Studies are part of every car show. Although only a few models make it into series production, the first glimpses of the automotive future are always included.

The latest new car models can be admired at the Paris motor show. More exciting to look at than the often well-behaved production models, however, are the studies in which designers are allowed to let off steam. Gullwing doors, futuristic interiors or unusual materials may never make it into the series, but are spectacular to look at. Other concept cars already show what will be on the road in a few years' time. Eight examples.

DS Divine

DS is Citroen's new sub-brand, the sporty DS Divine coupé shows the direction in which the new brand is heading: toward the premium segment. Laser headlights with Swarovski stones, doors that open in opposite directions and, instead of a rear window made of translucent facets reminiscent of a reptile's scales – the DS Divine doesn't stand a chance of making it to series production, but it's pretty to look at.

Michelin Bopper's exclusive tread design gives the tire amazing performance. Thanks to high grip reserves, it provides particularly good feedback in inclined positions and always remains controllable. The semi-slick tread pattern indicates the tire's excellent ability to grip under acceleration and at the limit. Its handiness and precision give the Bopper a large following among racers.

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Delivery time: approx. 10 working days stock: Not in stockArticle no.391035 The exclusive tread pattern of Michelin Bopper gives the tire amazing performance. Thanks to high grip reserves, it provides particularly good feedback in lean angles and always remains controllable. The semi-slick tread indicates the excellent capability … 59.90 CHF

We are the snowboard specialist in the Ostalbkreis in Aalen and know every snowboard. We carry a huge selection of snowboards – but which is the right one? Which binding fits to the board? Our little guide will help you. You are also welcome to call us at any time. We will advise you individually.

Freestyle Snowboards Aalen

Freestyle boards are the best choice for use in the fun park and in the halfpipe. Due to their special construction they are very easy to turn and maneuverable. The turning ability can be increased again by choosing a shorter board and you also save weight. In general they have a soft and harmonic bending line but can be tuned harder especially in the tail and nose area to offer better performance when jumping and landing. Most freestyle boards have a TwinTip shape, i.E. They are built symmetrically and thus allow easy backward riding (fakie). The binding stance is centrally located on the board and supports you in rotations and tricks. Freestyleboards are with nearly all manufacturers as "Rockerboard" available. The boards are also very versatile in use. Can also convince on the slopes. Freeride boards accompany you in any terrain. Feel particularly comfortable in deep snow. In contrast to freestyle boards, freeriders are partly tuned harder (harder flex) and also a bit longer. The slightly backward offset binding position (setback) allows for better floatation in deeper snow and thus for more lift. Depending on your skiing ability, harder boards are recommended, as they not only have more smoothness and good guidance, but also offer more edge grip on hard slopes and on ice. Allmountain boards are, as the name suggests, the all-rounders among the snowboards and very versatile in use.

Big Mountain:

Big Mountain Boards are the boards for use in the backcountry off-piste. A healthy length of the board. Softer tuning ensures perfect surf feeling. Almost all boards are rockered here as well. Especially in soft powder these rockered boards float up extremely early. Can be driven therefore in the area super simply. For optimal weight distribution, a setback is also mandatory here.

Opel insignia gsi new sports model with 260 hp premieres at the iaa

The new Opel Insignia GSi, a sporty version of the mid-size sedan, will be rolling into dealerships in October. At the same time, the Rüsselsheim-based company is continuing an old tradition. The official premiere for the lighter and 260 hp model is scheduled for the IAA 2017 in September. The GSi abbreviation has a long tradition at Opel. In the past, a model series was already available for particularly sporty models. It all started in 1984 with the Opel Manta GSi and Kadett GSi. In 2012, the Opel Corsa D GSi, for the time being the last model of this type, rolled off the production line. However, the big revival is now scheduled for mid-September at the IAA 2017 in Frankfurt. The new Opel Insignia GSi is set to become the sporty spearhead in the portfolio. The mid-size sedan also looks great in this respect.

Insignia GSi with sporty looks and 260 hp

Even at first glance, the new sports version is clearly distinguishable from its civilian siblings. A redesigned front apron and a new rear section with attached rear spoiler on the trunk lid hint at the dynamic potential of the Insignia GSi right from the start. To match this, Opel gives the model huge 20-inch alloy wheels with Michelin sport tires that match the beefy overall look.

To further emphasize the look, the Insignia GSi also gets a firmer sports suspension including a subtle ten millimeter lowering. Also on board are an all-wheel drive. An eight-speed automatic with paddle shifters on the steering wheel and a Brembo sports brake system. The interior features special leather sport seats with adjustable side bolsters and an aluminum pedal gallery.

Higher regional court (az. 2 obowi 410 00) dispute

Unnecessary driving to and fro within built-up areas is prohibited if it causes a nuisance to others, § 30 Abs. 1 sentence 2 StVO. If the StVO is still clear for the area within built-up areas, there is no clear regulation for multiple back and forth driving outside built-up areas.

With this question of punishment, the Bay. Higher Regional Court (Az. 2 ObOWi 410/00) to deal with the issue.

The motorcyclist in question was accused of driving back and forth at least four times in short intervals in order to negotiate a curve.

Signs of insolvency for gm

Specifically, the company's assets such as its European plants, patents and access to technologies were transferred to German subsidiary Adam Opel GmbH free of debt, a GM spokesman said Wednesday at Opel's headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

"Still a GM subsidiary for the time being"

The US government, as GM's main creditor, is likely behind the decision. "By transferring the rights, Opel will become independent of any decisions made in the U.S.", the GM Europe spokesman continued – but Opel remains "for the time being one hundred percent a GM subsidiary".

Opel karl

Agile and designed for city centers – the Opel Karl. Photo: so

Opel Karl – agile shopping cart

30. April 2017


With the new edition of the Mercedes SL the dynamics specialists of AMG have the scepter in the hand. A first ride shows what effect this has.

Stuttgart – "You see, the car remains absolutely stable," beams Jochen Hermann, at the same time moving the steering wheel slightly to the left. The Mercedes SL immediately moves in the specified direction and, as if drawn with the famous compass, the roadster hurries through the curve. Now it's time to go in the other direction. The notorious load change, which causes many a car to dance unintentionally. Not the Mercedes roadster. A slight countermovement of the steering wheel. The SL follows its course unimpressed. A slight countermovement of the steering wheel. The SL follows its course unimpressed. No steering, no bobbing, no major tilt. The front end remains stable even at brisk cornering speeds, which suggests that roll stabilization is in place. "I can't say anything about that yet," grins the AMG technical chief. (Mercedes is now building on electric – boss announces job cuts)

New mercedes sl so dynamic becomes the fabric roof roadster

New Mercedes SL: This is how dynamic the fabric-roof roadster will be

Hermann also keeps a low profile when it comes to the engine options. When asked about the sonorous roar, he says mischievously, "If you want a V8, you want a sound like that.". So the lightly camouflaged vehicle is likely to be a '63 AMG, pounding the rear axle with around 600 hp. In its own special way, it contributes to the roadster's transverse dynamics by dancing along in a controlled manner. "In Sport plus driving mode, we let them off the leash a little more," says Jochen Hermann, before making a relaxed 180-degree turn in one go. Aha, so the new SL also has rear-axle steering. The Mercedes-AMG SL of the R 232 series, on the other hand, will not have a hammer twelve-cylinder engine. If you want to be at the top of the roadster food chain, you should go for the hybrid version, which should easily crack the 700 hp mark. (Mercedes E 450 4matic Cabrio in test: This makes it extra strong when overtaking)

Lexus IS 250 and IS 220d In its second generation, the Lexus IS has firmly established itself in the so-called premium D segment. Refined and muscular design, the best workmanship, state-of-the-art technology and high driving dynamics have been the hallmarks of the Lexus family since the end of 2005.
Cautious model update

Lexus is 250 and is 220d

For the 2009 model year, the IS has been subtly updated and technically upgraded. The award-winning design was created in the style of the Lexus design language "L-finesse cautiously further developed. Thanks to targeted modifications to the chassis, steering and transmission, the sedan now offers greater comfort and more driving dynamics. The VDIM integrated vehicle dynamics management system is now standard equipment in all IS models.
Reduced fuel consumption and emissions

CO2 emissions of the IS 220d were reduced by three percent through aerodynamic fine-tuning and changes to the transmission. In the IS 220d Sport Line, the improvement is as much as eight percent thanks to a new rear axle ratio.

AC Lemgo club member Oliver Schumacher has gasoline in his blood, as well as professionally as an employee of the ADAC in Bielefeld and as a motorsports enthusiast.

His lime green OPEL Coupé he maintains already since 2001 with special devotion, which he had to promise the previous owner, in order to be allowed to buy the above average well maintained classic car. Since then, the Coupé has been a regular guest at classic car events and has also been able to win one or two trophies. "Coupé" is a term from the French language. Can be translated in German with geschnitten/abgeschnitten.

The thrifty carmakers were content with making the front and rear windows a little flatter and dispensing with two doors, while other manufacturers restyled the rear and, if necessary, shortened the wheelbase to create a different appearance. Opel went with the Kadett C through the middle, the wheelbase remained, from the B-pillar the coupe had its own line, in addition it was flatter than the sedan. Wheelbase and track remained the same. Nevertheless the Coupé was by far the most elegant representative of the Kadett C.