Which parts are actually coinsured in the car insurance.

Which parts are actually coinsured in the car insurance.

Protection for motor vehicles used in traffic is required by law. Must be ensured at least in the form of liability insurance. Further protection and more services for the own vehicle you get with the inclusion of a comprehensive insurance, such as partial or fully comprehensive insurance. With this inclusion, the following are then automatically included certain parts located on the vehicle are also insured, which guarantees that the repair is as complete as possible.

Which parts are insured?

In the case of the insured parts of the vehicle it is important that permanently attached to the motor vehicle and approved by road traffic law are.

For some accessories, insurance coverage applies even if the Objects stored safely and locked away in one area were. A further condition is then that the it concerns things, which serve the use of the vehicle.

Insured vehicle accessories without additional premium

In the most common case, primarily always the motor vehicle parts are included in the insurance, which were installed at the factory (i.E. Directly by the manufacturer). Equivalent to this are also fixed tethers. To the The scope of benefits includes, for example, the following vehicle parts. In some cases, some of these utensils must have been safely stored:

– Towing devices – Alarm system – Trailer device – Anti-lock braking system – Exhaust trims – Exterior and interior mirrors – Exterior thermometer – Cockpit trim – Roof and luggage racks – Spare wheels (standard) – Tachograph – Fire extinguishers – Floor mats – Gas system – bulbs – hardtop – license plate – child seat – navigation system (fixed) – breakdown tool – radio – hubcaps – spare canister – snow chains – protective covers – starter cable – fuel tank cap – car covers / tarpaulins – jack – warning triangle and warning lamp – tools (standard)

This is a small excerpt of common accessories. The exact services are depending on the respective insurance tariff. Therefore it is possible that more or less services are covered than stated here. You can read the exact list of parts in your general insurance conditions.

Vehicle parts subject to surcharge

Often Parts of trucks or motor homes are also insured for an additional premium are. For passenger cars and motorcycles, accessories are usually free of surcharges:

– Exterior intercom – Bar – Loading and unloading systems – Fax machine – Information and entertainment systems – Refrigeration unit – Loading equipment for lifting and lowering loads – Loading crane – Armored glass – Telephone with antenna – Awning – Interchangeable bodies

What applies to special installations? In addition to standard series models, converted. Tuned cars or motorcycles on public roads. Thereby often certain extensions or equipment added. With regard to car insurance, there are certain rules for this as well.

Any Changes to the vehicle must be reported to the insurer, so that it is co-insured in the insurance case. In order for the modification to be covered without an increased insurance premium, there must be a condition that the accessories have been permanently installed in the car. This regulation applies, for example, to approved modifications to the chassis, engine, exhaust, interior or bodywork that serve to increase performance or improve handling – so-called tuning. Insurance have been specified. If necessary, make out an increase in value. In the event of an increase in value, the insurance company will check whether a premium surcharge is necessary.

Should a damaging event occur, the insurance coverage is normally limited to a limited to the maximum amount established. However, it can also be explicitly agreed that the maximum benefit is extended. In this case, the extension of benefits must be checked and confirmed with the respective insurance company.

Which items are not covered?

In the car insurance there are also parts of the vehicle that are not included through a unified coverage. A Reimbursement is therefore not possible in the case of insurance. These are mainly accessories that are not connected to the car or that can be used elsewhere, independently of the car use.

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