Safe through the motorcycle season

Safe through the motorcycle season

In addition, it is important to be fit enough to ride the bike yourself. Especially after a long break from riding, like at the beginning of the motorcycle season, it makes sense to reacquaint yourself with your bike and refresh your riding skills.

Particularly at the beginning of the motorcycle season, experts advise motorcyclists to reacquaint themselves with the bike after a long break from riding by practicing starting, braking and steering as well as parking the bike several times, for example at a practice area.

If the corona situation allows, safety training courses that teach safe cornering, overtaking and braking under supervision are also useful. Corresponding provider addresses for the training courses, most of which are subject to a fee, are available online from the German Road Safety Council e.V. (DVR) available.

Protecting oneself

The first trips of the year should be neither too demanding nor too long for practice drives. Since safe motorcycling is also a question of fitness, you should only ride if you are fit enough to do so. Because a reduced reaction speed and concentration difficulties as well as other health impairments such as impaired vision or circulatory problems increase the risk of an accident significantly.

It should also be noted that many motorists do not expect to see motorcycles in traffic, especially in the spring. Therefore, bikers should be especially attentive and preferably ride with dipped headlights during the day regardless of the weather – even when the sun is shining – in order to be seen better.

The bike itself must be technically sound for every ride, and protective clothing must be adequate and functional. For example, in addition to a mandatory helmet, specialized clothing such as a jacket, pants or full suit with protectors, as well as gloves and boots, are important for motorcyclists to reduce the risk of serious injury. Reflectors and bright colors on protective clothing are useful for being spotted early by others.

This should be checked before each ride

Basically, before each trip out, and especially on the first trip after winter break, check that lights such as headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals are working, as well as the brakes, steering – it should have no play – and emergency stop switch. It's also important that tires have a minimum tread of 1.6 millimeters – more would be better – as well as sufficient air pressure, plus no cracks or other damage.

The drive chain must have the necessary tension and lubrication and the next general inspection (HU) should not already be overdue. Some motorcycle repair shops offer a spring check for motorcycles for a fee, where any defects found are repaired right away. Safety tips for motorcyclists include those from the DVR. The automobile club ADAC published downloadable brochure "Riding a motorcycle – on a safe road!". At the Institute for Two-Wheeler Safety e.V. (IfZ) also has guides on the subject, including the brochures "Dangerous Encounters," "Team Touring – Group Experience and Motorcycle Travel," "Motorcycle Clothing from Head to Toe," and "Young& Safe.".

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