Tricks, changes and innovations for your xml file

Tricks, changes and innovations for your xml file

New Delivery Methods, additional text boxes, eligible courses, and a new course typeAt kursfinder.You have the option of automatically transferring your rates to our rate database via an XML interface. Here's how to get the most out of your listings on kursfinder.De are always up to date and the effort for you is limited. Once the XML file is created and the interface between you and kursfinder.De set up, your changes, dates, prices u.V.M. Daily automatically to kursfinder.En transfer.

If you have created your XML file according to our latest 3.0 format, you can benefit from all our new developments for the optimal presentation of your courses on kursfinder.De benefit, z.B. With the help of the new Delivery Methods or the identification of eligible courses. Both in the new 3.0 format as well as in the older 2.0 format, you can freely name additional text boxes in the XML to provide more detailed information about your courses to kursfinder's.En to transfer.

If you are using XML 2.0 to 3.0 want to change, write to [email protected] or find out more on our GitHub page.

Delivery Methods

To allow a wider range of delivery methods per course on kursfinder.De, we have introduced the so-called "delivery methods. For example, if you offer a live webinar or blended learning, you can now specify this for your courses individually for each course date. To do this, implement the new delivery methods at the event level in your XML file to target more users with your course offering. However, you can use the new Delivery Methods only in XML 3.0 use.

We currently offer the following Delivery Methods:

– Classroom training / on site

– Blended Learning

– Online course / distance learning

– Live webinar

– in-house training

Here you will find examples

Additional textbox

You offer childcare for the time of a continuing education course, provide course participants with additional course material, or offer an in-house variant of the course? To pass this or other information to the user, you can store an additional text box in your XML file:

Here you can find the manual for XML 2.0

Here you will find the instructions for XML 3.0

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

Suspendisse molestie odio nec nunc. Duis id est.

Cras risus diam, placerat non, facilisis at, lacinia sed, neque.

Speak to your customer consultant specifically about this to discuss the possibilities of an additional text box.

Eligible courses

Users can download on kursfinder.De use a new filter to search specifically for courses offering governmental or non-governmental funding. If one of your courses meets our criteria, you can indicate this in your XML 3.0 file and thereby extend your visibility.

To mark a course as eligible, all you need to do is set up a flag at the event level:

You can learn more about "flags" here

New course type "Fachwirte

From now on kursfinder.De our new type of course – Fachwirte – ready for you. You can store this as usual for your courses in your XML file.

For XML 3.0 store the name of the respective course type courseType:

At XML 2.0 store the educationTypeID "365".

Our current course types with the respective educationTypeIDs:

– Courses (educationTypeID 134)

– Specialist (educationTypeID 365)

– Courses (educationTypeID 173)

– Bachelor studies (educationTypeID 258)

– Master program (educationTypeID 257)

– retraining (educationTypeID 357)

– Conferences& congresses (educationTypeID 186)

More about XML →

Would you like to learn more about kursfinder's XML interface?.En experienced? Then feel free to contact our XML team ([email protected]) or to your account manager!

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