Although the technology for processing expanded polypropylene (EPP) is comparatively new, the number of possible applications in the automotive industry is growing rapidly. The physical and chemical properties of polypropylene, as well as modern processing technologies, are giving rise to more and more concepts for using this material in vehicle design.

How expanded polypropylene can change the automotive industry.

At the beginning of the invention of EPP plastic, there was a need to replace rigid polyurethane foam with another material, as the production process for this was very harmful to the environment and later problems arose during disposal. The first use of expanded polypropylene in vehicle production was in the 1980s, when a bumper component was produced from this material. Polypropylene was shown to have strong shock-absorbing properties and not to deform even after multiple impacts or. Is Destroyed. To this day, parts that serve the safety of occupants, such as headrests, car seats for children, and door filler material that absorbs the energy of a side impact, are made of this material. However, the long list of potential applications is not limited to just that. Other properties of expanded polypropylene include very high plasticity, excellent thermal insulation and low weight, which can reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. For this reason, ever more comprehensive. More complicated concepts created for the use of polypropylene in the automotive industry.

Use of expanded polypropylene and polystyrene – similarities and differences

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a very popular and widely known material in the automotive industry, and is also used in the design and manufacture of protective and transport packaging when good thermal insulation is required. Expanded polypropylene (EPP), on the other hand, is sometimes considered a raw material for more industrial niche applications. Externally, it resembles EPS because it is made in a foaming process like expanded polystyrene, but that's it for the similarities. The production technology for EPP is more complex. Polystyrene foaming usually involves heating granules with steam, increasing the volume more than fiftyfold. EPP production involves combining polypropylene resin with other chemicals and then foaming it up. These additives provide the excellent impact resistance of expanded polypropylene, as well as the ability to elastic recovery.

'Well, i'm still curious.

Miriam woke up late that morning, the sun was already high in the sky promising a hot day. Despite her sleepy state she felt her hard nipples pressing against the bed sheet. A grip between her legs confirmed her permanently excited state. Full of anticipation, she let two fingers circle through her wet crack. Called out the change in their bodies quite consciously. Groaning with pleasure, she became the bizarre latex creature again. With limbs tightly bent and mouth wide open, the eyeless sucking crab lay on the bed, longing for a tail. On the one hand, Miriam was sheer mad with lust; at the same time, the unfulfilled greed for sperm was almost unbearable.

Inwardly agitated, she resumed her human appearance and showered extensively. Then they called Natascha. "Hey, how would you like to sunbathe with me on the terrace?? We can get some sun before the party and chat a bit." "Great idea, I'll be right over … Uh, with or without a bikini?" Miriam laughed. "What a stupid question – I have a storm free place. Half an hour later, the doorbell rang. Miriam opened in her latex outfit. 24 hours ago she at best dreamed of presenting herself like this, now she found it natural. Natasha entered, puzzled, and asked. "What kind of get-up is that, do you want to lie down in the sun like that??" "Yes, I did it yesterday too and it was fantastic, you wouldn't believe how good you feel in it." Natasha looked somewhat pityingly. "You've always had a knack for it, but I'm really starting to wonder where this is going to go."

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Karl-Heinz Hofmann The organ virtuoso and church musician Roberto Seidel played himself on the royal instrument in the pilgrimage church "Maria Geburt" into the hearts of the Frankenwalder. Roberto Seidel is himself a son of the Franconian Forest. The organist, conductor and choirmaster was born in Kronach and grew up in Neuglosberg.

He calls the connection with the landscape and the language of his homeland as well as with the many people, who are connected with his family and him, very valuable and important. Therefore, he wanted to make a contribution to the present with this contemplative evening in the pilgrimage church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary Glosberg, in order to convey hope to all visitors through the Christian faith. He left the donations of the audience to the parish for the upcoming renovation of the organ.

In his greeting the organ musician said. "Ultimately, through the combination of music and the spoken word, I intend that each listener may ask himself and find answers as to what love, hope and faith mean to him as a triad". Each theme was accompanied by a chorale, which through its textual content expresses what is essential in the Christian message. The following free organ compositions gave the listener the opportunity to reflect on the respective theme, and in Corona times of distance and gloom should give some hope and the feeling of cohesion in faith.

The winter approaches and a parking heater would be but nice

It sounds great in advertising: having a coffee in the morning or simply staying in bed longer while other drivers first have to clear the car of snow and ice. All you need is a parking heater from Webasto! Great, so nothing like offers here for our Opel Astra 1.4 LPG Turbo ecoFLEX (key numbers: 0035 / AVD). On-line can be sent with the manufacturer also beautifully over a input mask offers of Einbaupartnern in its proximity. Of course, we have also asked our Opel workshop to get an offer.

A few days later we got the first answers back: As the fastest workshop, the Opel partner replied. Unfortunately there was no offer for us, but a refusal, because there is no installation proposal from Webasto for our LPG Opel, i.E. The installation instructions are missing. Reason: the factory installed autogas system! One of the installation partners has also called us to tell us this. When we asked why it was so complicated, we were told something like this: "Well, you have a smaller gas tank, so we first have to check where to get the fuel needed for the auxiliary heater and how to lay the lines, because there are so many other components in the car. Whether this workshop came up with these arguments themselves, or whether they come from the manufacturer, remains to be seen, but it is in any case very surprising how little technical knowledge exists in the matter of LPG. To check if our car (which by the way has the same tank size as a "normal" car) is compatible with Webasto's LPG system, we had to ask Webasto Astra without LPG) and other additional circumstances that may occur, this workshop estimated already times so ca. 500 Euro on top, in addition to the regular installation price.

Since also the other installation partners inquired over the Webasto homepage had to reject, because there is no installation suggestion for our autogas Astra, we have contacted now with this question directly with the manufacturer, thus Webasto. Also here there were unfortunately no further new findings. We were informed that the installation in our Astra has not been tested and therefore no installation instructions can be given. Further questions should be able to answer us the installation partners on site. The question of whether my car as a "test vehicle" The answer to our question, which could serve, in order to extend the installation pallet, was answered quite apathetic: "The sampling for the parking heater retrofitting of the Opel Astra with a gas plant is not planned in our house.". Good, who does not need to retrofit even not so standard models… Without words!

TSV neudrossenfeld puts aside home complex

but it took two standard situations to ensure the clear success. almost at the half-time whistle, diwersi headed home widmaier’s beautiful corner to take the lead in the 60th minute. In the second minute, pajonk followed suit, also heading home a corner kick from sudol.
At a psychologically important time, immediately after the break, the robust sudol was able to get through, passed exactly to the free-standing hofmann, who had no effort to sink the ball for 2:0.
The game lived mainly from the game in the midfield, scoring chances were until 35. Minute lacking. For the first time, the visitors’ keeper had to prove himself when he was just able to parry a sharp shot from pajonk. A header from penz (40.) was the only opportunity on the opposite side.
The hosts dominated the game, but mistakes crept in again and again, they did not yet act with the necessary certainty. As always, TSV keeper matthias kufner was a force to be reckoned with, making a great save to keep adlung’s free-kick out of the goalmouth. In the 89. In the second minute he also parried a cracker from aydogmus. Before that, the locals konradi and hofmann missed out in promising positions.
the hosts’ defense earned a good mark with the premiere of ex-bayreuther marcel mayr in the green-white dress. He played a decent game and provided the necessary communication. The hard-working pajonk and the enthusiastic diwersi and widmaier repeatedly put themselves in a good light.
ASV vach, which looked for its salvation in the offensive after the delay, was not very effective because the Upper Franconians stood well at the back and acted smartly and calmly. And then there was the safe M. cooper.
guest coach armin appelt said that the quick two goals in a minute rhythm had brought his eleven out of the concept, they were still too green for this league. For neudrossenfeld coach peter schmidt, the three points were the most important thing. He was particularly pleased with the goals 1 and 3, because they had used the standard situations.
The only thing peter schmidt had to criticize was that his men didn’t bring the necessary calm into the game, even when they had a clear lead. "We still have to work on that", according to the TSV coach. Kerstin nussbaum was an attentive impartial leader.

TSV neudrossenfeld –
ASV vach 3:0 (1:0)
TSV neudrossenfeld: M. Kufner – mayr (82. Hilla), taubenreuther, widmaier (84. treasure), hofmann, konradi, diwersi, partyka (46. Lattermann), pajonk, rau, sudol.
ASV vach: niedermeier – jovanovic (80). Kuffner), henning, daum, pommer, penz (68. Muller), sejans (60. Aydogmus), kreuzer, brutting, jakl, adlung.
Goals: 1:0 diwersi (45.), 2:0 hofmann (46.), 3:0 pajonk (60.). – referee: nubbaum (SC trossenfurth). – spectators: 175.

Damage compensation for diesel drivers

Exhaust emissions scandalThe diesel exhaust emissions scandal is the biggest economic scandal of the republic. Millions of vehicles were sold with illegal defeat devices. Starting with the VW Group, it has become clear in recent years that many automakers have manipulated regulatory emissions tests through fraudulent actions. Thus in vehicles the nitrogen oxide values (NOx) were wrongly indicated. The official tests were deliberately manipulated so that the vehicles could be put on the market at all.

Following further investigations at VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda, VW CEO Martin Winterkorn announced on 20. September 2015 a comprehensive clarification an. However, it remained only with this announcement. On 23. September 2015 and thus three days after this promise, Winterkorn resigned as VW CEO. Neither the affected engines nor the vehicle models covered by the scandal have been named. Later, the company tried to reduce the accusations to the EA189 engine and admitted that it had made a "mistake" there. Despite these claims, several models were subsequently recalled by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). Like the VW Group, Daimler AG is playing for time. Attempts to minimize the damage by providing inadequate information. Nevertheless, Daimler has also had to recall countless Mercedes vehicles since 2018. Although the KBA has repeatedly uncovered illegal defeat devices and ordered large-scale recalls, Daimler now wants to lure Mercedes drivers with 100.00 Euro vouchers for allegedly voluntary software updates. Daimler is thus trying to persuade as many drivers as possible to update before the KBA issues further mandatory recalls. This is how Daimler hopes to avert many claims for damages.

The updates are not able to eliminate the defects in the vehicles. The KBA has failed here once again. Under the title "A software update that makes dirty", the editors of Frontal21 have once again revealed that the updates currently waved through by the KBA in vehicles obviously do not optimize the exhaust values, but make them worse. In the broadcast of 21.01.In 2020, the ZDF editorial team has once again exposed the dirty game of the car companies. Tests have been carried out by experts which show without a doubt that the KBA continues to cheat and accepts all updates from the car companies without testing whether they improve or worsen the emissions problem.

Newcomer from the old stroke a ride in the maserati mc20

Berlin The SUV craze is over. Electric Revolution. While even declared pleasure brands have been preaching common sense of late, Maserati is once again building a car for hedonists. Because the new MC20 is committed to nothing but luxury and dynamics.

Maserati is once again building a new super sports car: Almost 20 years after the legendary MC12, after the first SUV in the company's history and after sedans like the Quattroporte or the Ghibli, the Italians are now pushing back onto the race track with the MC20.

When the two-seater is launched this summer at prices starting at 210.000 Euro, it is supposed to outrun cars like the AMG GT, the Lamborghini Huracan, the Ferrari Tributo or the Aston Martin Vantage.

00Fchrenden comparison platform of switzerland

You have the technical and operational responsibility for the Comparis car marketplace.
– You drive the product vision, strategy and roadmap for your product. You act as a role model!
– You develop, prioritize and implement new product features with the product owner and developers in an agile environment.
– Together with the marketing department, you initiate, plan and design marketing measures.
– You know your users, know what keeps them awake at night and use this knowledge profitably.
– You know and observe the automotive market and are always up to date on the latest developments.
– You're not only cultivating our existing partnerships, but also building sustainable new business relationships.
– You are a team player and like to work cross-functionally with different departments like SEO, software developers, UX, marketing and external partners.
– You define reports and thus measure the qualitative and quantitative success of the products
– What else do you like to do? Are you creative. Has ideas? We are open to suggestions!
What you bring to the table

– You have the technical and operational responsibility for the Comparis car marketplace.
– You drive the product vision, strategy and roadmap for your product. You act as a role model!
– You develop, prioritize and implement new product features with the product owner and developers in an agile environment.
– Together with the marketing department, you initiate, plan and design marketing measures.
– You know your users, know what keeps them awake at night and use this knowledge profitably.
– You know and observe the automotive market and are always up to date on the latest developments.
– You not only maintain our existing partnerships, but also sustainably build new business relationships.
– You are a team player and like to work cross-functionally with different departments such as SEO, software developers, UX, marketing and external partners.
– You define reportings and thus measure the qualitative and quantitative success of the products
– What else are you interested in? Are you creative. Do you have ideas? We are open for suggestions!
What you bring to the table

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Scorpion King, do not possess fighting claws on the other side at all, so we have assumed that Venom is their main weapon, both for hunting and defense. This makes the Manticore a bit of an outlier among the Scorpions: usually increased in size, these creatures trade Venom for muscle-building.

In fact, the most poisonous scorpions in the world are all rather puny. Indian Red Scorpion, whose sting can send an adult human into cardiac arrest, tops out at ca. 3.5 inches in length, while the death stalkers, whose Venom is a potent neurotoxin, rarely exceed 2 inches in.

Toxicity does not however necessarily relate to size – it is a function of the many selective pressures of an organism's environment. Perhaps for the Manticore, Venom is a more effective predator deterrent than large, fleshy claws. Or perhaps scorpion king in the toxic evolutionary arms race with competing species are locked.

Here is my AddBike CarryDog test report. In my first article about the AddBike+ (and also in the accompanying video) I explained how to build up the AddBike+ and mount it on a bike. In this way, a conventional bicycle can be transformed into a cargo bike. There were some hurdles and the assembly was complicated in some places. My second article on the subject is about how I carry out a second build of the AddBike. In this test report I also explain how the CarryDog module for the AddBike is built and how satisfied I am with it. The last thing I will talk about is the driving impression of the AddBike in everyday life.

Addbike+ carrydog test report and driving impression in everyday life

Why a second build?

For my first attempt with the Addbike, I used an old Cube cross bike with a trapezoid frame and a wuppy suspension fork. That was a mistake. I felt absolutely uncomfortable on the Kontrukt. It could be because this was basically not my bike, or also because of this suspension fork which unfortunately can not be locked. Fortunately I have more than one bike for such experiments. 🙂