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Scope of delivery:
Alarm system ALPHA with built-in 3D gyro sensor, alarm horn (100 dB/A), complete wiring harness with mini toggle switch.

At the heart of every motorcycle alarm system is a position monitoring sensor. It is designed to determine whether or not the motorcycle is being moved beyond tolerable limits. And here 'the spirits divide': In the low-cost segment, a mercury switch or mechanical vibrating contacts are usually used. In the case of devices with only one mercury switch, it is necessary to pay attention to a certain parking position. They can not be installed independent of location. In addition, the optimal parking angle set there is never reached in practice (road inclination, luggage, etc.).). The absolute cheap devices use vibrating contacts. These react only to impact load. Not to slow change of position. Both types function sluggishly and inaccurately and tend to false alarms.


In order to avoid the disadvantages of these switch-controlled systems, we have developed for our ALPHA provided for a principally new sensor principle. A micro-controller monitors a three-dimensional position sensor (gyrosensor). The electronics triggers an alarm as soon as the preset limits are exceeded. The motorcyclist can change the sensitivity of the device at any time by means of a potentiometer and thus optimally adapt it to his needs. The use of this novel sensor principle has made it possible for the first time in motorcycle alarm systems to become independent of the parking position and to achieve identical triggering sensitivity in every case. Due to the minimal size of the housing (matchbox!) and the position-independent installation possibility this alarm system finds place also in the smallest niche of each Sportbikes.

Switching on ALPHA usually takes place via the mini-switch supplied as standard, which can be hidden (under the seat, in the tailgate, etc.).). Of course, a key switch or the parking light position of the ignition lock can also be used instead of the mini switch. The alarm system has an onset delay of approx. 20 seconds, d.H. That it only 'arms' itself after this time. So you still have the option of closing the seat or locking the motorcycle shortly after switching it on. When the alarm is triggered, a 30-second interval alarm sounds via the supplied, very loud motorcycle horn (100 dB/A). This repeats itself after each renewed exceeding of the set movement limit. Furthermore ALPHA about the possibility to protect valuable motorcycle attachments (panniers, top-case etc.) or side covers (battery protection!) to be specially insured. This is done by installing pairs of contactless reed switches (please order separately!), which immediately set off alarms in the event of attempted theft. By connecting several reed switches in series, any number of objects can be monitored.

ALPHA represents the consistent development of the previous model LASER dar. At ALPHA the wish of many customers for an even smaller housing (height shrunk by 25%, new housing dimensions: 53x44x21mm) and for a mounting position-independent device installation was realized. Due to the extremely low current consumption (3 mA) of ALPHA there is no need to fear a decisive discharge of the battery even after a longer standing time (4 weeks and more) because of the 'armed' unit. Since the sensor does not need to be adjusted and a pre-assembled wiring harness with only two connection cables (+12V and ground) is used, the system is functional within a very short time. This makes it suitable ALPHA Also excellent for the less skilled layperson to install themselves.

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