Registration of very small electric vehicles the finale

"In court and on the high seas" is the popular saying. Similarly, I would describe what leaked on Friday. In the early afternoon, we received a draft of a speaker on the approval of small electric vehicles, and we tried to interpret it. This, dear readers, is almost impossible without a degree in law. It can be read – and those who have studied law will understand it. Some paragraphs are understandable, others are far beyond tolerable.

The BMVI expects up to 150.000 electric scooters, which are likely to be on the roads in the future (probably from May). 25 Manufacturers are lt. Draft have the possibility to register scooters. Or does the BMVI assume that it will be 25? Even a word sausage maker like me finds it difficult to understand. Who thinks, he can order now a container of the parts, in order to make the fast mark, which will have then a problem. The skins are already distributed.

Important facts of the draft
– From 12 years with up to 12 kilometers per hour – From 14 years with up to 20 kilometers per hour – No helmet requirement – Insurance 60 – 90 euros depending on age – Handlebars required (no e-boards) – Pedestrian paths may z.T. Be driven on. – Type approval around 7000 Euro – Projected 120-150tsd scooters on the roads

Revocation of vehicle financing

Revocation of vehicle financing – what is possible?- Posted on 12. October 201821. February 2019
– Posted in Banking and Capital Markets Law

The diesel scandal and the introduction of diesel driving bans have led to great anger among purchasers of diesel vehicles. In the meantime, it has become clear that car manufacturers have not only manipulated in connection with compliance with emission standards. The loan agreements used by car banks also have significant defects. Thanks to strict consumer protection regulations, this now helps buyers to have an unlimited right of withdrawal in many cases. This makes it possible to part with the vehicle at low cost, regardless of whether technical defects can be proven. In our experience, enforcing a right of cancellation usually offers better prospects of success than asserting technical defects in connection with exhaust gas manipulation. However, car banks generally ignore the legal situation in favor of car buyers and refuse to reverse the transaction unless the claims are asserted by a lawyer.

In which cases you can revoke?

What is an insurance guarantee fund

You just received a letter from your state's insurance commissioner, and the news is not good. Your company's auto insurer is insolvent! You find the letter particularly alarming because you filed a new lawsuit just a week ago. What to do? Do not panic! Your claim will likely be paid by your state's insurance fund.

What is a guarantee fund?

A guaranty fund (or guaranty association) is an organization established by state law. It serves to protect policyholders from insolvency of insurers. It settles claims that an insurer would have paid if not financially impaired. The fund is usually administered by a board of directors elected by participating insurers. It is overseen by the state insurance commissioner.

In all fifty states, as well as Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. There are guarantee funds. Most states maintain separate funds for property/casualty insurance and life/health insurance. This article focuses on the former.

When can the vehicle be repaired.

Here's how filing a claim with your auto insurance company worksMost car accidents result in only fender-benders. Nevertheless, the damage report to the car insurance can lead to great annoyance. Here you can find out everything you need to know to ensure that the claims process runs smoothly, and you will receive practical tips on how to do this.

– Who pays in the event of a car accident?
– Who must report the damage?
– What information is necessary to report the damage?
– How to report the damage to the insurance company?
– When can the vehicle be repaired?
– Further tips on reporting damage

Who pays in the event of a car accident?

Car liability insurance

Liability insurance pays out if your vehicle has caused damage to property or personal injury to third parties. Auto liability also defends against unjustified claims and pays any court costs and attorney fees in this case.

When can i cancel the motorcycle insurance.

When can I cancel the motorcycle insurance? (deadlines and dates)

The most important facts about cancelling motorcycle insurance

Follow our motorcycle insurance cancellation guide to cancel smoothly, or leave the work to us and ask us for an insurance change.

Observe deadlines for cancellation

The notice periods are regulated individually for each insurance policy. You will find these in your insurance policies or in the general terms and conditions of insurance (AVB).

Many people are involved in a traffic accident in some way at some point in their lives. But what to do if it actually comes to that? Here we explain the most important procedures and explain when it is mandatory to call the police.If a traffic accident occurs, the parties involved must stop immediately. The question of guilt is not relevant here yet. The injured party must also not leave the scene of the accident prematurely, as otherwise he or she would be guilty of conduct in breach of duty and would be prosecuted under road traffic law.

If you are involved in a traffic accident, proceed as follows:

1. Stop 2. 3. Get an overview: 1. How many vehicles. Persons are involved in the accident? Get an overview: 1. How many vehicles. People are involved in the accident? How many vehicles. Persons are involved in the accident? 2. Are there any injured persons? 3. Is there a fire hazard?

Which parts are actually coinsured in the car insurance.

Protection for motor vehicles used in traffic is required by law. Must be ensured at least in the form of liability insurance. Further protection and more services for the own vehicle you get with the inclusion of a comprehensive insurance, such as partial or fully comprehensive insurance. With this inclusion, the following are then automatically included certain parts located on the vehicle are also insured, which guarantees that the repair is as complete as possible.

Which parts are insured?

In the case of the insured parts of the vehicle it is important that permanently attached to the motor vehicle and approved by road traffic law are.

For some accessories, insurance coverage applies even if the Objects stored safely and locked away in one area were. A further condition is then that the it concerns things, which serve the use of the vehicle.

FRANKFURT – The identification provider Verifeye Online and the consulting firm msg security advisors enter into a strategic partnership with the aim of offering companies innovative complete solutions for secure digital identities and online ID verification.

Companies benefit from the interplay of technologies and competencies of both partners when optimizing their ID verification solutions: Verifeye Online and msg security advisors have developed ID-Suite 4.0 Developed a highly functional, highly available and anti-money laundering (AML) compliant identity solution that enables a fast onboarding process and impresses in terms of user experience and straightforward implementation. ID Suite 4.0 provides secure identification to both natural and legal persons, which includes their authority to act as well as trustworthy reusability of identities at any trust level according to. IDAS. By connecting with qualified electronic signatures. Sealing allowed ID Suite 4.0 an efficient establishment of trustworthy digital transactions. Through the connection with qualified electronic signatures. Sealing allowed ID Suite 4.0 an efficient establishment of trustworthy digital transactions.0 Efficiently establish trusted digital transactions.

One interface, three verification options

What obligations arise for you, from a motor vehicle liability insurance.

Motor vehicle insuranceA motor vehicle liability insurance is required by law for all motor vehicles and trailers registered in Austria. All-round protection for you. Your car with many extensions. The insurance obligation applies to motor vehicles and trailers registered for traffic, as well as for test drives and transfer drives. Excluded from the insurance obligation are z.B. Vehicles owned by the public authorities. Car with a design speed up to 10 km/h. Motor vehicle liability insurance covers claims for compensation by third parties for damage caused by the motor vehicle.

Which obligations arise for you, from a motor vehicle liability insurance?
In addition to complying with the provisions of the StVO and KFG, such as z.B. To transport only the permitted number of persons or, as the driver, not to be impaired by alcohol or narcotic drugs, possession of a valid driver's license, the use provision entered in the registration certificate must also be complied with. D.H., that no persons may be transported against payment with a passenger car without a special use regulation. A list of the conditions of use can be found here. Further obligations of the insured are the immediate report of personal injuries to the nearest police station and within one week to the insurer. However, a violation of these obligations will only result in an exemption from benefits in case of intent. Very well in any case the insurer is released from the obligation to pay if the policyholder (without consultation with the insurance company) acknowledges claims against the injured third party or does not leave a possible lawsuit to the insurer. Because this deprives the insurance company of the possibility of an objection/defense of the claims. A clear distinction must be made between liability and coverage when the insurance company is not liable to pay benefits. Both in the case of the grounds for exclusion and in the case of violation of the obligations, there is of course liability, but no coverage. This means that the insurer assumes liability for the claims of the injured third party, but there is no or only limited coverage for the policyholder and the latter becomes liable for recourse. To ensure that damage to your own vehicle is also covered, a voluntary supplementary insurance, the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, is necessary. The scope of a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy varies from insurance company to insurance company. Must be considered when comparing premiums. No, or a low deductible also has the effect of a higher premium.

Health insurance

Since many services are not covered by state health insurance, private health insurance can be used as a precaution. Just like the statutory accident insurance, the statutory health insurance is also mandatory. There is also insurance coverage for dependents and pensioners. Statutory health insurance provides benefits in the event of illness, incapacity to work due to illness and maternity. The statutory, as well as the private, health insurance provides either a cash benefit (sickness benefit, maternity benefit) or a benefit in kind, such as a daily allowance.B. Health care Institutional or home health care. In the case of medical treatment, the insured person can choose between a contract doctor or an elective doctor. In the case of treatment by an elective doctor, only the fee according to the tariff is covered by the statutory health insurance and not the actual costs. This disadvantage can be compensated for with a private health insurance policy. If the insured person would like to receive an amount for each day of hospitalization, a daily allowance insurance must be taken out. An agreed amount is paid to the patient/insured per day. In order to cover the financial gap in case of 100% incapacity for work during an illness, there is the sickness benefit insurance. This insurance provides compensation for loss of earnings. The amount of the benefit depends on income/salary.

Conditions of participation for the 'digital cockpit' car test

The following conditions of participation apply to the car test "Digital Cockpit", which is operated by RND RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland GmbH (hereinafter also referred to as RND), August-Madsack-Strasse 1, 30559 Hannover, Germany.

Volkswagen AG (hereinafter also referred to as VW) provides ten Golf 8 (incl. Insurance) is available and organizes the transport of the automobiles. Editorial supervision of the test is the responsibility of RND. To the participating dailies. The editorial team alone decides on the selection and orientation of the content; journalistic independence is expressly preserved. 1. By taking part in the car test, the participants expressly accept the following conditions. Bindingly accept the following conditions of participation. With the participation in the autotest, the participants explicitly acknowledge the following. Bindingly accept the following conditions of participation. In order to check and query compliance with the conditions of participation, the first names, names, addresses and telephone numbers of the participants will be noted down. The information is binding and can not be changed in the further course of the action. Any changes made or attempted nonetheless will result in immediate disqualification from the promotion in accordance with these terms and conditions of participation. The provisions of the DSGVO apply.

2. All persons of unrestricted legal capacity who have reached the age of 18 at the time of participation are eligible to participate. Have reached the age of 18. Are in possession of a valid driving license.