If you're like me, you've probably heard of Raspberry Pi and how it can be used to create your own DIY projects, like setting up a home media server or controlling a robot or monitoring the weather. If you like tinkering with electronics, Raspberry Pi is a good starting point for beginners or advanced users.

If you're an electrical engineer, you probably already know what to buy for a Raspberry Pi, how to set it up, program it, etc. If you are a geek like me but have never messed around with anything like Raspberry Pi or Arduino, the choice can be a little more confusing.

Which Raspberry Pi to buy?

This won't be an extensive comparison of models, as there are already many websites that have covered this topic. Instead I will break it down into very simple terms. If you look at the official Raspberry Pi website today, you have the following models:

The Škoda Octavia Scout ekes out a niche existence in the shadow of the Octavia Combi. But the stilt version of the Czech space miracle does have its advantages.

Mladá Boleslav – Can it be a bit more?? In the case of the Škoda Octavia Scout, the answer to this question is clear: Yes, with pleasure! It starts with the looks. The crossover is 15 millimeters higher. A few add-on parts like the underbody protection give the Czech an "SUV-like" look. So if you like to sit a little higher and don't want to roll through the city in a full-blown off-roader, the Scout is the right choice for you. Finally, the station wagon with a length of 4.70 meters is still enough Trumm of car.

Škoda octavia scout in test unpaved roads are fun

Škoda Octavia Scout in the test: Unpaved roads are fun – but there's a problem elsewhere

The increase of around one centimeter compared to the standard estate is due to the front and rear bumpers. To prevent the Scout from becoming a stubborn paper tiger, Škoda managers have given the car a two-liter diesel engine with 147 kW (200 hp) and a maximum torque of 400 Newton meters, which is currently not available in the regular Combi either for money or for good words. According to the spec sheet, the maximum torque of 400 Newton meters should be available between 1,750 and 3.500 rpm. Sounds good and promises relaxed drivability. The reality is a different story: The turbocharged powerplant apparently suffers from strict exhaust emissions. When starting off, below 2.A clear lack of acceleration can be felt at around 500 rpm. The somewhat constricted power delivery from the rev range is also present on the road. Good things take time. (Škoda Octavia RS sedan road test: The differences to the plug-in version are so striking)

About private equity investing dangers for private investors

Private equity is only for big players? You too can invest like the big boys – but only via funds and always between the attraction of returns and the risk of total loss.

Private equity – sounds like a lot of money, startups and entrepreneurs. After the world of fast profits and IPOs. Basically it means however only that over participation capital is put directly into companies. The investor acquires shares in the company – no matter if it is an innovative up-and-coming company or a medium-sized family business. This way the investor not only participates in profit and loss, but also has a say in the decision-making process. Investment companies are skilled at making companies profitable and putting them on a growth path, if they aren't already. Investors are attracted by high returns, which are, however, always accompanied by the risk of total loss.

Private Equity: Fast profits and high sums

For companies, it's a convenient opportunity to get capital without going public and without having to take out loans – because those aren't easy to come by at all, especially for young companies with ideas that may not have caught on yet and leave loan brokers at banks rather skeptical. Especially since the granting of loans has become more restrictive, more and more companies are turning to participations, even if they then have to give up power. Risky investments, often in the area of startups, are then also called venture capital. As a rule, large amounts of capital are invested, because this is the only way to really push a company forward. The goal: To generate profits within a short time or to achieve a profitable IPO. Companies are often internationalized and professionalized. Then the private equity investors sell their shares and take the plus with them.

Right of revocation with a consumer loan §§ 491, 495 BGB What is needed here is also an entrepreneur-consumer agreement on a loan contract for consideration between an entrepreneur as lender and a consumer as borrower.

Protection idea – exceptions

The idea of protection here is to protect the consumer from inconsiderately taking on liabilities that may exceed his or her ability to pay. The law regulates extensive information and notice obligations for the lender here, which should make it easier for the borrower, i.E. The consumer, to check the terms of the contract.
No revocation for consumer loans enjoy the following loan constellations: – the loan does not exceed an amount of 200 – it is a loan from the employer ggü. To his employer at lower interest rates than usual in the market – there is a loan agreement in the context of public housing subsidies – in the case of court-recorded settlements or notarial agreements that contain specific information on annual interest and costs – financing agreements for the purchase of securities, foreign exchange derivatives or precious metals (speculative transactions) – in the case of bank overdrafts in the cases specified in § 493 I S. 1 BGB mentioned conditions.

Deferment of payment of more than three months or any other remunerated financial assistance granted.

Making sports bets on the Internet is legal in Germany, but the question of whether any winnings made in the process have to be taxed is one of the most difficult issues surrounding sports betting.

Popularity Fiscal treatment Professional sports bettors Unreliable providers Itemized

The popularity of sports betting

Sports betting is a popular pastime in Germany among people who are enthusiastic about sports and want to increase the thrill of watching sporting events by placing sports bets.

Asparagus: with these simple tricks, the popular stalk vegetable remains durable

Asparagus all year round?

Asparagus: With these simple tricks, the popular stalk vegetable remains durable

Updated: 17.05.22 – 06:48

Culinarians who want to enjoy their white or green asparagus not only during the season can preserve the vegetable with a few tricks.

Black half

But while at the halay point of the stock market year the Dax is already back up to almost 13.000 and the MDax is already back up to almost 28.000 points, and the SDax has even reached the 12.000 mark, the stock market balance of the remaining stock corporations in and around Ostwestfalen-Lippe looks bleaker for the most part.

Here's how it looks in OWL

The bearishness of the AGs in OWL has to do with the industries in which they are largely based. The car industry is not only affected by the corona virus, but also by the general discussions about mobility and climate protection. This has an impact on suppliers. The Delbrück-based Paragon GmbH& Co. Kgaa shows the biggest drop, down 35.7 percent since the beginning of the year. Voltabox (Delbrück), in which Paragon still holds a 60 percent stake but which it intends to sell, is only marginally better off.

The securities of the Blomberg-based wood-based materials manufacturer Delignit, which also supplies mainly the automotive industry, lost 19.7 percent. In contrast, Hella (Lippstadt) has recovered somewhat from its low, but is still down 23.8 percent compared to the beginning of the year.

BMW X6 from 2008It was a success. And forced others to build SUV coupes as well. But we have not understood this idea until today. Why do you put a hummer higher – but a flat roof on it?? Today the X6 is also more reasonable, back then it couldn't do anything as good as an X5 and offroad not at all – just show that you spend massive money for little car. Well done for sure, well meant no.

2. Chrysler PT Cruiser from 2000

Some blind buyers may have cried for their money on the first ride: The PT Cruiser made it from enthusiasm to disillusionment in the very plodding twelve seconds it took to hit 100 mph with the gasoline engine and automatic transmission. Space concept and design were casual, driving rather annoying: No trace of the cool cruising promised by the style. In the USA it ran anyway. In the more demanding Europe, appearance without reality was too little: When Chrysler finally improved later, the hype was already dead.

3. Fisker Karma from 2011

How to disenchant an exciting exotic, showed the Fisker Karma. That it was unwieldy – given the style forgiven. But electrically it had a hard time with the 2.5 tons. And once the 60 kilometers of electric range in the test were gone, a four-cylinder engine howling loudly for power made itself heard as a "range extender" (i.E. On-board power unit). Goodbye, luxury feeling. No thanks.

Bielefeld.The plans sound unusual – and almost a bit revolutionary for a major city in Germany, where cars are a permanent fixture: anyone in Bielefeld who permanently deregisters his or her vehicle will receive 1000 euros from the city as a gift. This money may be spent on a sustainable alternative means of transport – such as an e-bike, a used bicycle or a ticket for public transport.

Even those who don't want to do without their car permanently get a bonus: anyone who leaves their vehicle in Bielefeld for at least three months receives a 400 euro subsidy for the same purpose.

Admitted: The offer is not aimed at all 300.000 residents of the East Westphalian city, but for the time being only to 50. If more households want to take part in the campaign, the decision will be made by drawing lots – it is not yet known how many people have actually applied. But: The measure to make citizens at all with money desire on a car alternative is nevertheless an unusual one. And it is not the only one.

A more aggressive look, new, even more fuel-efficient engines, state-of-the-art assistance systems and, in particular, a newly, chicly designed interior: Toyota took its customers' wishes seriously and extensively revised the Avensis. Despite more equipment, comfort and safety the new Toyota Avensis starts at 20. June 2015 continue to be available at an entry-level price of 23.640 euros.

Toyota avensis 2022 significantly more for the same money

© Photo: Toyota

Design: Good! The aggressiveness written all over the face

Both the
Sedan as well as the Touring Sports (station wagon) Get a more dynamic appearance that exudes a real aggressiveness. The Toyota brand logo has been placed more prominently in the upper radiator grille, which is smaller and more aggressive than before. The radiator grille is characterized by chrome strips that flow smoothly into the LED daytime running lights of the sharply designed full LED headlights.