How practical this hobby is

History of MCC-KonstanzIn 1992, a few RC car enthusiasts met now and then in a then newly opened model store to talk store about their own and new models. One met on the weekends on some parking lot. Built a circuit with empty beverage cans or simply drove around existing manhole covers. After the circle of people increased steadily, the call for the foundation of an association with its own permanent circuit became louder and louder. After some considerations and negotiations, nothing more stood in the way of the realization in spring 1993. The DJK Konstanz e.V. Has agreed to found a Mini-Car department and to provide us with a handball field that had been lying fallow and unused for many years. 1000 m², which belongs to the club area of the DJK. Thus the basic condition was created and we could begin to discuss club affairs, allocation, routing etc.. To think about. The newly founded Mini-Car department soon had 35 members, all of whom had one or more remote-controlled models. Since these were smooth track and offroad vehicles as well as model trucks, the new club area was divided into three areas. Most of the used area was asphalted, so we created a big smooth track, an offroad track (partly asphalt and partly earth) and a truck course with road crossings, parking lots and even a pond incl. Ferry planned. Thanks to the help of all members, the realization took only about 4 months, so that the MCC Constance was able to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of its founding. May 1993 the opening of the new club area could celebrate.

For the different models a set of rules with different racing classes was created, according to which the first club races and club championships were held. At that time, we had no idea that the DMC e.V. There was also a set of rules, which was still quite different from ours. At that time we didn't care about that, because we just wanted to have fun with our hobby.

3 years later we were so far that we could open in October 1996 the 1. Could organize international indoor races in the Rheinguthalle in Konstanz, to which already 45 starters from Southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria competed in 5 classes. Since then, 2 international indoor races are held annually, one in the context of the Baden-Württemberg Cup (Bawue Cup), formerly in the gymnasium of the Geschwister-Scholl-Schule, now in the new Wollmatinger-Halle, and a friendly race on the club grounds with participant numbers between 70 and 125 drivers. We were soon able to finance our own computerized timing and lap counting system and also the 420 m² needle felt carpet for the indoor track.

Vw beetle (1945

But there are still cheap used cars, mostly made in Mexico. But this can be an own goal.

The world champion – there is only one!

The Beetle is world champion. Still. Since 1945, almost 22 million Volkswagen Type 1s have rolled into more than 150 countries around the world. In its home country, it seems almost extinct, with only 100 out of a total of eight million registrations remaining.000 left. Half of them originally German, the other half from their second homeland Mexico, where offspring were produced from 1978 to 2003.

Of course, the early Beetles from the fifties and sixties are a rarity, usually well-kept collector's items that are only taken out of the garage on Sundays when the sun is shining. The used car market is more likely to be filled with unkempt club mates. Those in the game for a grand or two: veteran Wolfsburgers from the seventies and Mexican colleagues from the early eighties. Which to give preference to? We asked two Beetles to the international match.

Vacation time is theft time: protect your home

Make sure your home is safe during your vacation!

Since even the best insurance cannot prevent a burglary, here are a few valuable tips on how to prepare for the vacation season and protect your home from uninvited guests.

Tips for a stress-free vacation

What you should do at home before your trip:

Vacation time is theft time protect your home

Have your mail forwarded or deposited. Alternatively, ask your trusted neighbor to empty your mailbox.

Management executed by flowforce server

Altova Server product licensing is based on the number of physical processor cores available on the product computer. Thus, z.B. A dual-core processor has two processor cores, a quad-core processor has four cores, a hexa-core processor has six cores, etc. The number of cores licensed for a product must be greater than or equal to the number of cores available on that server machine, regardless of whether it is a physical machine or a virtual machine. When a server z.B. Has eight cores, you must purchase a license for eight cores. You can also combine licenses to license the product for the appropriate number of cores. In this way, z.B. Instead of one license for 8 cores, two licenses for 4 cores can also be used for an 8-core processor.

If you use a computer server with a large number of CPU cores, but only need to process small amounts of data, you can also create a virtual machine that is assigned a smaller number of cores and purchase a license for this number of cores. In this case, the processing speed is naturally lower than when using all cores of the computer.

Note on MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition

Due to its service functionality, MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition only runs on computers with two or more processor cores.

Relaxation exercises against tinnitusThere are relaxation exercises against tinnitus from different areas. Here we show z.B. Relaxation through autogenic training or muscle relaxation. Even tips for improved sleep.

Since tinnitus is often stress-related, these relaxation exercises help a lot. You learn to let the tinnitus fade into the background. It is no longer the dominant thing in everyday life.

And if all this does not help.

Since tinnitus is often stress-related, these relaxation exercises are very helpful. You learn to let the tinnitus fade into the background. He is no longer the dominant one in everyday life.

Shortly after setting down, the mole skillfully checks the ground to be able to determine its position exactly. Here again for repetition: it tickles in the nose-grass ground it bubbles when breathing (respiratory distress)-pond it stinks and stings-manure pile it is warm, stinks and bubbles-cow dung You idiot honk, squeak and rattle-full blockage

NOTE: Underground recognized – danger averted !!! Camouflage in the terrain: 1. The pond The pond, this place of rest, relaxation and disorientation, always manages to draw us under its spell. He who has invited and inspired so many people to rest before us. There where waves break with almost inaudible smoothness under loud roar, there where flora and fauna are still in order and offer us oh so tender moles protection and camouflage, yes exactly there where mallard and lugworm, wish each other good night, THEY can lurk. THEY the persecutors, the parasites, leeches, who always manage to take away our view of beauty. Shooed, hounded by these wild bloodhounds, we listen to only three thoughts: TARN, TARN, TARN. But how ??? Paper make a beak. Paint itself according to the original with oil paint. The professional tip: the typical look and the curved long-necked body shape you get best if you drink a cup of hot pus beforehand!

B) the Abtauchtarnung pants flood, radio phone waterproof pack, straw between upper and lower jaw clamp and dive off. Pro Tip: After shooting, let it sink and dump wood (collect it beforehand) and waste oil. Prosecutors then see the problem as settled!

Since 2014, Australian Daniel Newman has been at home on the sunny high plateau in the upper Tyrolean Inn Valley. As head of the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis bike school, he not only knows the region's trails like the back of his hand, but also knows exactly what's important when biking. In the interview he gives advice and support to all who want to start mountain biking.

How to get started as a mountain biker tips from bike school director daniel newman

Hi Daniel, let's start with the basics: what are the basics you need for mountain biking?. Learn first? Where to start?

Most people know how to ride a bike and have even sat on a mountain bike – usually with a suspension fork, but not a Fully. When we talk about people without experience, we usually refer to those who have never ridden a mountain bike in mountainous regions. Learning to brake with front-. Rear brake is a must. It is also necessary to understand where the center of gravity must be so that you get stability on the bike. But most importantly, don't overdo it. Start with easy trails. Not too steep routes. Get advice from experienced riders or do a course.

It seems as if the last defect was only yesterday. And this may be partly true, because many light bulbs give up the ghost already after a short time. This is expensive and costs time and nerves. Where do the defects come from, is it the bulbs or are other factors decisive?? CAR DRIVER'S SITE.EU reveals ..

An above-average number of failures

What helps with constantly defective headlight bulbs.

Light bulbs used to break more often, too. Thank goodness the repair was then done in minutes. Today, things are different, and in times when entire front skirts have to be removed to change the light source, we are grateful for every advancement in the direction of longevity. Unfortunately, the development of some manufacturers of H7 halogen bulbs goes in the wrong direction. Defects are more frequent than average with these bulbs in particular. Especially with certain models. Series of cars, failures occur more often than average. High-power halogen lamps, such as z.B. The OSRAM NightBreaker Unlimited, are affected by defects more often than average when the technical environment is not faultless. Because it is certain that the greater the light output, the more susceptible the bulb reacts to fluctuations within the on-board network.

Car rental tips canary islands

Car rental tips Canary Islands

A few little things to keep in mind when booking a rental car in the Canary Islands.

Regardless of whether you book your rental car online or rent a car on the spot, there are some realities you should take to heart in any case and there are a few little tips to make your life easier.

To say it right away: Most rental cars on the Canary Islands are in good to excellent condition and are regularly maintained. Nevertheless, even the most attentive car rental company can sometimes go through one or the other.

I admit I couldn't think of a better headline, but the topic itself can be interesting for some people, and with a little planning, the photo shoot or the next podcast recording or the home recording studio session will be even more fun. So..

March 2022

Who doesn't know the situation: At a portrait shooting you have a selection of clothes that you want to photograph in a certain order or camera batteries, lenses or other accessories that you might have borrowed or that you want to use in an orderly way. In addition, there are various cases and / or boxes with accessories, cables, etc. That look the same. The same applies to the next podcast with several guest speakers, several microphones and felt tens of kilometers of cable that want to be connected to the mixing console and you still want to keep track of it. For the next photo shoot or gig with the band, you take the opaque stackable plastic boxes with all the accessories, but since you always repack them, you don't know what's in them and have to re-label them. The CAT5 cable for the next admin use has to be put together quickly and since you always have a 1m, 3m, 5m and 10m cable with you, you want to distinguish them quickly. And so on.