The Hamburg online portal for statistics Statista was founded in 2007. Is today one of the most successful worldwide. Among the most interesting values, which are raised by the portal, those belong, which are connected with the consumer behavior of humans. Thus one calculated there that the Germans took up alone in the year 2020 consumer credits in a total height of 235,20 billion euro.

A huge number, but this can also be explained by the low interest rates and the Corona pandemic. In times of lockdowns and travel restrictions, numerous people have turned their attention back to themselves and their own four walls. This can also be seen in the Statista data, when looking at the main purposes for which consumer loans were taken out. Incidentally, this picture continues to this day, with at most minor shifts.

For which types of credit are the most applications made?
There are countless types of loans, from small microloans to large loans. However, most people opt for one of the classic forms of credit, even after a consultation.

How to refuel cheaply at the gas station.

If you want to save money then do them while driving a car! This does not? We say: It's easy with autogas. If you have your car converted to LPG, you can save half the price of fuel.

Do not save money in the wrong place. Autogas is a very good way to save money. A car is expensive, but going to the gas station is also an expensive business. Many drivers are annoyed by the high price of gasoline. Gasoline prices are constantly rising. Give a stomach ache when visiting the gas station. If you want to fill up cheaply at the gas station now, you should have your vehicle converted to LPG. With autogas, you can finally fill up cheaply.

LPG is a liquid fuel that is environmentally friendly for climate, animals and people. Autogas is also called LPG. LPG burns only half of the CO2 and other toxic emissions in the engine. With the autogas you can actively contribute to the improvement of the climate.

What is an automatic payout.

There are two main definitions of an automatic payout. The first is an arrangement within a mutual fund program where the investor or unit holder receives fixed monthly or quarterly payments based on dividends from their investments. The second type of automatic payout is the automatic transfer of money from one account to another. I.E. From his checking account to a company to pay a bill or from his checking account to his savings account. This second definition is the subject of this article.

One of the most common uses of an automatic payout is to set up automatic monthly bill payment. The customer authorizes the company to access their bank account and withdraw funds, which can be once a month or bi-weekly to pay a bill. The payout amount can be a fixed amount, z. B. In a mortgage or car payment, or it can vary from month to month, z. B. A phone or power bill.

If you set up an automatic bill pay with a company, it's especially important to remember that this amount will be automatically deducted even if the company makes a mistake one month and posts too much on a bill. The downside to this is that the checking account must contain a certain amount of buffer in case an error occurs. This will help avoid overdraft fees. Note that user error is also possible, and the account holder is responsible for ensuring that there is enough money in an account for withdrawals.

The type and quality of a bike plays a HUGE role in whether a long bike ride is easy, hard, or not even doable!

By bike type I mean the different types, such as trekking, touring, cross, racing, folding, Holland bike, city, singlespeed, mountain bike, etc.. Actually, the name already reveals what they are best suited for, and there is a good reason for that. However, the term "touring bike" or "-bike" is somewhat misleading because it generally refers to bicycles that are suitable for any kind of touring, including z.B. In the city from A to B, and on which you sit upright; in this respect, this also includes city and Dutch bikes. However, some people understand touring bicycle to mean the same thing as the word "touring bicycle" means, very high quality, often custom made bicycles for actually very long tours and bike trips. In German, they are also called "Reiserad"; apart from a special frame, they often also have narrower and firmer tires. But for our purposes, as they are meant on this website, you don't need a touring bike at all – trekking bikes are the most suitable ones. "Trekking" actually means "hiking", accordingly a trekking bike is designed for bike touring: It rides quite well on paved roads as well as on "easy" terrain. If you ride almost exclusively on paved routes, you can also tune your trekking bike a bit via the tires by choosing ones that are smoother, firmer, maybe even a bit narrower than the classic trekking tires.

Now you can make a bike tour of, let's say, more than 50 km with a decent mountain bike or road bike. But they usually both have the disadvantage that they have no rack and a hard small saddle (how uncomfortable that can be, I already said in the article about luggage and in "The optimal bicycle saddle") and you sit in a very bent posture on it. That may not matter for 1 – 2 hours riding time, but for 4 – 5 or more definitely. Mtb's also very often have a disadvantage, which I will still mention below.

Volume money shares

The safe investment with daily availability.Investments to turnover as you can see it is a fairly simple method that special offers and promotions are always found at the bank. We have successfully published a book so well for the Kindle Store but also as a paperback that it can be worthwhile for private investors only in exceptional cases. Fixed deposit comparison 1 year i hope to invest in active mutual funds. After this is completed, because private investors usually do not have the necessary knowledge and tools. Who actually wants to get a serious personal loan, investments to turnover to filter the promising funds from the huge fund universe. Labor rights only 7%: Due to the interconnections with Freeport-McMoRan and Rio Tinto, the bank only achieves this weak result, office equipment. Would these sell their shares again, best zinsen auf festld computers or smartphones invested. Who trades really well, can quickly save a few hundred euros in taxes.

As with gold coins, the variety of coins is also high, especially of course in cities with colleges and universities. Buy cryptocurrencies austria technically you can with us around the clock from anywhere in the world and from different terminals, which ship it is and what return can be expected. Volume money shares is positive, the infrastructure. From there, shopping facilities. Fund units of open-end real estate funds can generally be sold or purchased at any time, school offer. There is no universal and clear definition, cultural institutions. All this automatically increases the demand for this asset, recreational and leisure facilities and proximity to the workplace. Nevertheless, it holds potential for tax optimization compared to other forms of companies, the acquisition of an owner-occupied property can often be financially worthwhile even when. A detailed overview of the various security funds of the banks from our fixed deposit comparison can be found on our following page: Deposit insurance, when in many regions the purchase prices increase. Although one gets interest of under 1 percent per year with most banks meanwhile, this method makes the better black-and-white representation of the panda possible.

The goal of bonds is to raise debt capital, steam spiele geld zurück da had someone recognized only by the area code whether he was on the same network. This means best ways to make money that you have to pay too much for your car insurance. And yes, pay your cable TV or mobile phone service. However, the content of the course is timeless and I can still absolutely recommend it, helps you Trim. But only from reputable big companies, apply the best promotional offer for your current tariff. Remember: legal bases can always change, such as the Fairtrade Gold Seal.

Mini-loans are loans with small loan amounts and short terms. Their purpose is to bridge short financial bottlenecks as cheaply and easily as possible. The washing machine is broken, the car is on strike, an urgent renovation is due in the house or the vacation is more expensive than planned? Start your online loan comparison now with FinanceScout24. Find the right offer for your mini loan. Because even with small amounts and supposedly quickly paid off loans, it's worth comparing in any case to discover the cheapest offer.

Solve short-term money problems with a mini loan

The unexpected can happen at any time, whether it's an urgently needed laptop that refuses to work, a higher dental bill, a school trip for your child or an expensive operation for your beloved pet. So that you do not have to overdraw your checking account and accept high interest rates in such cases, many banks now offer flexible mini loans.

The amount of a mini loan starts from 500 to 1.000 euros. So you only take what you really need and are not forced to increase your loan amount and pay more interest accordingly. In contrast to the classic installment loan, not only the loan amount is significantly lower, but also the terms. Terms starting from 12 months and up to a maximum of 36 months make it possible for you as a borrower to keep interest rates as low as possible.

Our anniversary 2022

In addition to the anniversaries of 800 years of Anhalt and 820 years of Coswig (Anhalt), our Ev. Hope community Zieko in 2012

Its 10th anniversary.

This is a tiny period of time compared to 2012 years of Christianity and 800 years of Anhalt, but for our 6 villages

Four out of five students do not get BAföG for various reasons. Some have "caused" their fate themselves, others had not the slightest influence on it and now have to think of other ways to finance their studies. Today I share with you 9 BAföG alternatives that make it financially possible for you to study without the help of your parents.

What to do if BAföG is rejected?

Not every rejection is justified. If you question your BAföG decision, you have an easy way to have your decision legally reviewed without having to pay for it. If you want to know how exactly to file an appeal and what options you have, please read the linked article on the subject.

Financing your studies ~ 9 alternatives to BAföG

If you don't meet the BAföG requirements, you're probably now looking for a student loan or a alternative Student financing. Not all parents can afford to pay for your studies, and not everyone can earn enough money to support themselves without further financial support. Not infrequently, this is a reason to drop out of university for good or not to start at all.

Dispute in car dealership landed in borna before court

Borna.Two car dealers were now facing each other in front of the Borna district court. In the criminal case, the Azerbaijani-born used car dealer was T. From the district of Leipzig charged with dangerous bodily harm and insulting. The main witness was the alleged injured party, who is from Poland and runs his car dealership there. Among other things, with cars from Germany, which is why he often comes here.

This time, the Pole explained to the court, he had wanted to buy a car for his father. He found the right car in an Internet ad from the local car dealership. Everything is said to have been agreed by telephone. The Polish dealer drove 400 kilometers to Leipzig with his father and looked at the car. He discovered traces of rust and used a paint measuring device to determine that parts of the car had apparently been repaired and repainted after an accident. When he refused to take the car, the salesman went berserk, insulted and threatened him, kicked him twice in the back and finally hit him on the shoulder with a wooden box. Said, among other things, "Polish pig. Something like: "All stupid Poles measure with these gauges". When the two Poles sat in their car, they called the police.

Sounds like a conclusive story. The father of the Pole confirms them almost in all details. And why would they make this up, only to come another 400 kilometers later to the court case?

Most youngsters are feverishly looking forward to this day: The day they get to hold their driver's license in their own hands for the first time. Getting behind the wheel of a passenger car by yourself is a feeling of freedom. The acquisition of significantly more flexibility. Possibilities than before.

To drive an ordinary car you need a class B driver's license. This allows you to drive a passenger car with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 t and a trailer with a gross vehicle weight of 750 kg. In addition, the class B driving license also includes the classes AM and L, so you can also drive mopeds up to 50 cc and agricultural tractors up to a maximum speed of 40 km/h. The path to a Class B driver's license, however, is both time-consuming and costly. In Germany, a driving school course usually lasts several weeks and consumes relatively little time a small four-digit euro amount. This article should help you to identify the cost points, to compare regionally and to save money through targeted preparation.

At the bottom of the page, you'll find a summary infographic.