Web catalogs

Web catalogs

You have your own business and you have read on the Internet on various websites that you should enter your homepage in web catalogs? Or perhaps you have also heard that one should in no case register its side with such "Web catalogs", since otherwise Abstrafungen threatens? To bring some light into the darkness here, we have written this blog post on the subject of "web catalogs. At Wikipedia, the term "web catalog" is defined as follows:

A web directory (also web catalog) is a collection of addresses of websites in the World Wide Web, which are sorted by certain topics. Web directories are mostly published on the Internet or in book form.

Does it make sense to register in a web catalog?

It depends on. It is important that the web catalog or. The web directory is geared to your target group. If you z.B offer a service in the "baby and toddler area", it will hardly be purposeful to register in a web catalog for "cars&" Tuning" to be entered.

For the user it is above all important that he receives an increase in value by your entry. Up-to-date information and a reasonable description of your business or service are very important. In our opinion, it is also important that you get access to your entry and thus, if necessary, to the user. Be able to make changes yourself, should your phone number or service email change. If the operator of the web catalog does not permit a change of the data records by the advertiser, but reacts to your inquiries immediately, this is also in order. However, if your inquiries are not answered, you will know that your entry in this directory was probably in vain.

Web catalogs – paid or free?

Check already before registration in a web catalog, whether this is liable to pay the costs or not. Check exactly what costs you will incur here for the selected term. How is the billing model designed? Monthly? Annually? Will be automatically renewed after the expiration of the contract period and what costs arise here?

If you decide to make an entry in a web catalog, which is subject to a fee, please check here very carefully the services offered. An entry in a web catalog with costs only makes sense if the web catalog itself is reputable. Look here then also the other entries, whether these are current. Make a random check and test a few registered links to see if they are still accessible.

Please keep in mind that an entry in a free of charge Web directory also only makes sense if it is related to your business or. Service fits.

Advantages and disadvantages of web catalogs

The advantages or. Disadvantages were defined based on our own web catalogs. Web catalogs from other providers can of course have other positive aspects – but here you have to make up your own mind about it.

Advantages of web catalogs:

– Quality of the search result should be better, provided that a topic-relevant web catalog was selected – A faster and more purposeful search (filter possibilities after categories or keywords) – Well structured results – Evaluation possibilities available – Backlink possibility – Comfortable registration for entries available – Comfortable change of the own entries available

Possible disadvantages of web catalogs:

– Smaller scope than search engines, since not all relevant companies have made an entry – With most web catalogs a backlink must be set on the operator, in order to receive even a backlink – Activation duration with web catalogs can vary strongly – Side operator can reject the entry – here please on the AGB's etc. – The entry can be rejected by the operator. Pay attention

Web catalog esbenus.De – the horse business directory

Recently, our horse industry directory www.Esbenus.En online. This web catalog is intended to become the leading horse industry directory for those interested in equestrian sports and for all those seeking services in this environment.

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