Choosing a vacation park as a destination is a good choice on many levels, but especially now, when crowded places are avoided and safety is paramount, everyone has top priority. Vacation parks offer you and your whole family relaxation, an exceptional home away from home, without the hustle and bustle of big cities and central areas. Choosing a date during the off-season also has its advantage, and keeps you away from mass tourism – the surrounding areas and busy places are crowded during the high season, in which case it's hard to avoid the masses.

We are pleased to present 6 vacation parks where you can sit back and relax and focus on the important things in life:

Vallée Les Etoiles

The vacation park in Blaimont, Belgium, is located in the middle of the
Belgian Ardennes and combines the beauty of excursions in nature with historical sights and small but magical treasures in the surrounding villages and towns. One of the best and safest activities is trekking in the old forest region, renting bikes to experience nature first hand.

But wait

Ellen HuntingtonWe had the opportunity to ask Ellen a few questions. Click on the link to hear her experience as a Fulbright Scholar in Germany. She is studying for her Ph.D. With Walfrid Kujala, as well as advice for flutists entering the orchestral career path.

1. In the past you published a new edition for your flute and harp duo Lyrebird. What was this process like?

I began working with harpist Lillian Lau in 2006 while doing my doctoral work at Northwestern, and soon after we officially formed our duo, the Lyrebird Ensemble. I was frustrated by the seemingly limited selection of original music for the duo and began a thorough research of the repertoire, which led to my dissertation The Flute and Harp Duo in the 18th and 19th Centuries. I was amazed at the large number of works available and we spent quite a bit of time reading through this music looking for "hidden gems". We have found one of them in Valse Mélancolique by Marie Félice Clémence de Grandval is magnificently written for both instruments and dedicated to the French master, flutist Paul Taffanel and harpist Adolphe Hasselmans, who premiered the piece in Paris in 1891. The piece was published in the early twentieth century but has since been out of print, and this edition, available in only a few libraries, contains many significant errors in both parts. Part of our mission as the Lyrebird Ensemble is to promote and expand original flute and harp repertoire so that other duos don't have to rely so heavily on transcriptions in their programming. Therefore we thought it would be a good idea to publish this new edition! Lillian did all the typesetting, and I designed the cover, wrote the program notes, did the actual printing, and of course helped with editing. In terms of editing, we obviously corrected mistakes from the previous output and also made decisions regarding articulation, dynamics, and other musical directions within the piece that were inconsistent. The edition was completed and unveiled by the Chicago Flute Club Flute Festival on November 9, 2013, where we also performed the piece. A recording of the Valse Mélancolique is also available on our CD Taking Flight: Music for Flute and Harp.

Welcome to FC WMP Lauertal

Of course, the relegation matches in the Rhon soccer district were spectator magnets again this year. But there were no real street sweepers from the district point of view. Perhaps with one exception right at the start, when TSV Wollbach missed out on promotion to the Rhon district league after a 3-3 draw after extra time in a penalty shootout against SG Urspringen. All this in front of 930 spectators in Unterweibenbrunn.

After all officially 753 fans saw in Oerlenbach the 4:1 victory of the VfB Burglauer over the BSC Lauter, who booked nevertheless still another circle class year with the 1:0 victory before 670 spectators in Eltingshausen over the SV Machtilshausen, which lost also its second promotion duel with the 0:1 against the SG Hendungen before 528 eyewitnesses in Unterebersbach. The Hendunger for their part had previously missed a match ball with the 2:5 against FC Poppenlauer in front of 630 spectators in Gabolshausen.

The promotion games of the B-class runners-up were well attended: 618 spectators watched the much-discussed 14:1 victory of SG Arnshausen over TSV Muhlfeld. After all 466 Zahlende followed in Waldberg the 2:3 defeat of the SV Detter-Weibenbach against the SG Ginolfs. TSV Munnerstadt needed a proud four games to stay in the Bezirksliga: First FC Gerolzhofen, then FC Sand II were defeated in the first and second legs. Here too there was no storm at the ticket booths. A little more than 400 spectators watched the games in Munnerstadt, in Gerolzhofen there were 641, in Sand only 364.

Jacques futrelle mystery of the fatal cipher

"First of all, Mr. Hatch," The Thinking Machine continued, as he pulled out the letter that had originally been handed to him by Miss Devan and spread it out on the table, "the question of whether there was a secret message in the letter had to be settled.

There are thousands of ciphers. One of them, which we>willfullyThe Gold Beetle< excellently described. In this cipher, a character or symbol is used as a substitute for each letter of the alphabet.

Then there are book ciphers, which are perhaps the most secure ciphers of all; for without reference to the book from which words are chosen and designated by numbers, no one can solve them.

At the moment you hear a lot about the (necessary?) Change to the new ERP-Software of the SAP: SAP S/4HANA. What is it? Why should you change – must you change? What exactly is HANA, is the same as S/4HANA? And what is FIORI?

In short words:

HANA Is the new database of SAP
S/4 HANA are the applications already optimized for it and
FIORI is the new graphical user interface.
And yes, de facto you have to change (ca. Until 2025), because SAP has discontinued the previous solutions.

Refinery to the tüv remondis aktuell

Dear readers, for more than 40 years there has been a waste legislation in Germany. In each decade, at least one landmark decision was made that decisively advanced the development of waste management away from landfills and toward more recycling. Whether it's the Landfill Ordinance, the introduction of separate household collection of packaging waste, or the ban on landfill through the Technical Instruction on Municipal Waste, or TaSi for short, which is also perceived internationally as groundbreaking and exemplary – these have always been courageous decisions on the part of politicians, which have been put into practice primarily by private, but also by municipal, waste management companies with high investments. Now it is again. Germany is at a crossroads in terms of sustainability. The draft of a new recyclables law, which the Bundesrat has commissioned the German government to draft by the end of the year, offers a unique opportunity to catapult recycling in this country into a new dimension. The potential of waste as a source of raw materials is well known. According to the INFA report, up to 95 kilograms of additional recyclables per inhabitant per year can be recovered. But the signals from the Federal Ministry of the Environment are not very encouraging. Here, people are obviously thinking about making do with the conversion of the good old yellow garbage can into a recycling garbage can for packaging and non-packaging of similar materials, which was decided on a long time ago, and are calculating with just five additional kilograms of recyclable material per inhabitant per year. At REMONDIS, we believe that even this is illusory, based on our own experience of collecting, sorting and recycling recyclable materials, as most of the non-packaging material that is similar to material already ends up in the yellow garbage can as "intelligent waste". If we restrict ourselves to this, a new law on recyclable materials would be largely ineffective. Our appeal to politicians is therefore: Be courageous and visionary. Seize the unique opportunity and set significantly more ambitious collection and recycling quotas. This is the only way Germany can safeguard its raw materials-. Fully exploiting the potential for climate protection.

Asia is still at the beginning of the development towards more sustainability in water and recycling management. Especially the area of material recycling of waste has been neglected for a long time. Could barely keep up with the continent's exponential growth.

Singapore is now tackling the issue more consistently. The construction of a new plant for the processing of slag from waste incineration with simultaneous recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is the latest project of the National Environment Agency NEA, for whose realization and operation REMEX is responsible. This shows once again that Singapore is playing a pioneering role and setting an example for other densely populated regions in Asia.

Completely relaxed …Autogenous training and progressive muscle relaxation provide for well-being – and for a "hot wire to the I.

Dr. Michaela mundt

Talking to body and soul

Stress and excitement trigger physical tension and strain. But fortunately, the whole thing also works the other way around:

When the body relaxes, the psyche relaxes as well.

Electric volvo penta rt how the fire truck of the future works

Dubbed "Revolutionary Technology" (RT), the truck is currently undergoing intensive testing and will soon begin real-world customer trials at fire departments in Berlin, Amsterdam and Dubai.

Volvo Penta has worked with long-time customer Rosenbauer to develop an electric powertrain for the platform and industrialized version of the company's Concept Fire Truck (CFT), known as "Revolutionary Technology" (RT). Volvo Penta and Rosenbauer have abandoned conventional commercial vehicle concepts and instead developed an electric solution for the truck's powertrain. They have introduced a completely new vehicle architecture that is expected to revolutionize the firefighting industry and bring benefits such as zero exhaust emissions and significantly less noise. With its electric drive, the fire truck features excellent ergonomics, functionality and safety, as well as a high load volume, compact dimensions and unique agility. The RT is currently undergoing intensive testing and will soon reach the next major milestone when it is adopted in real customer trials at fire departments in Berlin, Amsterdam and Dubai later this year.

"After many years of successful collaboration with Rosenbauer, we are proud to be pioneering electric propulsion systems and working with them on this revolutionary project," says Paul Jansson, chief project manager at Volvo Penta. "Our close partnership and deep understanding of our customers' needs guided us in developing the electric powertrain for the new fire truck. Starting customer testing really shows what the teams have achieved together. This is our first industrial OEM partnership in the field of electric mobility. A major step towards creating a new product platform of the future. "

the struggle of the residents of kitzingen’s wilhelmsbuhl against the planned private development above their houses goes into another round: the group’s activists have collected around 150 signatures to make their protest against the project on around 1.4 hectares clear. The list goes to the city, a letter with all the arguments of the residents has been sent to the city councils.

The reason for the current protest is the meeting of the administration and building committee on 21 June. September (start: 18.3 p.m.). Point two deals with the access road for the controversial development area. According to the draft – "for your information" – nothing is decided, but information on the possible realization of the access road is presented to the committee.

Reason enough for opponents to set up a "vigil" at city hall before the meeting. In addition, the residents make it clear that they intend to go to court if the development is approved.

What you will do.

Apple Car will have an anti-glare windshield to prevent bright lights from entering the driver's eyes prevent bright lights from interfering with the driver's vision. The Cupertino tech giant's first autonomous passenger car, Apple Car, is expected to hit the market in the next four to five years. Based on industry reports and pending patents, the electric vehicle (EV) will be powered by a revolutionary new monocell battery for long range, equipped with LiDAR scanners for navigation, external LEDs to indicate its actions and more. It is also reported that after several failed negotiations with leading automakers such as Hyundai, BMW, Nissan and others, Apple has decided to independently manufacture the electric vehicle. Now we have additional information about the possible anti-glare technology that will be used in the new Apple Car. The windshield of Apple Car will be equipped with new camera sensors to locate the driver's gaze and the light source to reduce glare As in the ambient light such as headlights and sunlight are reflected from the mirrors (windshield, rear, left and right, window) and can enter the driver's eyes and cause temporary blindness that can lead to accidents. Therefore, Apple has proposed a way to reduce glare in a vehicle through new camera sensors to locate the driver's gaze and light sources to automatically dim the vehicle certain window from which the bright light is reflected. A control circuit can use a sensor, z information about where an external object that produces glare, such as the sun, a reflective part of a vehicle (z. B. A shiny bumper or rear window of a vehicle on a roadway), a streetlight or other source of glare outside of the vehicle, and the direction in which the external (exterior) object projects light toward the vehicle (z. B. In the direction of a driver's eyes) or other vehicle occupants). Based on this information, the control circuitry can aim a light modulator at a window or vehicle mirror to selectively darken an area that prevents glare from reaching the driver's eyes.

The As a sunscreen, a new light modulator in the form of a strip is placed on the edges of the windshield. The light modulator could have a photochromic layer, a liquid crystal modulator, an electrochromic modulator or any other type of light modulator structure. The light modulator may be patterned to form a series of rectangular stripes areas or otherwise shaped areas that extend along the top edge of the windshield of a vehicle and therefore allow the light modulator to serve as an electrically adjustable sunshade. A light modulator can also be built into other windows in a vehicle to reduce glare from headlights, the sun and other light sources. Vehicle mirrors equipped with light modulators can be adjusted to selectively darken a portion of the mirror that would otherwise reflect glare into the driver's eyes.

Although the launch of the physical Apple Car is still years away, it has already made a lot of waves among competitors and speculators. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is clearly disgusted with Apple's electric vehicle, an analyst believes Apple has all the right ingredients to deliver a great electric vehicle, and battery pioneer says Apple Car will define the future of mobility. Tesla has its own independent strategy. The one to watch out for is Apple. What will they do? I think they may announce something soon. And what kind of car would they announce? What kind of battery? They're probably looking to get in around 2025. If they do that, I think they have to announce something by the end of this year. This is just my personal hypothesis.