To improve gives. Feminism is passé.

Living at Home: every month everything that makes life more beautiful: at home, with guests, in the countryside and on the road. But also with things to do yourself. Because a home is more than just a place to live.

Living at Home. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.


Maclife as one of the leading European special interest magazines in the Apple market has been providing a high density of information with great utility for Mac users for over 10 years. Every month, Mac Life offers at least 132 pages of valuable information on all relevant topics concerning the Apple, Mac, iPhone and iPad market.

The focus of the reporting is on practical tips and tricks that every reader can apply immediately. Tests and purchasing advice on software and hardware such as z. B. Printers, scanners and displays, accurate insider analysis of the Apple empire, and regular news pages on music, photography, gaming and more round out the editorial concept.

Mac Life. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.

Manager magazin

The magazine sees itself as a magazine for entrepreneurs and executives. Every month, the latest company analyses, carefully researched background information, current trends in management, technology and asset management, as well as practical advice for professional and private life are provided. We offer manager magazin exclusively as an e-magazine! Onleihe is the only way to make the contents of manager magazin available to your readers online. This ensures a high lending frequency.

Manager Magazine. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.

My CountryRecipe

The magazine was published on 01.01.2022 discontinued.

"Mein LandRezept" is published as a monothematic gourmet edition with recipes that can be found in the local hearty cuisine. Traditional home cooking, good things from grandmother's time or the favorite recipes from childhood are prepared on seasonal topics with many suggestions, guides, step-by-step instructions understandable and easy to cook again.

The magazine is aimed at people who want to combine their culinary passion with the classic dishes from the time-honored and modern country cuisine and get full of pleasure and fresh ingredients. "My Country Recipe" appears bimonthly in a handy compact format.

My CountryRecipe. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.

Men's Health

Men's Health is the lifestyle coach that motivates men to get the best out of themselves and enjoy this one life to the fullest. The world's biggest men's magazine provides guidance on what really counts in terms of nutrition and fitness, health, grooming, partnership, style and career.

Frequency: 10 issues per year

Men's Health. All expenses

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.


Merian, a classic among the monthly travel magazines, is the must-have color publication for those who love to travel. Great authors, great photographers, ambitious cartography, innovative layout. With a new attractive magazine. Selected information, restaurant and hotel tips, shopping guide, walks and extra tours.

Merian. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.

Migration and social work

Migration and Social Work informs about the specific life situation of migrants in the Federal Republic and their special need for social services. Raises awareness of cultural coexistence on an equal footing, promotes intercultural dialog and stimulates mutual learning processes, documents intercultural practical projects in the education, youth and social sectors and contributes to intercultural opening in the social sector. Migration. Social work. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.

Missy Magazine

Missy is the magazine for pop, politics and feminism. We write about trans families, sex work, Lizzo, pussy steam baths, a shift to the right, coding, fat acceptance, compatibility, rap, cats, men, menstruation in horror films, asylum, everyday life and armpit hair. For us, food and fashion are just as much topics as queer pornography or organizations that advocate for safe abortions. All this happens with an attitude that constantly challenges the status quo with a grin. Because we do not (yet) live in an equal society. Because there is still much to discuss. There is room for improvement. Feminism is passé? We don't think so! Feminism is cool. Therefore Missy.

Missy Magazine. All expenses

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.

Mollie Makes

Mollie Makes provides you with simple instructions for beautiful crafts. With a little practice, anyone can do it. The special feature of this diy magazine is that it is aimed at women. Diy magazines like this one are a must for the modern woman. Nice, high quality decoration is ready in no time and makes your interior a real unique.

Mollie Makes. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.


Monopol sets standards for the German and international art business: Every month, the magazine captivates readers with its witty presentation of current topics from the creative and lifestyle elite and inspires them with its generous visuals and award-winning imagery.

Published: 11 times a year

Monopoly. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.


MOTORRAD is Europe's oldest and largest media brand for everything to do with motorized two-wheelers. MOTORRAD is published every two weeks with elaborate and serious tests, current novelties, experience-oriented travel section, advisory service reports and great action from the national and international motor sports scene.

Published bi-weekly

MOTORCYCLE. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.


MOUNTAINBIKE has been one of the world's largest MT magazines for over 20 years. Always on the pulse of time, it informs active and enthusiastic bikers about the latest products and trends, presents the most beautiful bike tours month after month and fascinates with gripping reports.


To improve gives. Feminism is passé.


– Indispensable in terms of topicality, service and variety of topics

– More cutting-edge background, trends, livebiz facts, topic specials, dossiers and market figures.

– delivers the latest company news, analyses and background information on new business models, digital distribution and music topics that move the industry – all in one compact issue

– reports on all facets of the live entertainment industry

– convinces with independent, fast, entertaining and critical reporting

Frequency: weekly

Musicweek. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.

National Geographic

National Geographic: Inspiring people to care about the planet, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC tells of the adventure of exploration, the wonders of nature, and distant lands and cultures. In spectacular reports. Grandiose photos.

National Geographic. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.

Naturally healthy and lively

Enjoyment of a conscious life, feeling good and pampering yourself from time to time, naturopathic knowledge well-founded and explained in an understandable way, that is naturally healthy and lively.

In naturally healthy and lively a competent editorial staff and recognized experts inform you every two months about the following topics: Holistic health with a focus on natural remedies, nutrition, natural cosmetics and well-being, as well as psychology and life issues.

Frequency: bimonthly

Naturally healthy and lively. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.

NG Traveler

NG Traveler: Now the world's biggest travel magazine is finally available in German: The beauty of the world, captured in fascinating photos. The exoticism of the distance, described by top reporters.

Frequency: quarterly

NG Traveler. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.

NZZ Folio

Since 1991, the magazine "NZZ Folio" has been presenting a wide variety of key topics on the first Monday of each month. At the same time, each issue contains numerous sections that present entertaining and interesting facts in a pointed form. Whether politics, culture or society, whether business, science or sports – "NZZ Folio" combines reliable information with intelligent reading pleasure.

NZZ Folio. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.


Outdoor is the perfect magazine for all those who like to be active outdoors in nature. Whether it's small getaways over the weekend or big adventures, a short hike or an extended adventure vacation: from paddling by the sea, cycling in the low mountain ranges, hiking from hut to hut, high ropes course in the forest to summit delights in the mountains. In addition, outdoor informs about the right equipment from hiking boots to tent gear.

Outdoor. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.


P.M. HISTORY brings the past to life and reports month by month on major historical events and fascinating people.

Frequency: monthly

P.M. HISTORY. All issues

To improve gives. Feminism is passé.

P.M. Magazine

P.M. Magazine amazes every month with exciting reports from the fields of technology, nature and people.

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