Tattoos, red buckets and a ghost at the morbach trade show

For the approximately 10,000 visitors to the twelfth Morbach trade show, there was a great package of information, entertainment and lots of trade show gifts in and around the Baldenauhalle over the weekend. There was a wide range of jobs on offer at more than 40 stands, including the Trierischer Volksfreund media house.

Tattoos and bright red buckets
Very much in demand on both days was Martin Schunck from Tattoo Studio Abstract Linework. He had almost continuous clientele. Anne Petry had a gecko pricked, others preferred mountains and palm trees. The company has been around for a good year and a half. So it was time for the young entrepreneur to show the people of Morbach "the face to the name as well," he said when asked why he participates in the regional fair. The reasons of the exhibitors for the participation are varied. Some – like Café and Kino Heimat – wanted to use the opportunity to become even better known, said Doris Beyer. Ludwig Schuh from the Möbel Schuh company, which will be celebrating its 125th anniversary in two years, on the other hand, handed out plenty of bright red buckets and referred to the open sales Sunday taking place at his company at the same time.

At the Sparkasse Mittelmosel Eifel Mosel Hunsrück, Nora Horn provided information about the new construction project "Special Living in the Morbach Center" on Bernkasteler Straße and Gerberweg, while at the VR-Bank Hunsrück-Mosel everything revolved around sustainable financial investments. Car dealers showed their new models. At the booth of the media house Trierischer Volksfreund there was an allowance for the household budget, if one estimated the quantity of ducks in a container correctly. At the same time, editorial director Lars Ross and editor Ilse Rosenschild were on hand to answer questions. Sarah Sauer from the pharmacy at Oberer Markt demonstrated a new service: the automatic sorting and shrink-wrapping of medicines. The visitors liked what was on offer. "The whole event is highly interesting. There are loud high-quality stands. I am positively surprised", said Peter Tresch from Hundheim. "The trade show is a showcase of all that we have here in Morbach. We should be proud of this," Hans-Georg Gröber from Morbach was also impressed by the event.

Starting into the future with an e-car, but which charging system to use?

Jan Hammerschmied, Head of Charging Infrastructure at cosmix, Europe's largest charging infrastructure platform, will give you a guidance which technical criteria and decisions has to be made.

In addition, Philippe Vangeel, Secretary General of the European Association for Electromobility (AVERE) will answer yours questions regarding the development and trends of smart charging infrastructure in Europe in this webinar.

Who likes to call his programs targeted

The graphical design of the control menu is attractive and clear. This is how the first menu page presents basic capabilities. Setting options of the Pioneer at a glance. From here you not only get to the picture and sound tuning, but you can also start the photo viewer or use the CEC link to control the connected HDMI devices. The latter worked flawlessly in the test – via Consumer Electronics Control, the Pioneer even reached the menu pages of the connected Blu-ray player, even though it was dealing with a player of a different brand. Not many TVs can do that at the moment. Accordingly, the player was easy to control with the Pioneer remote control, and according to the manual, surround systems can also be controlled in this manner.

This is all the more impressive, since the plasma's control stick not only looks very high quality, but is also clearly laid out and easy to use. In addition, its signal strength is sufficient to direct the equipment to the receiver on the screen without precise aiming. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the lack of a clear pressure point when pressing the buttons. There one does not know always so exactly whether the encoder really passed the command on.

A pleasant surprise is the numerous help texts that the menu automatically displays for the settings options. However, they do not always help. The instructions remain very unclear, especially for features that need a lot of explanation. There Pioneer might still file. The photo viewer, which loads photos via a USB input and presents them in full HD resolution, could also be improved. An excellent service in itself. However, the electronics need a full 20 seconds to load an 8 megapixel image – that's a bit long.

Fri. 31.01. On our seats we could follow the action. Follow well on the tables in our section. Unfortunately we did not have the monitors in view. The afternoon and later also the evening were nevertheless exciting. And also for snooker newcomers very interesting. The tense atmosphere is simply intoxicating. Written by veej on Tue. 01.04.14 at 11:21

– Orange Tree 4 Friday Ticket: Snooker – German Masters 2014 2014-01-31T13:00:00

Snooker always a pleasure to see

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Startupcard 100

In the context of the current Startup Safari of the Deutsche Bahn, we have received a short, but even more qualified, increase from Evalea. The goal of the 5-day "long-term meet and greet" is to give an already established startup like Evalea the opportunity to network with employees from a corporation and use this expertise for their own business model and benefit from their experience.

On the other hand, employees from corporate groups also benefit when they experience the founding spirit of the respective startup live and also get to know the working methods and practices of the young entrepreneurs for a few days. Clearly, for large, established companies with more than 200.000 employees more difficult to overcome common startup practices and approaches such as z. B. Fail-Fast can be implemented immediately, yet the new impressions provide Group employees with a different view of their own processes and procedures.

It is precisely this exchange and getting to know the different approaches that creates a win-win situation for both sides. And this was ultimately one of the guiding principles of Deutsche Bahn, which planned and organized the project together with the HIGHEST start-up center.

Car manufacturer

Sporty: Fiat 500S

Sporty fiat 500s Sporty fiat 500s Sporty fiat 500s

With the new S-model of the Fiat 500 the Italians are not only on men's catch, they want to address and inspire above all sporty ambitious ones. The sportiest variant (excluding the Abarth version) can be ordered both as a sedan and as a cabriolet. Price starts at 15.290 euros, the four-year warranty is of course always included. With specific bumpers all around – front with integrated fog lights – side skirts. The roof spoiler makes this 500 look even more expressive. The handles of the doors and tailgate and the exterior mirror caps contrast in matte gray and meet darkened rear window panes on the sedan. Black cooling air inlets at the front of the vehicle and the lower radiator grille in

Sporty fiat 500s

Honeycomb structure are among the other specific body components, as is the chrome-plated exhaust tailpipe.

Skoda shows suv study with plug

The vehicle study Skoda Vision S is to follow the new design language of the brand – translated into the SUV segment.


The vehicle study Skoda Vision S with six seats over three rows of seats is 4.70 meters long, 1.91 meters wide, 1.68 meters high and has a wheelbase of 2.79 meters. The vehicle study is based on the Volkswagen Group's Modular Transverse Toolkit (MQB).

When Auto Union resumed production in the winter of 1949/50, it was done by necessity in a horse stable and had to buy commercially available parts – in order to be able to make motorcycles at all – which by no means met the requirements to be made today. This is especially true for the brakes used in the initial series, so no more will be said about them here. If you still have a DKW from the early months with its inadequate brakes, the most you can do is try to achieve something by tinkering, but it won't be very much in any case.

When this issue goes to print
When this issue goes to print

Figure 17: Section through the old brake with drive.

When this issue goes to print When this issue goes to print When this issue goes to print

Cut through the new rear axle from RT 175 and RT 250/2 onwards. Construction basically the same, only the hub is completely new.

When you buy a motorcycle as a classic car

Cologne Motorcycles in classic design are in vogue. But historic machines are also in demand. What interested parties should bear in mind when buying these old treasures.

Rumbling single-cylinder or purring four-cylinder. A lot of chrome. Little plastic. Historic motorcycles still have their appeal today. But as beautiful as the old sheet metal looks, very few two-wheeled oldies can be driven without any problems.

And there are also other things to consider. Thorsten Rechtien recommends taking an expert along for the inspection who is familiar with the model or with classic machines. For the expert at Tüv Rheinland, the overall impression is what counts, i.E. The condition of the machine: "Flash rust or small rust spots are not bad, but a warped frame, a defective engine or missing parts are."

Transport with traction all

Anything that might be suitable for transporting very heavy cargo in general, and then for off-road driving in particular, is banned in Germany after World War II. The victorious powers know all too well from their own experience how appropriately designed heavy trucks lend themselves to tank transportation. On 150 hp (110 kW) the Allies have set the upper limit for motorization. Semi-trucks, three-axle trucks and four-wheel drive, for example, are also off limits.

But these restrictions fall away relatively quickly over the course of time. And as early as 1950, Mercedes-Benz can bring a first all-wheel-drive truck, which, moreover, is not to be regarded as a quasi-military island solution like the previous all-wheel-drive trucks, but marches largely in step with its less off-road brethren, which are equipped with the common rear-axle drive (axle formula 4×2: i.E. A total of four wheels, two of them driven; all-wheel-drive: 4×4).

The LA 3500 makes a grandiose start