Time several regional meetings held in lünen

Chairman happened. From now on the club grew steadily. Since the founding of the club until the 80s, the riders of the BMW Club Lünen were not missing at almost any BMW meeting or motorcycle race.

The meetings took place in Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Yugoslavia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France as well as everywhere in Germany from north to south and from east to west. Six to seven regional meetings were held each year. A national meeting attended. The regional meetings were organized by the individual BMW clubs. The national meeting was held by BMW Munich with Paul Schweder as organizer. At that time the BMW clubs were still supported by BMW Munich for their events. They received the cups free of charge as well as presents for all other placements. Present came also from the BMW representation at that time Mulfinger in Dortmund-Hacheney. Likewise financial support received one on request of the BMW AG. If one had to show profit, this was set off with the BMW AG.

Regional meetings

The BMW Motorrad Club Lünen e.V. Had held several regional meetings in Lünen during this time. Up to the present time it was unfegähr 20 to 25. The first meeting was held at the restaurant zum Forsthaus in Schwansbell, three more at the restaurant Killiansmühle, three more at the restaurant Aschoff in Wethmar, at the restaurant to the former shooting range on Moltkestraße, then at the restaurant Breddemann on Brunnenstraße. Since the meetings became ever larger, we had to accomplish unfortunately some years the meetings in Selm with the Landmetzgerei Brünning, since in Luenen for our meetings hardly an execution possibility because of place and space offer existed.

How many volts does a charged motorcycle battery have?.

How much volt has a charged motorcycle battery?How many volts a motorcycle battery should have varies and always depends on a number of factors. If a motorcycle battery is in the charging phase, then more than 14.0 volts can be reached. With a new battery, the values are around 13.00 volts.

How many volts does a battery need?

The voltage of a fully charged and intact battery is 12.8 volts. If the battery is still in good condition, the voltage is between 12.7 and 12.4 volts. If the value is below this, it should be charged.

When is a 12 volt battery empty?

About 4 hours after the last charge/ride/discharge. The voltage should not drop below 12.5 volts, which is approx. 80% of full charge. At 12.2 V, a PbCa accumulator ca.

Road safety

All road safety seminars are conducted by me in my long-term capacity as an instructor of the German Road Safety Council DVR. The seminars, training courses and workshops are aimed at all road users and cover all relevant topics such as: Speed and distance Risk perception and risk assessment Behavior of young drivers Distraction and sideline activities Stresses on official trips Rule knowledge and rule compliance Driving in fall and winter. Individually adapted, these topics are usually presented in companies in the form of individual seminars, workshops, lectures, or combined with each other at major events (e.G.B. On company safety days) in an informative and exciting way. More information is available by phone and on the DVR website www.Dvr.De

Motorcycle safety training
Are you also sometimes unsure when driving around bends?? Braking could work better? You have always wanted to practice swerving in a targeted and safe manner? Questions like these are easy to put off… Take part in a motorcycle safety training course. I do this through the Auto Club Europa ACE according to the guidelines of the German Road Safety Council DVR and its seal of quality. Through targeted exercises (without stress or pressure to perform) under expert guidance, you will learn to realistically assess potential dangers, systematically improve your driving skills and thus react more appropriately in critical situations. The course can be booked as a 1-day standard course, as a 1-day advanced course, as a 2-day variant in connection with an organized tour or as a 1-2-day safety tour. Experience safety – more fun with safety! The motorcycle safety training can be financially supported by your professional association. More information available by telephone. Appointments for groups can be arranged directly with me, the registration would then be done through the ACE. Already scheduled training dates can be found at www.Ace.En/autoclub/road-safety-training/

Car safety training
Car safety training is also a program of the DVR, which I conduct through the Auto Club Europa ACE. The one-day course is not a "racing driver training" or "skidding course but includes practical driving exercises and the training of emergency maneuvers. In the slalom, in the circular track and on the sliding surface you will get to know the limits of your car, your own and those of the driving physics without any danger. The aims of the training are: To recognize dangers in time, to assess them correctly and to avoid them as far as possible by an appropriate driving style, as well as to cope with dangers by concrete action strategies and optimal vehicle control. As with the motorcycle safety training, the exchange of experience is also part of the training. Discussions with other riders will not be neglected. The car safety training can be financially supported by your employer's liability insurance association. More information by telephone. Appointments for groups can be arranged directly with me, the registration would then be made through the ACE. You can find already scheduled training dates at www.Ace.En/autoclub/driving-safety-training

Victory cross roads delux

In spring we received a call from an acquaintance with a great offer from Victory: We could buy the Victory Cross Roads Delux ride a few days. The Cross Roads is a "touring bike with that certain something extra – for long, relaxed trips", promises the manufacturer on its homepage.

I have to admit it: I have ridden such a type of motorcycle only once before, and that only for a few kilometers. When we picked up the bike in Griesheim (near Darmstadt), the manager said: "That's no problem at all. I used to ride only BMWs, but since I got to know and love the Victory, I don't want to get off it anymore".

It was a bit unusual on the first few meters: Feet on the running boards and shifting gears with a rocker switch. But it only took me a few minutes to get used to it. The German Victory branch is located near the highway and so the first kilometers were good to get acquainted with this – for me – new way of driving.

CE conformity testing by independent test laboratory! ALPHA can be registered-. Are operated without a permit!

Scope of delivery:
Alarm system ALPHA with built-in 3D gyro sensor, alarm horn (100 dB/A), complete wiring harness with mini toggle switch.

At the heart of every motorcycle alarm system is a position monitoring sensor. It is designed to determine whether or not the motorcycle is being moved beyond tolerable limits. And here 'the spirits divide': In the low-cost segment, a mercury switch or mechanical vibrating contacts are usually used. In the case of devices with only one mercury switch, it is necessary to pay attention to a certain parking position. They can not be installed independent of location. In addition, the optimal parking angle set there is never reached in practice (road inclination, luggage, etc.).). The absolute cheap devices use vibrating contacts. These react only to impact load. Not to slow change of position. Both types function sluggishly and inaccurately and tend to false alarms.

Special conversions

The Geng motorcycle shop specializes in service work. Repairs of all Suzuki models. A modern equipped workshop with very trained employees in all areas around `s motorcycle distinguish this company. Repair and accident work of all motorcycle brands are also carried out in the own workshop. Technically latest laser frame measurements on the own frame straightening machine with issue of frame certificates belong to the special offer. Special conversions according to the customer's wishes on the dynamometer are also part of our service with expert advice. Also a special feature is the optimization and programming of ignition boxes, z.B. Suzuki B-King / 1250 Bandit. Other models.

Geng Motorcycle Tuning
Motorcycles are fast, powerful vehicles that get you from A to B quickly. Very many men, but also more and more women are enthusiastic about the two-wheelers and also have the appropriate license to drive a motorcycle. Also for tuning a motorcycle is very suitable. There are many parts here which can be replaced. This improves the appearance, but also the technical performance.

Technical tuning
The various technology components of the motorcycle can be upgraded or replaced. With the right parts you can get some more horsepower out of the bike. Among other things, this includes a good exhaust system. Although 4-stroke motorcycles don't use the resonance principle, a good exhaust system can still produce a noticeable increase in power output. Also an increase in displacement creates much more acceleration pressure. For this, complete sets with cylinders, cylinder heads, pistons and all the necessary add-on parts such as gaskets have to be procured. After installation, you can clearly feel more power in all speed ranges. Also the carburetor can be increased by a model with more passage. More air-petrol mixture can be pumped into the cylinder. It makes the combustion stronger. This results in a higher performance of the engine.
Optical tuning

When the motorcycle tuning is implemented, the visual appearance should not be forgotten. The disguise is an element that likes to be changed. The appearance can be improved quickly and easily with a modern, elaborate paint job.Good-looking rims also make many motorcycles eye-catchers. Beside other headlights there is also an innumerable variety at other parts, which can be installed on the motorcycle. Even with this you can create a good overall look. Maintenance is important Motorcycle tuning often increases the wear and tear of individual components. More intensive care. Maintenance of various parts is therefore important. The chain should always be lubricated, the transmission oil changed regularly. Services in a workshop are very important. This not only increases the life of the vehicle, but also reduces the chance of an accident. It is not uncommon for accidents to be caused by technical failure of the motorcycle.

The trial machine:At first glance, trial motorcycles are hardly recognizable as ready-to-ride

What clothing is needed.

Recognizing motorcycles. They don't have a seat and are limited to the bare necessities to save weight. Today's trial motorcycle weighs less than eighty kilos, but has 250 cc and a maximum of 20 hp. It has front and rear disc brakes, very good and individually adjustable suspension and damping, a very low center of gravity, wide handlebars and a very large steering angle. You try to keep the weight of a trial bike as low as possible, but it is exposed to enormous loads and has to withstand them. So it's a middle ground between weight. Finding stability. The engine is a single cylinder, two stroke engine. It is water cooled because in trials you ride so slowly that air cooling would not cool the engine enough. You fill up with a gasoline-oil mixture when driving a trial, and in a ratio of 1:75 to 1:50, because with more oil, the engine would soot and oily. However, there is no engine damage despite this mixture, because it is very often driven only in the idle speed range. But this also means that if you have crashed your bike and the throttle has hit the ground in full throttle position, you have to hurry or you will get an engine failure because the engine can't withstand a longer full throttle position. To save weight, a trial machine has a kickstarter, so it doesn't need a starter and a battery. The gear ratio is chosen very small in order to be able to adapt the speed optimally to the circumstances. The motorcycles usually have six gears. The small gear ratio means you can still start in fourth gear. The first three gears are for the sections, the rest for the stretches in between. In order to bring the power now optimally on the underground a Trialmotorrad has special tires, which in addition still with very small air pressure (0.2 bar), this increases the traction again. Because you work with the coupling practically all the time, it is hydraulically operated, which has several advantages over a cable coupling. Firstly, it is much smoother and secondly, it does not change its pressure point whether it is hot or cold.

What clothing is needed.

Trial riding is always done standing up, this allows better control of the motorcycle in any situation. The whole geometry is designed. This can be easily seen in the position of the handlebars, the position of the footpegs, the gears and the brakes. The tank of a trial motorcycle is very small, only two to three liters, more is not needed for 4 to 5 hours riding time.

Victoria motorcycle oldtimer info point kr25

Here are interesting and important tips and tricks for the Victoria KR 25 HM. The tips and tricks listed here I have gathered through conversations with other Victoria owners and my own experiences. Many of the tricks listed here have already been tried and tested. Have proven themselves in practice. However, I cannot guarantee the correctness of the information presented here!

But maybe you have a piece of information that is not yet listed on this page. Do not keep them for yourself, but make them available to others. Just write me a mail, I will publish the information here.

Color selection Alternator control Engine + transmission Miscellaneous

In the month of May the Opel is moved a lot. Not only some field appointments are coming up, the car is also used for some mountain tours despite the bad weather. Questions to Opel. The valve play.

And i have decided to do it

The Wonnemonat … Completely rainy

The fifth month of the year brought unfortunately very much rain and cold temperatures with itself. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the Zafira has been moved around quite a lot. Although I made most of the way to work by bicycle, as usual. But there were also some more distant field service appointments. And for some trips to the mountains the car was also used.

After it was foreseeable that the weather would hardly change for a long time and would probably settle at a bad level, there were only two alternatives: either to do without mountain excursions altogether, or to come to terms with the adverse conditions. Of course, climbing tours were out of the question, it's not good to climb on wet rock, but you don't have to miss out on hiking tours even in precipitation.

Safe through the motorcycle season

In addition, it is important to be fit enough to ride the bike yourself. Especially after a long break from riding, like at the beginning of the motorcycle season, it makes sense to reacquaint yourself with your bike and refresh your riding skills.

Particularly at the beginning of the motorcycle season, experts advise motorcyclists to reacquaint themselves with the bike after a long break from riding by practicing starting, braking and steering as well as parking the bike several times, for example at a practice area.

If the corona situation allows, safety training courses that teach safe cornering, overtaking and braking under supervision are also useful. Corresponding provider addresses for the training courses, most of which are subject to a fee, are available online from the German Road Safety Council e.V. (DVR) available.