Scheibentönung am auto selber machen erlaubt.

Window tinting on the car: Do-it-yourself allowed?

Scheibentönung am auto selber machen erlaubt.

Weißwasser / Běła Woda, 10. May 2021. The other day at the trusted car dealer: the long-dreamed-of bus, an LT 28 in long version, two rows of seats with three seats each, air conditioning, auxiliary heating, trailer hitch. Heart, what more do you want?

Fig.An LT 28 promises relaxed chugging along the country roads of this world

Symbol photo: Michael Gaida, Pixabay License

Scheibentönung am auto selber machen erlaubt.

Avoid unwanted views, preserve the view

Scheibentönung am auto selber machen erlaubt.

In addition to the practical benefits, many find tinted windows just plain chic

Photo: Magomed Sagow, Pixabay License

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Scheibentönung am auto selber machen erlaubt.

Good advice doesn't have to be expensive, but it can save expensive experiences. Advice and tips from business, finance, home improvement, household, health and nutrition, education and on behavior.

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A trunk like a soccer field well, slightly exaggerated, but the moped fits easily in, alternatively a double bed, if there is with the bus into the vacation goes. The perfect all-purpose vehicle for a life that tastes of freedom and adventure and smells of diesel. The oily fuel drives a two-and-a-half-liter engine that is predicted to live forever. Its 115 horsepower provide sufficient propulsion at a speed that's easy on the nerves. In keeping with the year of manufacture, the electronics are limited to what makes sense, and there is no frippery of any kind.

The only catch: the dream ship of the highway is glazed all around, which moves the good to point out: There everyone can look in!True, and at the thought of bed you can't help thinking of watching it, too. But the car dealer, who already thinks his business of the day is in the bag, knows what to do: You go to the hardware store and get tinting film!

Observe regulations!

Ha, ha, the dumbest person knows that tinting film requires a general type approval (ABG) so that the inspector doesn't get a gasp at the next inspection appointment. Films, which are meant as sun protection at house windows, have surely no ABG for vehicles! The dealer shook his head: Believe me, look for yourself!

He should be right, the films were even available in different tints, from lightly tinted to medium to almost opaque. Opaque isn't true, though; it only looks that way because it's darker inside the car than outside it. That's why you can still see from the inside to the outside even with dark film as long as it is light outside. Nevertheless, tinting films are generally not allowed on the driver/passenger doors. Generally not be attached to the windshield except for a maximum ten centimeter wide strip at the top edge. Detailed information on the subject of window tinting can be found, for example, in the ADAC on its web pages.

The foils swallow about 60 to 95 percent of the incident light, depending on the design. In addition to the visible light spectrum, the passage of infrared light of thermal radiation is also obstructed, which means that cars do not heat up so quickly in the blazing sun. Another effect, which is not so eye-catching, but is also important: Around 99 percent of the ultraviolet light, such as is contained particularly in bright sunlight, can not happen. This protects against sunburn. Is also good for the eyes. Passengers in the rear are protected from dazzling sun and prying eyes, which may also want to look around for luggage carried. So this sounds like a quick solution: buy foils. Stick on the windows ready! Of course you are allowed to do it yourself, if you follow the rules. If only it were so simple: the pitfall of the object knows everyone who ever wanted to put a display protective film on the cell phone. Very few people manage to do it really cleanly, without bubbles and wrinkles at the first attempt, some never manage it at all. If you now put the comparatively tiny cell phone display in relation to a car windshield, then the scale of the challenge becomes apparent. The German Automobile Club (ADAC) also advises against doing it yourself, saying that without skill and experience the result is usually unsatisfactory, while professionals also offer a warranty.

Only the test can provide certainty. But who wants the result to look botched or, to put it politely, not perfect? Window filming is one of the things you can do yourself, but is it worth a try?? The effort and hassle is saved if the job is outsourced to professionals. No matter where you call home, professional service providers can be found in many places from A to Z, savvy professionals from a variety of providers can Window tinting in Aschaffenburg and in Augsburg just as in Bautzen or Bonn, in Markersdorf, in Weißwasser and not finally in Zittau or Zwickau. It's a good feeling when others ask: Who did this?And without waiting for the answer say: Looks good, perfect!

– The test number of the applied film must be visible on each individual panel.
– The general type approval of the used tinting film must always be carried in the car.

Scheibentönung am auto selber machen erlaubt.

Do-it-yourself window tinting
tinted windows
Window tinting film
Window tinting

Scheibentönung am auto selber machen erlaubt.

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Scheibentönung am auto selber machen erlaubt.

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