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ULLA MEINECKE is a representative of German-language chanson, even more. She is singer, actress and writer, as poet at the same time. She writes her song lyrics herself, she " watches, writes and sings". Her songs therefore deal with everyday stories. For the soundtrack, she often collaborates with well-known German musicians, e.G.B. 1978 with Udo Lindenberg.

The classics from their song repertoire were part of the inventory of every residential community of the eighties, z.B. "The Dancer" or "Fire under the Ice" u.V.M.

After meeting Udo Lindenberg, she moved to Hamburg in 1976, where she managed his office. Soon after her first LP "Von toten Tigern und nassen Katzen" was released. Her second LP "Meinecke Fuchs" made her known to a larger audience. Then living in Berlin, the collaboration with the producer Udo Arndt brought her the breakthrough. 1986 followed large tours. In 2005 her CD "Im Augenblick" was released. The accompanying book with photographs by Jim Rakete. It followed a 2. Book "Welcome to the Devil's Kitchen. Splendor and misery of the chaotics. 2008 she played with Ben Becker in Berlin theater, in 2010 she published her third book "Unfair as love. In 2016, her live double album "Wir wart`n mit dir bei Rigoletto, Boss" was released. Until 2016 Ulla Meinecke published a total of 18. Albums. "The grand dame of poetic German pop music", as she is also called, still inspires her audience today. Your musical. Literary work was u.A.A. Awarded platinum records, the Golden Europe and the German Cabaret Prize.

What is the qualifying secondary school certificate (quali)?.

What is the main school graduation? Final examination at Hauptschule What is the Qualifying Secondary School Certificate (Quali)?? The main school usually includes grades 5 to 9. Is completed with the lower secondary school leaving certificate. The Hauptschule still exists in only six German states: Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Lower Saxony. It has been abolished in the other federal states. Replaced by schools that lead directly to the intermediate school leaving certificate. In the main school, the lessons are designed to prepare students for a dual education program. Classes are practice-oriented, students complete company internships and are given many opportunities for career orientation. As a rule, as a secondary school student, you do at least one student internship.

What is the Hauptschulabschluss?

The Hauptschulabschluss is awarded to most students upon successful completion of the 9. Class of the Hauptschule or the Gesamtschule. In 2010, 32 percent of the total population in Germany had the Hauptschule certificate as their highest school-leaving qualification. The Hauptschulabschluss is considered a basic requirement for starting a dual training program (but this is also possible without a school-leaving certificate). However, many companies now require the intermediate school leaving certificate.

Final examination at secondary school

In order to receive the simple Hauptschulabschluss, one does not usually have to take a special exam. It is enough to make the 9. Successful completion of the first grade in the final school report. This is usually the case if you have achieved an average of at least 4.0 in all advance subjects and do not have a grade of 5 more than three times in your report card. The grade 6 counts as two times the grade 5.

Publishers surviving despite rising costs.

Berlin- Kreuzberg End of the 70s: the first houses were squatted to stop the systematic destruction of living space, even of whole neighborhoods, and to counteract it: redevelopment oriented to the needs of the residents, affordable rents. Squatting but also as part of a struggle against the system. The radical alternative movement was already at its peak: diverse forms of alternative economy were being developed:

Crafts enterprises, wholesalers, retailers and cultural institutions organized themselves collectively, and self-governing schools and children's stores were founded.

In this radical mood of the new social movements, the idea of building an alternative center was born. The School for Adult Education (SfE) urgently needed larger rooms. Students and teachers joined forces with similarly structured projects and in 1979, as a limited liability company, jointly bought the factory property of the Fa. Berthold on the backyard of the Gneisenaustr. 2a for just under DM 2 million.

Traffic education with audiovisual media

Century can certainly be considered as the
Century of audiovisual Media be designated. Radio, cinema, television and computers have had a lasting influence on and shaped our society – we have become Hearing and seeing people become. While other sensory channels (unfortunately!) slowly wither away, sounds and images dominate our world of perception. Our brain has meanwhile adapted to this and processes auditory and visual stimuli ever faster and more efficiently. Our learning processes are increasingly influenced and controlled by audiovisual stimuli. This is a fact that even pedagogy and didactics can no longer ignore. The audiovisual media have found their way into education and teaching practice in recent years (Deutsche Verkehrswacht, 1995, Glogauer, 1995, Nilles, 1991,Terlouw, 1991).

Thus, a wide variety of audiovisual media are now also available for traffic education, and new ones are added year after year (cf. DEA-Mediathek, 1998, GHS-Verlag, 1998, Red-Yellow-Green-Verlag, 1998, Vogel-Verlag, 1998). Countless MCs, CDs, films, videos and computer tutorials are offered on the mobility and road safety market. The variety is so great that the choice of AV media suitable for individual purposes is becoming increasingly difficult. It becomes even more difficult to obtain reliable information about the pedagogical and didactic quality of individual AV media because there are hardly any evaluation studies on their effectiveness (Nilles, 1991 and Winkler, 1991). For these reasons, it is necessary to reflect on the goals of AV media use in traffic education and, on the basis of these considerations, to establish criteria for AV media use and for their evaluation.

2. AV media for traffic education

A mixture of an ambitious motorcycle vacation, with a lot of "adventure factor", and a pilgrimage. I think that sums it up best. We were on the road for a total of 31 days, 8 of which were spent on the return trip by cargo ship. We had a great, sometimes hard time, but I don't regret a single kilometer. On the contrary, I could just start driving again. I would like to encourage everyone who is thinking about such a project to do it. Surely there are always numerous obstacles, but if one absolutely wants, then already a way finds itself. You don't necessarily have to be on the road with "high-end" motorcycles, we are the best example for that. Then you come up against the limits of your equipment more often, but it works. It is only important that the carts are in really good shape. (New chain set, new tires, LuFi, clutch, cables, oil etc.).) Such a trip can also be done relatively inexpensively. What has lediert with us the cash somewhat, were the hotel overnight accomodations, whereby we treated ourselves already often times also hotels of the elevated class. This can also be done differently. Actually, we also wanted to camp more often.

Speaking of camping We had three complete camping equipment with us. Three tents, two complete cooking sets and everything you could need, incl. Micropur pump, water treatment, ready-made food and all the trimmings. We unloaded the stuff every evening. Dragged it to some hotel room. Together about 40 kilos. Why ?

Why are we at this time of year dangers .
Why are we at this time of year dangers .

We are very thankful for everyone who thought of us and prayed for us along the way. It may sound strange, but during our entire tour I had the feeling that someone was watching over us. We have experienced preservation in so many situations, I don't think it was all coincidence. Besides Werner's accident, there were 2-3 really critical situations, "almost accidents", where nothing major happened. The encounter with many great people, for example Iris and her Arab friend, in Jerusalem, have become especially valuable to me. When you talk to people like this you learn to think "outside the box" again. Trying to implement visions, even if there is much against it. Such a tour is very, very horizon-expanding, you take so much with you, where you can still draw from years later. Alone the is already worth it. I returned from this trip changed. My original image of the Middle East. Palestine has turned upside down. We have had very, very positive experiences in Syria and Jordan. Great countries. Great people. I can only recommend to everyone: Just go there and enjoy the country and the people ! Because of the, for our understanding, difficult border formalities in advance, I had associated the Syrians basically as "difficult" and also "dangerous". This was reinforced by many curious stories that can be found on the Internet. We have experienced exactly the opposite. Provided you respect the people and their religion, as you would expect yourself, these are the most hospitable people I have ever met. At all was just the the most impressive experience on this trip for me: to get to know the people and living conditions on both sides of the Jordan River. Since one can suddenly many contexts. Understand reactions better. The bitter part for me is the realization that there can't possibly be peace there. Besides the religious conflict and the different territorial claims, worlds meet here in a very small space that are very, very far apart in their development. (Just as I write these lines, in winter 2008, this hits me again especially: Israel bombs the Gaza Strip at Christmas)

Special need with the maintenance

In addition to the regular maintenance needs, there is the possibility to demand special needs from the maintenance debtor. This includes, for example, payments for medical bills, allergy-related equipment or school trips.

What does special need mean for child support?
Under which conditions there is a claim to this?
How is the special need divided between the parents?
What falls under special needs?
The most important facts in brief

What does special need mean for child support??

In accordance with the statutory provision of § 1613 para. 2 no.1 BGB defines the special need as
irregular, exceptionally high demand and is in addition to the regular child support to be paid.

Mobile and safe with public transport

Presentation at the international conference "Mobility and Safety in Vienna, 1997 (Board of Trustees for Traffic Safety).


In all countries of the European Community, public transport has the lowest number of accidents of all common means of transport. From children to senior citizens, bus and train drivers are much safer in traffic than pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and car drivers. If the public transport offer is quantitatively and qualitatively good, then the road users in buses and trains are not only safe, but also mobile – and they do not pollute the environment as much as the motorized individual transport.

Laura in south africa

On Friday the 26.06., ended for all co-workers our last term in Camphill. We had our last End of Term Concert, this time with a eurythmy performance by all classes. It was a nice ending, but I was also a bit sad, although I will see all the kids again after the vacations.

Directly after school I went to get our car and 2 hours later our vacation began! Although there were only two of us and we had a Hyundai i10 for us, it has to be said that we didn't really have much space from the beginning on.

The first drive did not go very long. We drove to Kleinmond to visit Poppy and her family again. In Kleinmond we spent a very relaxed first day of vacation, walked with Poppy on the beach and to the playground, watched Harry Potter and enjoyed Lindy's wonderful food. 🙂

Guide for newly posted subsidy teachers guatemala

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Painting course

Painting course Everyone has done it before – whether as a child with wax crayons, in school in art classes, while on the phone, for professional reasons or simply because it's fun! Who paints, can express its feelings. It stretches your ability to think and concentrate and is soothing for mind and soul. Painting gives you a> Continue reading Painting course


Qi Gong

Qi Gong is part of the traditional Chinese medicine and promotes your health! Qi Gong can do wonders to rejuvenate older people. In fact, more than half of the people who start qigong in China do so after the age of 60. The ageing process can no longer be ignored. -> Continue reading Qi Gong