On foot, by bike or on four wheels visibly safe through the dark season

On foot, by bike or on four wheels visibly safe through the dark season

Berlin (ACE) – It gets light later in the morning and darker earlier in the evening – in the fall, all road users have to adjust to new light conditions. Whether on foot, on the saddle or behind the wheel: every individual is called upon to ensure good visibility and better visibility themselves. The ACE, Germany's second-largest automobile club, provides information on how you can shed light on the issue and thus contribute to road safety.

Good light for visibility

If you drive a car, you should regularly check all the lights on your vehicle and, if possible, have the headlight settings checked at a garage. Many workshops even offer a light test free of charge in the fall. While defective headlights quickly catch the eye in the dark, incorrectly adjusted front lights and broken taillights, brake lights and turn signals are less conspicuous but just as dangerous. The same applies to bicycles: Before each ride, the lighting system should be checked to ensure that it is functioning properly. If the bicycle helmet also has lighting – all the better.

For more clarity

Rain, wind and snow shouldn't stop car owners from keeping their windows shiny and their paintwork bright. If you refill the wiper water before the first frost with a cleaning fluid containing antifreeze, you are well prepared. And the trip through the car wash is also worthwhile – if the car shines so that it cannot be overlooked, not only the paintwork will thank you, but also your fellow human beings.

Bright clothes even in winter

Dull colors in dull weather? Better not! Those wearing shades of gray or even black can easily be overlooked in low light conditions. Especially out of town, where there are few light sources, bright clothing significantly increases the visibility of cyclists and pedestrians. Who loves muted colors, is well advised with the Zwiebellook: Colorful functional clothing should be the top layer, at least in road traffic. Because the fact is, only from 25 meters motorists recognize other road users with dark clothing.

Catching the eye through reflection

If you are on foot or on a bicycle, light-reflecting surfaces increase your visibility in road traffic. Bicycle pedals with reflectors are a must. Spoke reflectors just as useful. Reflective belts, sashes and ribbons are a good addition. Bicycle clothing with reflective elements or fluorescent effect is even more practical. The whole contour of the cyclist becomes visible. In the headlights of a car, this makes you visible for up to 150 meters.

Show consideration

The following applies to everyone: be especially careful in autumn and winter and prefer to drive a little slower. At reduced speed and with heightened senses, other road users are less likely to be overlooked.

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About the ACE Auto Club Europa e.V.:
The ACE Auto Club Europa, with more than 630.000 members (as of 31. December 2017) Germany's second-largest mobility club: whether traveling by car, bus, train, bicycle, plane or motorcycle, as a mobility companion the ACE offers protection at all times to keep things moving along. Core service is roadside assistance.

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