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WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center


T-Online.At Internet Services GmbH and Scout24 AG v. Erich Schwaller

Proceedings No. DCH2008-0018

1. The parties

The applicant is T-Online.At Internet Services GmbH of Vienna, Austria (applicant I), and Scout24 AG of Baar, Switzerland (applicant II), represented by Dr. Robert Flury, A. W. Metz& Co. AG, Zurich, Switzerland.

The respondent is Erich Schwaller from Winterthur, Switzerland.

Do you really want to delete your tour.


Skechers sports brand

The young brand Skechers from California is now represented worldwide.

Founded in 1992 in a small California beach community, Skechers has grown from a company with initially just one product line and a single storefront into one of the most sought-after footwear brands in the world. Skechers has been named "Company of the Year" several times by Footwear Plus magazine.

At home all over the world

The global success is based on the most diverse product lines, the wide range of national and international distribution channels and a strong marketing effort, such as print and TV advertising.In the U.S., Skechers sells its products through department and specialty stores across the country, company-owned stores such as in Times Square in New York and the Universal City Walk in Los Angelos, and through the Skechers Internet site www.Skechers.Com. In Germany, the products are available at selected shoe retailers, department stores and sports retailers, as well as on the Skechers Internet site www.Skechers.En to buy.

Windows 10 and gaming – how well do they fit together?? Those who are gamers and are toying with the idea of switching to Microsoft's latest operating system are probably currently asking themselves this very question. We took a closer look at Windows 10 and asked around on the Internet what other gamers have to say on the subject. Read here what you can expect from Windows 10 for gaming.

Windows 10: Use it right from the start!

Windows 10 hasn't been out long, but latest figures show more than 75 million users have already switched to Microsoft's latest operating system. Among them are, of course, many gamers who are now wondering: What can I expect when I switch to Windows 10?? How good is the gaming performance, what does Directx 12 bring and what about compatibility with older games? You can find the answers to these questions here. In the article Windows 10 vs Windows 7 in the test, you can also find out how Windows 10 compares with its (pre)predecessor, even apart from games.

We are there. And you? Vehicles LF 16-12 LF 20-16 DLK 23-12 GW-T KdoW MTW 1 MTW 2

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New fire truck ready for use! Firefighters with the latest technology

We are at it. And you.

The paint shines bright red, the chrome-plated Martin horns on the roof gleam in the sun and the blue light flashes unmistakably even in the bright daylight. The new fire engine for the Nußloch volunteer fire department has arrived! It solves the after 28 years of service really strained. From all kinds of ailments plagued predecessor vehicle off. And now that the crew has completed its training, can […]

How are "mother variants" created?

In principle, any objectiveCAD object can be considered a mother variant, because it has all the knowledge about what parameters it has, how these parameters can be changed, and how changes to the parameters affect the appearance of the object. So you can easily create an AutoCAD drawing with an oCAD object. Then continue to use this drawing as a mother variant or even give it out of house.

The crucial question remains: how are objectiveCAD objects defined??

Out of the box, Windows comes with a number of pre-installed software, settings and services. On my computers, I customize Windows with the goal of wasting as little RAM and CPU cycles as possible. My optimized Windows keeps my CPU in idle mode only 0.5% of the time in fully active state. Thus, it is content with only 1.6 W of power: The laptop stays cool and the fans silent.

Some of the places where I adjust Windows, I show in this article.

Optimize windows cpu for low idle load and extend battery life

Some of the places where I change Windows:

Consultants in the course of their professional practice, z.B. Tax accountant or auditor;

– law enforcement agencies, courts, regulators, governmental agencies or other third parties, as the Ford Partner or Ford may deem necessary, in each case, to comply with existing legal or regulatory obligations or otherwise to protect the rights of the Ford Partner or Ford or the rights of third parties, to protect the safety of persons, or to prevent fraud or. To be able to detect, prevent or otherwise counteract safety problems; or

– Third parties who acquire or to whom all assets and business (or substantial parts thereof) are transferred from a Ford Partner or Ford. In the event of such a divestiture, the Ford Partner(s) or Ford will use reasonable efforts to ensure that the recipient uses your personal information in a manner consistent with this statement.

Already shortly after its release a success in the millions. And controversial among the gaming community. That's no wonder, after all Team Bondi's crime thriller has all kinds of weaknesses when viewed soberly. We open the file "L.A. Noire". Now hard facts count.

Where is the game please.

L.A. Noire: Credibly staged crime scenes

Andreas: "L.A. Noire" is great. I like the scenario, the characters, the dialogues and the cases. Clearly – for me a candidate for the "game of the year". The facial animations are in my eyes groundbreaking for the future, and a few movie references like the showdown in the "Intolerance" set make my heart as a movie fan beat faster. What's wrong with that?

Zamorra lay on his left cheek. No longer stirring. Merlin's star, which was responsible for the professor's deep unconsciousness, was still between the fingers of his right hand. Leonardo de Montagne laughed derisively. So here we meet again, my descendant and dearest enemy, he said in his strange high voice. This time no one will help you. I thank Asmodis that I may now strangle you with my own hands.Meanwhile the Esquire of Drumlanrig giggled like a lunatic. Quick as a flash, the frilly one threw himself over the unconscious man to dig his teeth into his flesh. Even faster, a violent kick from Leonardo sends him into the corner of the old wooden hut. The Esquire screeched indignantly. Allison Longmuir, meanwhile, was careful not to get in the way of the awful thing. She watched with greedy eyes as he wrapped his fleshy hands around the neck of the unconscious man and squeezed. Part 2 by Christian Schwarz, published on 07.07.2009, Cover: Candy Kay Review by Florian Hilleberg:

Short Description:
Professor Zamorra has fallen into the clutches of his nemesis Leonardo in a hunting lodge, near Dumbarton Castle in Scotland, and can only escape with the help of an unknown white mage. But the reality is strangely shifted. Nicole Duval broke up with Zamorra years ago, who is now involved with Butler Williams' sister Amabel and intends to marry her. The changes are also making themselves felt in El Paso, Texas, as Lucifuge Rofocale's attack on Tendyke Industries headquarters apparently never happened. The son of Asmodis himself becomes a victim of the infernals when Stygia is commissioned by Satan's new prime minister, Svantevit, to unravel the mystery of the Eternals and the secret messages hidden in computer game files. Only Asmodis, the new servant of the Guardian of the Scales of Fate, sees through the chaos and asks for help from the only one who can bring order: LUZIFER!

The second part continues just as excitingly as the first ended and exceeds the expectations that were set when reading volume 915. Zamorra once again has to fight his greatest adversary Leonardo, and although the story resembles the mirror world scenarios in certain points, the plot holds a tremendous fascination. The ingenuity of Christian Schwarz and his fellow authors seems to be unbroken and since volume 900 the series has been on a high that will hopefully last for a long time to come. This novel once again sheds light on the dazzling personality of Asmodis, who unravels yet another mystery surrounding LUZIFER. The world of the Sandformers also plays a role, which Volker Krämer describes in the anniversary volume 900 "Der Magier" INTRODUCED. Truly impressive reads with how smoothly and comprehensibly the plot lines come together. It doesn't bother much that Butler William's cousin suddenly becomes a sister. This circumstance could of course also be due to the alternative reality, but after its correction nothing is mentioned to the contrary, so that it can be assumed that the author got bogged down with this trifle, which, however, does not detract from the reading pleasure. Zamorra's titular greatest shock, is not understated, though some readers may be disappointed. Most revealing and interesting is also the explanation of why Merlin's star has become so unreliable, even dangerous, since the death of its creator. Although at the end of the novel many questions have been clarified, a lot of new and promising perspectives open up, which should provide material for a myriad of exciting novels. Conclusion: A superbly written and thought-out novel that far exceeds expectations. A PROFESSOR ZAMORRA novel par excellence.