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The ISPO sports platform honors the best and most innovative products and services with the popular award throughout the year. Award winners benefit from visibility at the ISPO Munich and OutDoor by ISPO trade shows, and year-round at ISPO.Com.

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What is bmx.

BMX is the abbreviation for Bicycle MotoCross. The X stands on the one hand for the English word cross, on the other hand also the verb is meant to cross, which means in German durchfahren/überqueren. BMX refers to a sport that originated in the late 1960s in the U.S. That allows athletes to perform many different tricks or stunts on a 20″ bicycle (20-inch wheels). The forerunner of BMX was the so called "bobsleigh" in the early 1960s. "Sting-Ray" (stingray) bike, which came to Europe in a more advanced form in the 1970s as the Bonanza bike. Already with these "Sting-Rays" the young people in the USA, a with jumps and steep curves provided, about 400 meters long sand course in the head-to-head race against seven opponents carried out. Since the bikes were not actually designed for this tough use, they developed more statically stable frames, but kept the high handlebars and 20-inch rim size: The first "real" BMX was born. In the 1980s, the Steven Spielberg film "E.T." Worldwide a BMX boom triggered..

The various disciplines:

BMX Race

SVB FUNINO-CHALLENGE SEPTEMBER 2018 On 01.09.2018 the first SVB Funino-Challenge of this season for the age groups 2010+2011 took place at SV Bergheim. Played on 3 mini-pitches in 3vs3 on 4 goals. Participated were the teams of the host, TUS Oberpleis, DJK Südwest Köln and FC Hennef. The challenge was well received by children, coaches and parents: the games were very intense for all players involved, with much more ball contact for all and many near-ball situations. The coaches were pleased that this fast-paced game required little coaching from the outside, as new situations quickly arose and the ball was hardly ever out of bounds. Since the Funino-Challenge was finished in 1.5 hours for both age groups (with a net playing time of 52 minutes), the event was also very family-friendly for everyone involved.

NEW DATES OF SVB FUNINO FESTIVALS AUGUST 2018 We play in the age groups U7 to U10 Funino. What does this mean? Funino is a child-friendly soccer game to actively involve all children participating in the game. Funino is played -similar to good old street soccer- without goalkeeper in 3 vs 3 on 4 goals. Smaller teams guarantee more ball contacts for all players. The 2 spaced attack gates train the perceptive ability. Reducing pack formation around the ball. Our goal for the 2018/2019 season: with the year teams U9. Younger we do not participate this season in the championship game (7 vs 7) of the district Sieg. We would like to go a completely new way here and extend the Bambini play festival idea and invite with these age groups quite cordially interested associations with their teams to participate in our Funino festivals.

RHEIN SIEG CUP 2018 MAY 2018 Best weather, great atmosphere, exciting games and a huge turnout – the Rhein-Sieg Junior Cup 2018 could not have been better. The winners: FC Rheinsüd Köln's U8 team beat RSV Urbach 3:1 in the final of the Rhein-Sieg Junior Cup. The third place was achieved by SV Wormersdorf. The 2010ers of SV Bergheim finished in 5th place. BSV Roleber has won the Rhein- Sieg Junior Cup 2018 in the age group U9 (born in 2009). Roleber prevailed in the final against FV Bad Honnef with 2:0. SV Bergheim finished in an excellent 3rd place. Place.

Sports and exercise

As mentioned elsewhere, recent studies have shown that regular exercise can slow the progression of HMSN. Basically, the HMSN i.D.R. Already very slowly, regular exercise can delay this a little more.

In sports there are no prohibitions with regard to HMSN, what is allowed is what is fun. Only a permanent overload should be prevented. When the individual is overloaded depends, of course, on the individual training condition. Symptoms can be that the pulse is too high, one breathes panting, walks like on eggs and gets sore muscles. In such cases one should approach the training somewhat more moderately. As a rule of thumb, the pulse should be as low as possible, a simple calculation says that the maximum pulse for untrained people should be 180 minus age. This is the so-called. Aerobic zone. In order to keep an eye on the pulse, it should be checked regularly during training. A pulse watch is suitable for this o.Ä.

If you train with equipment, z.B. Ergometer or cross trainer, it may well be that one finds that the pulse is much too high too quickly. This is then u.U. At the set wattage or the set resistance (varies depending on the device). In this case you have to reduce the wattage or the resistance until you get a comfortable pulse range. When comparing with a healthy person, you may find that the set wattage/resistance varies considerably. While non-affected persons can start training at wattages of 100 or more without any problems, even 50 watts can be too much for an HMSN affected person. But this should not frustrate you. With regular training you can definitely achieve more.

Sigma rox 11.1 evo+hr set

Odometer package with handlebar mount and heart rate strap. The ROX 11.1 EVO odometer is the perfect companion for your indoor and outdoor bicycle training. Thanks to its many features, the ROX 11 helps you to.1 EVO in navigation and supports you absolutely reliably, so that you can enjoy the freedom and pleasure that comes with cycling.The ROX 11.1 EVO impresses with its compact and modern design, its lightness of only 55 g and its compact construction. Handling concerns. The five large keys are easily accessible. Make the computer very easy to use even with gloves on. The five big buttons are easily accessible. Make the computer very easy to use even with gloves on. On its 1.77" high-contrast, transmissive color display, you can easily access navigation alerts and route data of your choice. When combined with the free SIGMA RIDE app, the bike computer allows you to track and analyze data from your routes.

Functions at the highest level. With more than 150 functions, this bike computer allows you to navigate with the highest level of reliability and accompanies you on training and trips. The ROX 11.1 EVO provides all required data reliably and in real time. Speed and distance measurement via GPS, altitude measurement via barometer and navigation via track or komoot are part of the feature set, along with compatibility with e-bikes and smart trainers. In addition, the crash alert function notifies your emergency contacts in the event of a crash. Its smart notifications alert you to incoming calls and messages received on your phone while you are cycling.


"The Audi R8 Spyder V10 completes the R8 series," says Stephan Winkelmann, Managing Director of Audi Sport GmbH. "In addition to the Coupé, the Spyder is now also available as a 610 hp top version. It benefits from our many years of experience in motorsport and combines breathtaking dynamics with the emotion of an open sports car."

Audi's most powerful standard engine: V10 mid-engine with 449 kW (610 hp) Immense revving power up to 8.700 revs, lightning-fast responsiveness and a rousing, voluminous sound – the V10 mid-engine fascinates. With 449 kW (610 hp) of power and a maximum torque of 560 newton meters at 6.500 rpm, it is the most powerful series-production engine of the brand with the four rings. Compared to the Audi R8 Spyder V10 (fuel consumption combined in l/100 km: 11.7; CO2 emissions combined in g/km: 277), the free-suction, 12.7:1 compression ratio 5.2 FSI in the -version a power increase of 52 kW (70 hp). As a result, the top model sprints to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds – 0.3 seconds faster – and reaches a top speed of 328 km/h, a 10 km/h. Each horsepower has to move just 2.78 kilograms.

According to the NEDC cycle, the R8 Spyder V10 consumes 12.5 liters per 100 kilometers, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 292 grams per kilometer. Its efficiency technologies include the cylinder on demand (COD) system, which shuts down one bank of cylinders at low to medium load, and dual injection into the intake manifold and combustion chambers. If the driver takes his foot off the gas at more than 55 km/h, the engine is disconnected from the drive system – the R8 Spyder sails along at idle with minimal consumption. At standstill, a start-stop system deactivates the V10.

Hyundai ioniq hybrid consumption

Who per year 15.000 kilometers on the road, must plan for a monthly cost of 191 euros, at 30.000 kilometers, the amount increases to 338 euros. In the auto motor und sport test consumption, the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Premium lands for 30.270 euros with 105 hp at an average of 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Hyundai gives as average consumption per 100 kilometers 3.9 liters. New car offers The Hyundai models In the centers of Nord-Ostsee Automobile you get, in addition to a wide selection of used vehicles of all brands, of course, all current Hyundai models as new cars. Click 2 Buy. The difference between our consumption measurement and the manufacturer's specification in the NEDC cycle is 1.6 liters. [CDATA[ In the winter months, I get just under 900 km on a tank of 45 l, be it in … We drove the Ioniq in everyday life. Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid – test report … The new IONIQ also offers great driving pleasure with low fuel consumption. The Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid redefines environmentally friendly mobility in an exciting new way: lower CO2 emissions and consumption, but with a dynamism that is second to none. Vehicle illustrations include z. T. Optional extras at extra cost. //]]> Even the original hybrid Prius can't keep up. The Hyundai is priced in line with the competition at 30.270 euros on the Toyota Prius, but the Korean is significantly better equipped. The system works quickly and reliably. // The Ioniq Hybrid starts at 23.900 euros – 4.250 euros lower than the Toyota Prius (list prices). Hyundai claims to use particularly environmentally friendly materials made from recycled plastic, wood and volcanic rock. Index: 5, MT.UI.GALLERY.Registerimage(imageData); On short trips, the combustion engine heated the interior and shut down late. The test consumption is made up of 70% commuter round, and 15% each Eco and Sport. The Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid has recently been launched on the market. Smaller battery and Wankel generator to improve CO2 footprint. The auto motor und sport test consumption is made up of three differently weighted consumption runs. Starting is always taken over by the strong torque of the electric motor (170 Nm) – usual for hybrids. That's why the Ioniq is trying hard to keep up. Galleryid: "boxedItem + 75999615, Hyundai IONIQ FL Prem. Var imageData = { Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid: The first of three powertrains in the test Hyundai does a lot right in the interior of the Ioniq. IONIQ Hybrid. 2017-2019), BMW i3 94Ah (2018-2021) Wallb-e to go, PV + storage Hyundai gives NEDC consumption of 3.9 liters per 100 kilometers for the tested trim level. }; Good: In the base model ("Trend") there is at least a radio with Bluetooth and USB interface. BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, Toyota Prius – quirky looks are part of the package. Carbon monoxide emissions and particulate count rise sharply in the challenging highway section, costing the Korean valuable points. Hyundai IONIQ 1.6 Premium Hybrid, Hybrid 39.587 km 77 kW (105 hp) Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid (2016): Test, consumption, Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid: The first of three drive types in the test, Hyundai states an efficiency of 40 percent for the Ioniq's combustion engine, Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid: Bi-xenon lights with LED daytime running lights, Dashboard, steering wheel, gearshift lever and seats with good ergonomics, Very good: Large, fast navigation system. Var imageData = { MT.UI.GALLERY.Registerimage(imageData); Ergonomics and looks are pleasing, the feel is good in most places. In eco mode, which is driven with restraint, we reach 4.4 liters, and if we go sporty, it goes up to 7.4 liters. Bookmark and call articles about your profile The menu navigation goes better. Index: 22, All figures are EPA estimates and for comparison only. Imagehtmlid:"gallery75999615-15", My most economical consumption was once 8.7 kWh at ideal conditions of 22 degrees without additional consumers and with economical driving style. Costs and real consumption: Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Premium. MT.UI.GALLERY.Registerimage(imageData); With a wheelbase of 2.70 meters and a length of 4.47 meters, the Ioniq is nevertheless one of the largest in the compact class. 2021 IONIQ Hybrid Blue: 58 City/60 Hwy/59 Combined MPG. On paper it almost manages it: The Ioniq (system power: 141 hp, 265 Nm; from 3.4 l/100 km) is almost as economical as the Prius (system power: 122 hp, 163 Nm; from 3.0 l/100 km). // Hyundai gives an average consumption of 3.9 liters per 100 kilometers. U. Aiways U5 (Renault Zoe 2014-2017, Hyundai IONIQ vFL Prem. (function { Dashboard, steering wheel, gearshift and seats with good ergonomics Source: MOTOR-TALK The Prius offers a bit more trunk space, but is seven centimeters longer. Image is to be considered non-binding and is an approximate description. And that with an excellent combined performance of … Figure is to be considered non-binding and represents an approximate description. Toyota uses a variable-ratio CVT transmission. Charging losses). Very good: Large, fast navi. And of all things, the Ioniq is a good deal behind the Prius in this respect. BMW X1 20d xDrive xLine in a real cost check. Try { Above all, the serene glide on our economy lap shows that the plug-in hybrid almost confirms the factory figures of 1.1 liters and 9.4 kWh with a consumption of 1.7 liters of super and 7.3 kWh thanks to a long e-range and optimally used combustion engine. With 15 percent goes a particularly economically driven ca. The remaining 15 percent is allotted to the sport driver round. Here we show what the car costs and consumes in everyday life. Imageid: 208703957 Touch-only operation, Under the hood is an Atkinson naturally aspirated gasoline engine, an electric motor and a dual-clutch transmission. Index: 15, On the commute to the Berlin area the average was 5.4 liters, on short trips in rush hour traffic 9.0 liters. However, it should be noted in this regard: we drove the Ioniq in sub-zero temperatures. Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid: Bi-xenon lights with LED daytime running lights Source: MOTOR-TALK Nevertheless, the Ioniq has to compete with it. New STLA-E platforms for Alfa, Jeep, Opel& Co. Auto motor und sport from 22. Imagehtmlid:"gallery75999615-5", [CDATA[ There Toyota can not even with the current special offer (3.000 euros hybrid discount) keep up. A hybrid that has lasting appeal and combines the best of a highly efficient gasoline engine and electric motor with a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission. Review of the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid (105 hp) by DennisO.En, February 2017 5.0/5 The Hyundai IONIQ is not only a very stylish vehicle, but also very economical due to its hybrid technology. The Golf GTE is only … The Prius has been on the market for 20 years and is selling well, now in its fourth generation. That is good and important, but not the parade discipline of a hybrid. The base price of the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Premium is 30.270 euros. © 2021 auto motor und sport, Motor Klassik, sport auto and Auto Straßenverkehrsare part of Motor Presse Stuttgart GmbH& Co.KG, Other offers from Motor Presse Stuttgart GmbH& Co. KG& Motor Presse Hamburg GmbH& Co. KG. IONIQ Hybrid. Because the Ioniq is available as a full hybrid, an electric car and (from summer 2017) as a plug-in hybrid. The Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In is available from 29.900 euros in the basic equipment "Trend, the top model "Premium" costs 35.750 euros.

How to determine your maximum heart rate? The maximum pulse rate is the best measure to steer and control the intensity of your endurance training. But the highest pulse rate cannot be figured or calculated. You have to do a test to find out your max heart rate.

How to determine your maximum heart rate? – preparation

How to determine your maximum heart rate? It is not possible to figure, guess or calculate this value. There are too many individual factors like physical conditions, the genes, etc. That need to be considered as described in optimal exercise heart rate and heart rate calculation. Determining your highest pulse rate requires a short maximum exertion at least once. For such a high strain you should be of complete health. Not everyone can perform a max heart rate test. If you have any doubts about your physical conditions better see a doctor before performing the test.

Your determined maximum heart rate is the best individual value to steer and control your training intensity. The article how to measure heart rate tells you about the different ways to find out your current pulse rate. To avoid mistakes in the determination you should use an electronic monitor like a watch. Please note that the max heart rate varies between the different kinds of sport. So for the test itself you should choose an endurance kind of sport that you like and intend to practise long term, e.G. Cycling if you like to cycle or running if you like to run.

Anyone who wants to buy sailing clothing voluntarily enters the jungle, so to speak, of the many models offered by manufacturers. Of course, there are very different priorities to be set: Someone who flies to the Caribbean needs different equipment than someone who wants to visit the Norwegian fjords in spring. Dinghy sailors, on the other hand, are equipped differently than those who need the right clothing for harbor days in St. Looking for Tropez. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to pay attention to a few things when buying sailing clothes. So here are my tips:


Buy sailing clothes

First of all, weatherproof clothing is suitable for the first excursions into this sport, as it may be from skiing or motorcycle clothing. When sailing, on the one hand, you need fair-weather clothes that protect, in particular, against the strong reflection of the sun (from the atmosphere and reflected from the water surface) (light cotton shirts with collars, hat, simple canvass canvas shoes with light non-slip rubber soles, sunglasses with security tape from the optician) as well as a jacket, trousers, rubber boots and a cap against bad weather, plus a thick sweater, long underpants and, if necessary, a pair of shoes. Nice warm insoles. Jacket and pants must be waterproof even under stress – nothing is worse than the feeling of suffering from incontinence. Thin sog. Water-repellent' windbreakers, as cyclists love them, are not suitable for the load i.D.R. Not grown and quickly become leaky. At

Buy sailing clothes

Rubber boots not suitable for gardening, as they leave black stripes on white boat hulls and are not very non-slip. Sailing boots are useful so that the water that just rolls off your pants does not run blithely into your shoes; very uncomfortable! They have a kind of herringbone pattern in the light rubber sole, so that a good grip is given even on dewy decks. For example, from Gotop for a well spent 38 euros.

So, today something for the "atletes. I know, it's capitalized and the "h" is missing. Should be a play on words. Meant are atl riders who use the "all-day recumbent" also as a sport device. But all other cycling athletes may also feel addressed. The only criterion real men use to determine whether a bike is any good is how it gets you up a hill. There is the not entirely unjustified prejudice that recumbents are useless on the mountain. This is not true at all for our atl (one understands at the latest when he/she has understood the concise and technical description of this on the "klassik" page under "characteristics"). Let's demonstrate the mountain capability of our atls once again, so: In Switzerland there's an association called "FreiPass" ( www.Free pass.Ch ) with club president and all. He organizes every year at an alpine pass a car-free day, a celebration for us cyclists. This year it's the turn of the Susten, on 20. September. Will be my fourth Sustenquerung, know him only on the bike. The penultimate crossing was also already car-free. That was a few years ago, shortly after the violent storms there. It had washed away far above a bridge, but the cyclist carries his best piece then simply through the creek bed. Had with friend Eberhard the whole pass completely for us alone (this now already a quarter-century-long story with Ebi I must give now nevertheless times scarcely to the best, but patience…). Have not yet organized anything concrete for that September day. Maybe we meet on Friday evening on the west side in Meiringen. There's a train station, and you can camp there. Maybe we will find a farm to stay overnight with adequate breakfast for this sports day. The luggage-free variant to the Passklimmen would be then that tent etc. Simply there remain and we the Pass then equal twice "make": there and back, does not give it not, and without luggage makes's just nevertheless more fun. So, if you feel addressed and would like to join us, you can let us know via "Contact", and we will keep you informed. So now to Ebi + Dieter: It all started 25 years ago with a dormitory party at Solitude Castle, where half of the Stuttgart double bass university class lived at that time. The next day, she and her friends set off for Sweden in two self-built VW buses including three double basses + a tandem, and I was there with a good friend – that's how spontaneous we were back then, we really only knew each other from the previous evening. Were hot weeks. Some time later, after the "Tour de Sol"-success with the electric motor equipped atl-Prorotype (was 1988 and is so long ago, that it was never mentioned here, but it will come again, I promise) Ebi got an Elektro-atl tinkered. For a while he tried to use it to cross his daily route from the Tübingen area to one of the Stuttgart orchestras, where he has been playing ever since. That didn't really work, for such a distance the batteries at that time were too heavy, the thing drove 75km/h, spokes, tires etc were overstrained. Soon there was the regression to pure muscle power-atl. And then I have him probably once too much "declassified" at a pass, and Ebi came to the conclusion: "road bike is much better anyway" (see above: how real men evaluate wheels). Since then I've been fighting this battle with Ebi, we've been in the mountains together again and again, and he's often shown me with his racer – and vice versa. Were often fierce battles that we have delivered to us. The crowning glory was 2003. We cycled in 19 days from TÜ to the end of Europe, to Granada in southern Spain, just before Africa. Have almost exclusively used his slipstream. Have seen two and a half weeks almost only his rear end. Had no desire to fight, had vacations. To France – where this summer five thousand died from the heat -. Spain I have hardly kept a memory. In a sierra in central Spain we almost died of thirst ourselves, when 70km away there was no village and nothing more. There we were saved by a monastery with a huge statue of the Virgin Mary, I almost became a believer again! At that time, we argued so much in this tension that I once said, "Our friendship probably needs a break now. Arriving in Granada, I slept for a day and a half in the Moorish cave apartment of Derk, a young former orchestra intern in Ebi's orchestra. Then it was time for the royal stage of this journey. Behind Granaga rises the Sierra Nevada, there's the highest road that our continent has to offer. The Veleta has 3494müM. Up to almost the top you can drive. We were now three, with Derk, an unequal trio, with road bike, recumbent and Mounty. It's six lanes at the bottom, soon it will be quieter. After a good hour, we went swimming in the reservoir that supplies the city with water – now quite meager, they really have water problems there now. Then we went on, all in all about six hours higher and higher. Had the two well under control, was well recovered. The road gets narrower and narrower, is eventually closed to cars. In the end, Ebi was the first to the top, but did not really count. There was the water problem again. With Derk I was ahead for a long time, when we discovered a hostel a bit off the way, where we could stock up again. Returned to the junction we waited for the thirsty Ebi, 20 minutes, no one came. There we discovered already far above a grey something creeping up the mountain. Ebi was already through. So of course he could not be caught up. Was then also no longer so important. It was crazy beautiful up there, and finally it was freezing cold, finally freezing again. Took many pictures.

Comfort class recumbent bike

August 2008 Veleta 3494 m above sea level

Ebi and I have also spent a few days in the mountains every year since then. Fighting is not so important in the meantime. We know since the quarrels at that time, where we have to leave alone. Tomorrow we are off again for this year's undertaking. Looking forward to it: that's part of what I work for over the year.