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How long are you allowed to drive and work.

Occupational medicine / safety technology. Supervision (61)

– Accident reports (9)

– Health and safety committee (28)

How this can be expressed in concrete terms.

This movie title has become a common word since it describes so aptly what fear can do to us.

Free from fear is none of us, because that would not make evolutionary sense:

It is necessary for survival to perceive fear as a signal for potential threats and thus, for example, not to leave the house during lightning and thunderstorms, to fasten one's seat belt in the car, etc…

How does such a test work.

Performance diagnostics The topic of performance diagnostics is not only interesting for the professional athlete but also for the ambitious recreational runner.

The professional is often able to assess his body sensations more accurately than is possible for the layman. Nevertheless, even these top athletes do not trust their feelings alone and rely on the medical support of performance diagnostics and training control during training and in preparation for competitions.

Performance diagnostics and training control are terms that are often used in the same way and are sometimes misunderstood. However, one must clearly distinguish between them:

EGR stands for exhaust gas recirculation: treatment of exhaust gases. The EGR valve ensures that a portion of the exhaust gases (5 to 15%) is returned to the combustion process in the engine. The aim is to ensure that the fuel burns completely and that fewer harmful substances, such as z.B. Nitrogen oxides are produced. In principle, the EGR valve works simply by opening and closing at the right moment. Some cars have an electronic EGR valve, others a mechanical (pneumatic) one.

A dirty EGR valve
The EGR valve therefore allows exhaust gases to flow back into the combustion chamber at the right time and in the right quantity. This will lower the combustion temperature in the engine, with the result that fewer NOx gases (nitrogen oxides) will be produced. Nitrogen oxides are harmful to the environment and health. Residues and high temperatures generated by nitrogen oxides can also damage the engine A dirty EGR valve can cause the engine to knock (uncontrolled combustion). In the long run, parts in the engine can be destroyed, requiring repairs or replacement of parts. And these serious problems are caused by a small component that could easily be cleaned or replaced.

What is the egr system and how does it work in your car?.

Probably every country in the world has a certain province, region or city that is generally ridiculed, made fun of or made fun of by the rest of the country, and is the butt of every joke. In Germany this is perhaps the Saarland, in the United States Alabama and Romania has nowmal the beautiful Suceava, a 100.000 inhabitants (university!) town in the very northeast of the country, close to Ukraine and Moldova. What speaks for (or rather against) Suceava? Animals are said to roam the streets here, and people like to indulge in alcohol and perhaps be a little bit retarded.

At this point it should be said that I, as a German from outside, have absolutely no right to judge the things mentioned above, any of these clichés with a proper wink were happily told to me by other Romanians. My experiences, however, contradict these prejudices to substantial parts, to what extent you will learn in the course of the entry.

How do I get to this somewhat remote corner of the country in the first place?? Once again, the answer is the volunteer who, unlike us privileged Bucharest citizens, has to stay there all alone and has much less contact with other volunteers than we do. So I set off with two companions to the last of the three big historical areas of Romania, which is still missing after Wallachia and Transylvania: Moldova (not to be confused with the Republic of Moldova, which covers only a part of Moldova). The drive takes six hours, the landscape, which seems almost flatter than in northern Germany, combined with the darkness that falls very quickly, forces us to take over the entertainment ourselves through music and conversation. The most important events of the ride:

What autogenic training aims at.

What is autogenic training?
The best known form of relaxation, triggered by positive self-influence.

What is the aim of autogenic training?
On a direct influence of the vegetative nervous system by self-suggestion.

How does autogenic training work??
It has a preventive, healing, soothing and therapy-supporting effect. Thus the autogenous training belongs to the most effective, on psychic-emotional level starting welfare methods.


The health-oriented fitness training.

We want you to get moving, respectively. We will stay with you and develop an individual training program together with you, which is oriented towards your wishes and takes your personal health situation and performance as a starting point. We offer you a pleasantly personal atmosphere, keep up with the latest developments in sports and training science and rely on our expertise in sports medicine.

The initial check.

Before starting a systematic training, there is always the health check-up with a detailed initial consultation and the creation of the individual training plan. For the health check-up an appointment is necessary, it lasts about 1.5 hours and includes the following: – Detailed 1:1 – initial conversation (anamnesis) – Individual preparation of the training plan by our specialist staff – Detailed instruction in the strength and endurance equipment as well as the individual functional gymnastics Furthermore, we will arrange ongoing appointments with you with personal support. Appointments for the adjustment/extension of your training or. Therapy program are of course free of charge.

Tax return for the deceased what survivors should know about it

The clock is ticking – even with the tax return for the deceased, the normal deadline appliesIf there is a sole heir, he is responsible for preparing the tax return. If the estate passes to a community of heirs, they must appoint one of the members to prepare the tax return. The usual deadlines apply for their submission, i.E. The heirs have until the end of July of the following year to do so. "This period is extended again until the end of the following February if the taxpayers have the tax return done by a Lohnsteuerhilfeverein or tax consultant," say the VLH experts.

If these deadlines are missed, the heirs are threatened with a tax assessment and the levying of a default surcharge. If situations arise in which the succession is disputed and may first have to be determined in court, any resulting delays should therefore be reported to the tax office.

When sorting through the estate, pay attention to supporting documents for the declaration

If the estate is sorted and viewed by the surviving dependents, all receipts and documents that may be relevant for tax purposes should be kept. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to provide all the necessary supporting documents. "On presentation of the certificate of inheritance, banks, the health and pension funds provide information," says the VLH.

Among type 1 diabetics, it is striking that the incidence rate among 0- to 9-year-olds increased by 12.6% per year in the period 1960 to 1975 and remained at this level thereafter. By contrast, among 10 to 19 year-olds, there was a continuous increase of 3.8% per year over the entire observation period (20). These figures are in relatively good agreement with the annual increase in incidence in other European countries, whereas on other continents such an incidence trend was less clear, although there, too, the recording of type 1 diabetes was largely uniform according to the criteria of the Diabetes Epidemiology Research International (DERI) Study Group (16).

As far as the future development is concerned, there are projections based on previous prevalence trends, which assume a further increase in the number of known diabetics in Germany of at least 2.5% per year. Based on data from the East German Diabetes Registry, Salzsieder and coworkers (28) expect an increase in overall prevalence of 0.5% for this decade. Similar results were obtained by Lorenz and Hillebrand (17). This increase is likely to be greater in the older age groups than in the younger ones. If one takes into account that the current medical care situation is still in need of improvement (12 -14), additional burdens on the health care system are to be expected in the coming years in order to ensure the medical care of this large group of patients.

The dark figure of diabetes mellitus

The only data available on the number of undiagnosed diabetics in Germany are from the Augsburg KORA study. There, oral glucose tolerance time was performed in 1999/2000 in 55- to 74-year-old persons (n=1400) without known diabetes. Surprisingly, the prevalence of newly discovered diabetes in this age group was similar to that of known diabetes (Rathmann W, Haastert B, Icks A, Lowel H, Meisinger C, Holle R, Giani G. High prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes efficient screening. The KORA survey 2000. Diabetologia 2003; 46:182-189 ).