Xioami mi 10 pro back cover glass repair

Xioami mi 10 pro back cover glass repair

Chinese industry giant Xiaomi, which makes technology for every moment of life, has built a strong market position, especially with its smartphone products. The Mi 10 5G model of the Xiaomi Mi series, which stands out with its 8K camera and 5G technology, is offered as the flagship model with its high-tech features.

The product, which features performance-oriented details, pushes the speed limits of the internet with 5G technology. The technical details of this smart device, which offers great options for elegance seekers through both its design and hardware details, are:


The back cover design, which offers eye-catching color options, provides visual mobility to its users with light reflections on the surface. The Mi 10 Pro 5G measures 162.5 x 74.8 x 9 mm and weighs 208 grams, completing its design with a slim bezel and rounded ergonomic corners.


The 4-camera group and rear flash are combined to meet different photographic needs. The ultra-clear main camera with 108 MP resolution allows you to see everything with its f/1.7 aperture to take great photos. The depth sensor with f/2.4 Aperture is supported by a macro lens with 2MP resolution. F/2.4 aperture and a 123-degree ultra-wide-angle lens with 13MP resolution. 4 aperture is supported by a macro lens with 2MP resolution. F/2.4 aperture and a 123-degree ultra-wide angle lens with 13MP resolution supported.4 aperture, and a 123-degree ultra-wide-angle lens with 13MP resolution supporting. In this way, it helps you to take excellent pictures, be it landscape, portrait, moving photos and night shots. Thanks to the digital image stabilizer, your video recordings in 8K resolution will be smooth and vibration-free. Shooting modes like time-lapse. Slow motion round out your video recording experience.


The thermally stabilized CPU group, which offers both efficiency and longevity by keeping its temperature at an optimal level with VC cooling technology, is made up of a combination of 2.84 GHz Singel Core + 2.4 GHz Triple Core + 1.8 Quad GHz Quad Core. High performance, complete with 8GB LPDDR5 RAM, ensures convenient and fast usage with MIUI 11 user interface.


Its 6.67-inch wide AMOLED display offers beautiful colors with a gorgeous black balance. The screen protected by the scratch and shatter resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 5 technology brings hygienic use with its oil and dirt repellent nanotechnology coating.

Let's take a look at the most common problems you may encounter with Xiaomi Mi10 Pro 5G smartphones and Handy24Berlin's fast repair and maintenance services with its experienced team and technological infrastructure.

1 diagnostic service

You can return your defective Xiaomi smartphone to our service department either by shipping or in person. Our team of experts will conduct a detailed examination of your device, diagnose its problems and determine the expected cost of repair, so you know in advance what you will pay.

2 Battery failure

Your Xiaomi Mi 10 5G smartphone's battery can wear out over time when running powerful hardware that requires a lot of power for a long time. If you want to know that your battery is getting old, watch out for these signs; If your phone's battery drains quickly when you play games or record 8K videos with your smartphone, or your phone's battery takes longer than before to fully charge, it's a sign that your battery is at the end of its lifespan. Frequent charging can also cause the USB Type-C socket to fail. In these cases, bring your phone to Handy24Berlin without wasting time and we will quickly fix battery and USB socket failures.

3-failure display

Although the screen of Xiaomi Mi10 Pro 5G smartphone is under Gorilla Glass protection, sometimes there are malfunctions such as screen glass scratches, screen breakage, glass cracks, screen pixel loss, touch panel problems, cross or longitudinal lines on the screen as B. Due to falls from a high hard floor or strong impacts on the screen. At Handy24Berlin, the display damage of your device will be repaired at the best prices and in the shortest time possible.

4 liquid damage

Sometimes a cup of hot coffee you enjoy can be the beginning of the end for your phone. For this reason, you should protect your smartphone from liquid contact as much as possible. Contact of water or other liquids with your Xiaomi Mi 10 5G will cause various damages, especially oxidation in electronics. Short circuit currents that may occur in electronic parts can seriously damage your phone. So in case of liquid contact with your phone, turn off your device immediately and bring it to Handy24Berlin for the fastest and guaranteed repair service.

5 software issues

In recent years, due to increasing cyber attacks, mobile viruses or bugs in some of the applications you have installed to regular Android updates, software problems may occur that can affect the normal operation of your device. If you have such problems, your data will be restored by our team of experts and your machine will be reset to the performance of the first day.

6 screensaver movie application

If you want to protect yourself from the expensive display replacement costs, protect the screen of your Xiaomi smartphone with a specially made protective film application that covers the screen in perfect harmony. Screen film application, which provides additional protection against scratches and hard impacts, is available at Handy24Berlin quickly and at the best prices.

Have it repaired to save!

Today, as the technologies and capabilities of smartphones increase, so do their prices. Especially when flagship devices like the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G fail, replacing them with a new one can result in huge costs. Instead, you can have it repaired at Handy24Berlin at reasonable prices and use your phone safely for many years to come. What's more, you both know in advance what you'll pay, and our fast technical team can restore your device in 60 minutes, depending on the damage state of your smartphone.

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