Financing studies without bafög 9 valuable tips

Four out of five students do not get BAföG for various reasons. Some have "caused" their fate themselves, others had not the slightest influence on it and now have to think of other ways to finance their studies. Today I share with you 9 BAföG alternatives that make it financially possible for you to study without the help of your parents.

What to do if BAföG is rejected?

Not every rejection is justified. If you question your BAföG decision, you have an easy way to have your decision legally reviewed without having to pay for it. If you want to know how exactly to file an appeal and what options you have, please read the linked article on the subject.

Financing your studies ~ 9 alternatives to BAföG

If you don't meet the BAföG requirements, you're probably now looking for a student loan or a alternative Student financing. Not all parents can afford to pay for your studies, and not everyone can earn enough money to support themselves without further financial support. Not infrequently, this is a reason to drop out of university for good or not to start at all.

But in many cases it would not have to be. There are ways and means to secure your study financing even without BAföG. Most of the options, however, seem to be little known to many students. That's why you'll find a small overview of alternatives in the following, how you can finance your studies without BAföG:

Bafög independent of parents

Even if you don't hope for BAföG, you should still apply for BAföG. Why? The answer is quite simple:

1. Because you need the rejection letter to apply for other funds. 2. Because we know ways to obtain a parent-independent BAföG calculation, even if you do not have the required work experience. (The income of the parents is the most common reason for refusal of BAföG).

Financing studies without bafög 9 valuable tips

Debt-free through studies thanks to scholarship

Probably the best known alternative to BAföG is a scholarship. In contrast to BAföG, it does not have to be paid back. In addition to financial support, the program also has a non-material aspect.

Study financing tips from scholarship holders

Since most scholarships are awarded based on performance, very few students follow through with an application. But you should not give up before you have even tried it. Because the experience of my guest authors shows that you don't have to belong to the educational elite to get a scholarship. Because in the awarding of scholarships are your development. Your drive often much more important. The Deutschlandstipendium z.B. Is called scholarship for all. Surely this is exaggerated, but this term represents the claim of the scholarship.

Student jobs

Also common is a part-time job to finance your studies. Accordingly, some students even manage two jobs and family in addition to their studies. This is of course a big challenge, but not an insurmountable obstacle. Where there is a will, there is usually a way.

Financing studies without bafög 9 valuable tips

Housing allowance for students

Housing allowance is a rent subsidy that does not have to be paid back. However, hardly any students know about housing allowance. And even fewer know that students can also be eligible for housing allowance. If you as a student yourself or a member of your household does not receive BAföG, housing allowance is an option.

Pretty sad that nobody knows that. In the best case, your complete rent can be paid by the housing allowance.

Hartz IV for students

Assuming you are officially studying part-time. Then you can finance your studies with Hartz 4. This is especially advisable if you are a single parent with a child. Have you had at least 12 months of a job subject to social security contributions. Diligently paid into unemployment insurance? If this job is less than three years old, you could get unemployment benefit 1 for 12 months. Another condition is that you are available to the labor market at least 15 hours per week. This would be z.B. With a part-time study the case.

Child benefit

Child benefit is paid to parents of trainees up to the age of 25. Child benefit is paid on your third birthday. That is, since January 2021, it is 219 euros per month for the first and second child, 225 euros for the third child and 250€ for each additional child from the 4th month. Child. In addition, this can be transferred upon request instead of your parents from the family fund directly to you.

Child supplement

Furthermore, the child allowance in addition to child benefit be granted if the income of your parents is correspondingly low. A married couple must earn at least 900 € gross. Single parents, on the other hand, must receive 600 € gross.

Student loans

Finally, we must mention the student loan. Unlike other loans, this does not require a high income of your own. As a result, student loans are used to finance semesters abroad or the graduation phase, when you are working on your bachelor thesis and have neither the time nor the energy for a student job or the standard period of study has already been exceeded.

Financing studies without bafög 9 valuable tips

So as you can see, you shouldn't give up so quickly if your BAföG application was rejected. You should first see if one or even more of the above alternatives are suitable for you and if you can finance your studies with them. Good luck!

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