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Seminar Room Technology Georgen 47, Room 0.07, 0.09 and 0.10 In advance With your key card, they get the appropriate key at the key box system. The key box system is located in the foyer Georgenstr. 47. To open a box, hold the card up to the reader, select the appropriate room and confirm with OK. After the event, please return the key to the appropriate key box. The procedure is the same as for removing the key. Activating the device The system is activated with the seminar room key on the key switch by turning the key to the right. You can use the two available beamers simultaneously. Beam (no laptop is needed as PC is on site) The PC is in the media console and is in continuous operation, but will go into standby mode after two hours of non-use. If the screen does not receive a signal after activating the system, please press any key on the PC keyboard. 1. After activating the system, the PC is immediately ready for operation. 2. Copy PowerPoint presentation to the desktop (there is a USB port at the connection panel) and start it with a double click, for the presentation itself please press the F5 key. Use Control Beamer Start 1. Press the INT button. Press PC (Internal PC) of the desired projector (PROJ 1 – Projector window, PROJ 2 – Projector wall). 2. Depending on the desired source, in addition to "INT. PC" also the VGA connection (if with laptop is to be beamed), DVD player, video Beamer window/wall side select. DVD playback 1. Press DVD button. You can now choose between the two beamers for projection. 2. To operate the DVD player, you can either use the menu on the control panel or the remote control for the DVD player located in the compartment behind the rear console flap. Sound You can use both microphones (desk and radio microphone) and the sound from the PC/laptop/DVD player at the same time. Page 2

If all sources are connected and you want to switch between PC/laptop/DVD player during sound playback, please select the appropriate source on the control panel. The system will otherwise play the sound from the last media selected. To play a double projection on both beamers It is possible, bspw. Two single PowerPoint presentations played on the laptop and on the PC located in the media desk, to run a double projection with both beamers. To connect the laptop to the beamer: 1. Connect the laptop via a VGA cable to the connection panel labeled "VGA" on the left side of the console. The cable is ready in the compartment behind the rear console flap. 2. Switch on laptop. 3. Copy PowerPoint presentation to the desktop and start it with a double click. Press the F5 key for the presentation itself. (Note: To project the laptop image, press the LAPTOP button (either PROJ 1 or PROJ 2). If the beamer does not find the source itself: Press the key combination Fn + F8 once or twice until the image appears on both the laptop and the wall.) AFTER use 1. Delete PowerPoint presentation from desktop 2. DO NOT DRIVE THE PC DOWN. 3. Turn the key to the middle position and remove it. 4. Lock the room and put the key back in the key box. Page 3

Activate system Select playback source Sound DVD player USB port Laptop Connection panel Media panel in SR 0.07, 0.09 and 0.10, Georgenstr. 47 page 4

Quick help No picture ? 1. Check that cables are plugged in correctly 2. Check with key combination Fn+F8 whether image appears Distorted or flickering image on beamer or humming speakers? 1. Disconnect LAN cable from the laptop and inform the above mentioned contact persons Password on the presentation laptop User name: kuwi Password: prometheus Short info on playing media files The VLC player is installed on all presentation laptops/PCs. The following file formats can be played with it: MPEG (ES, PS, TS, PVA, MP3), AVI, ASF / WMV / WMA, MP4 / MOV/ 3GP, OGG / OGM / Annodex, Matroska (MKV), Real, WAV (incuding DTS), Raw Audio: DTS, AAC, AC3/A52, Raw DV, FLAC, FLV (Flash), MXF, Nut, Standard MIDI / SMF, Creative™ Voice. Connecting other devices to the beamer If you need help connecting other devices (z.B.

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