fear of job interviews can be a barrier for job seekers. For people with social anxiety disorder (SAD), job interviews can be even more difficult. Meeting strangers in a position of authority, talking about yourself, being judged and evaluated on your appearance, behavior and ability to sell yourself, these are all triggers for social anxiety.

If you suffer from SAD, it is important to seek formal treatment, such as z. B. Medication or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). However, there are also strategies you can use to alleviate job interview anxiety. Whether you have a diagnosed social anxiety disorder or are simply nervous about a job interview, the following tips can help you cope.

1. Give yourself a treat

Avoid caffeine, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. In potentially stressful situations, staying healthy is of the utmost importance.

The best tips and tricks for formula 1 betting

Season and can still boast great popularity among spectators in the process. And this despite the fact that the world championship in the premier class of motorsport has been extremely one-sided for the most part, especially in recent years, due to the dominance of the Silver Arrows around Mercedes. But even this had little effect on the interest in Formula 1 that fans have in this racing series. In addition, the Formula 1 races have also been enjoying growing popularity for quite some time among sports betting fans, who place their bets on the Grand Prix weekends and can sometimes book attractive profits with them.

Betting on the Formula 1 World Champion 2019

Among the bets that Formula 1 fans can find on the Internet on the Grand Prix of the racing series, those on the upcoming world champion are among the most popular long-term bets. Because with these, bets can be placed on which driver will win the Formula 1 drivers' title at the end of a season. If you decide on your personal favorite right at the start and place your bet on this, you can still book handsome winnings today even with a tip on the top favorites Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

You are planning a road trip to Alaska? Hopefully we can help you with your travel planning with this article. Here we show you our itinerary, the hotels along the route, a rough overview of our days in Alaska and much more. Details of the individual sections are described and linked in separate articles. We had a total of 3.5 weeks, a bit too long for most vacationers, so we also give tips on what can be deleted and optimized.

Alaska is a land of infinity, here you get to feel it very close when you drive 9 hours through never-never land. Here a road trip is still a real road trip! We liked it super well. We would travel here again and again.

At a glance:

Travel time: 19.09. – 12.10.2017 Flight: Condor direct flight from Frankfurt
Our route: Anchorage, Talkeetna, Healy (at Denali NP), Fairbanks, Chena Hot Springs, Tok, Whitehorse, Skagway, Haines Junction, Tok, Palmer, Seward, Homer, Anchorage
Rental car: Pick up at the airport, booked through Alamo