Illness (please note does not mean that without a medical certificate can simply be withdrawn)

Illness (please note does not mean that without a medical certificate can simply be withdrawn)

Anyone who has registered for an examination must, as a matter of principle, take part in it.

– failure to appear without good reason, – late submission of work without good reason, – withdrawal before or after the start of the examination without good reason, (under "Withdrawal" Is not to be understood that one is allowed to stay away from the exam without giving any reason, by just telling that one is withdrawing. A "deregistration after the deadline for registration is not easily possible.)

Counts as an examination attempt and will be counted as failed ("not sufficient, 5.0") (§ 20 para. 1 BAPO, § 19 Abs. 1 POLBA, § 24 para. 1 MagPO).


– If you are unable to take the exam due to illness or are unable to meet the paper submission deadline, you must provide a doctor's note to the exam administrator. The study offices are the point of contact for all examinations that do not relate to the final module. For the final module (B.A./M.A.-Work etc.) the examination office is responsible.
According to the letter of the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Culture (MBWJK) of 22.12.In 2009, the examination offices are required to proceed as follows: In the case of a first-time illness, a simple medical certificate without further details is sufficient, which only certifies the inability to take the examination from a medical point of view. From the second notice of sickness on, you have the following option: Either you bring an official medical certificate or you present a qualified certificate of the treating physician. Qualified medical certificates must u.A. Include information on the impairment caused by the illness (description of symptoms) as well as explanations of how this affects the examinee's ability to perform. See z.B. OVG Lüneburg, judgment of 15.09.1998 – 10 L 3178/96, KMK-HSchrR/NF 21 C.1 No. 30; VG Minden, GB of 25.01.2000 – 2 K 3874/99, NWVGl. 2000, 232 as well as VG Saarlouis, judgment of 21.05.2001 – 1 K 7/99 – (n.V.). A certificate of incapacity for work is not sufficient.
You can give your doctor a Attest form of the examination office (download right column). – The resignation of the test must immediately, i.D.R. Be notified to the study office (module exams) or the examination office (final module only) before the start of the exam or the end of the deadline for submitting your work. – A medical certificate is immediately, i.D.R. Within 3 days to be submitted. Pre-submission by fax is considered to be in compliance with the deadline. – Hospital medical certificates and certificates from psychological psychotherapists are equivalent to a medical certificate from a public health officer and are generally accepted.

Reasons to be recognized:

Serious illness evidenced by a doctor's certificate, obvious illness (hospitalization/accident) on the day of the examination or on the day the deadline for submission expires. Sudden stroke of fate such as death of a close relative in close temporal connection to the examination or to the deadline, victim of a (violent) crime. A close temporal connection exists if the death occurred within one week before the expiry of the submission deadline. Close relatives are spouses, life partners, siblings, children (adopted and foster children), parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandchildren.

Unforeseeable, serious stress in the private sphere, such as loss of home, illness of children, wife or husband, if no other caregiver/carer can be found (proof),

Need for care of parents.

Basically not recognizable reasons for illness:

Permanent illness, unless these occur in acute episodes, which are unpredictable in severity and impairment (e.G., in the case of a pregnancy).B. Malaria, MS, rheumatism etc.). Examination anxiety / exam psychosis (serious nervous impairment in connection with the exam). These are not to be recognized even if certified by a psychologist or psychological psychotherapist; unless the test anxiety is based on another mental or psychiatric acute disorder.

Other reasons not to be recognized

1. Difficulties in obtaining material (handing in the work).

The chairperson of the examination board decides on exceptional cases on the basis of a justified application by the first examiner.

2. Technical problems

Such as z.Ex. Virus on the computer, loss of data, theft, defective printer, etc. / Exam psychosis (grave). Pp, are not recognized, because backup/data backup is required and the possibility to work in the ZDV exists.

3. Pregnancy

As long as it is without complications. Acute disturbances are to be treated like an illness. Other s. Maternity and parental leave.

4. Train delay or cancellation, strike, traffic jam, etc., unless it is a case of serious disruption which cannot be remedied in the foreseeable future and which cannot be avoided even if a sufficient time buffer is allowed for. In individual cases this has to be clarified with the examination office management.

Compensation of disadvantages due to recognized handicap, dyslexia, etc.:

This can be included in the u.G. Cases must be applied for and differs from the extension in case of illness.

Please come to the examination office (Annette Elbert) for advice before submitting your application. Bring all proofs in the original. Appointment by arrangement.

The Application for disadvantage compensation (to be obtained from the study office responsible for the subject) is 2 original copies to be submitted. Proofs are to be brought in the original.

A separate application must be submitted for each subject.


– In the case of a recognized disability, an examination can be facilitated in the form of an extension of the writing time, an extension of the deadline for handing in the work, preparation of the work in a separate room suitable for the disabled, etc. Pp be granted. – A disadvantage compensation is to be applied for at the examination administration (the study office responsible for your subject) before the exam to apply. Please address the application to the chairperson of the relevant examination board.

Recognized dyslexia

If you have a recognized dyslexia (not a reading and spelling disability), you can also apply for an examination waiver in the form of disadvantage compensation. Prerequisite is mandatory ICD 10 proof.

Enactment of stays abroad (B.A./M.A./B.Ed./M.Ed.):

A waiver must be requested in the examination office (Annette Elbert). Reasons: Single parent with child, illness/disability (proof), care of relatives.

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