Correct installation of a sliding gate operator

Correct installation of a sliding gate operator

When you come home in your car and have to get out extra to open the garden gate, it's quite annoying. A more practical solution is a sliding gate with an operator.

If the own small house is only once built and everything in it settled, it continues outside. Because there is one thing that must not be missing here: a fence. Or would you like anyone to be able to enter your property without permission? Certainly not. This is especially true for burglars. Because land without a fence is, of course, a sitting duck for them. So a fence like this is also a safety measure.

But let's face it: it's nice to be able to drive your car directly onto your own property without having to leave the vehicle and open a gate to do so. Especially when it rains. Therefore a sliding gate with drive is worth a consideration. It opens thanks to radio remote control when approaching the driveway. Closes again automatically afterwards. It is not only practical, it also prevents unauthorized persons from entering your property. Because without further an automatic sliding gate can not be opened.

How such a sliding gate with operator is usually installed and what there is to consider when buying, we would like to explain in a little more detail below.

What to consider when buying a sliding gate opener?

❍ size and weight of the gate:

For large, heavy sliding gates, it is common to install a sliding gate operator. But here it is especially important to know how big and heavy the sliding gate is. Based on this, you then need to choose the right operator for your sliding gate.

Popular brands for sliding gate operators are for example Hörmann and ELKA. With and without radio operation you can these sliding gate operators with automatikshop.Buy en. Here you can also find the appropriate spare parts in case something should break down.

❍ Equipment:

As far as the equipment of the drive systems is concerned, you are spoilt for choice here. In this point decides above all what you want and what the wallet. Because there are not only the simple models that open and close the sliding gate at the push of a button. There are also high-quality operator systems that can be programmed. How they open z.B. Just a little bit, when a person wants to pass the gate, and completely, when a car wants to drive onto the property. And this is just one example of many. So here you can decide for yourself what is important to you in the sliding gate opener.

❍ Control:

It is always best to choose a sliding gate with a handheld transmitter. This has the advantage that you do not have to leave your car to open and close the gate. Alternatively, however, you can choose a wired gate opener. We are talking about a column. It is placed so that you can open the sliding gate from the vehicle, for example, by code card, key switch or fingerprint. As for example in a parking garage.

❍ Security:

When buying a sliding gate opener, be sure to check whether a light barrier is included. For many models, this is already the case from the factory, but for others, this safety feature must be retrofitted. This is important because a photoelectric sensor is there to stop the gate operator immediately if the light beam is interrupted. This is especially important if you have children or pets. Thanks to this feature you can be sure that never a person or objects will be trapped.

Under the campaign "Not with me!" – Initiative for active protection against burglary, the associations of the security industry together with the police point out that it is also advisable to equip garden gates with an intercom system or video surveillance, so that no one can enter the property unauthorized.

Installation instructions for a sliding gate with operator

There are no general instructions for the installation of a sliding gate operator. After all, each model is slightly different. But the basic steps are always the same. Especially if you decide to use a prefabricated kit. The assembly usually looks like this:

❶ First of all, if necessary, you must adapt the sliding gate to your driveway width. Metal saw and angle grinder are important tools here. If you have purchased a suitably large gate for your driveway, then you can skip this step directly.

❷ Next, you need to connect the individual parts of the sliding gate together according to the manufacturer's instructions.

❸ Then you need to firmly anchor the guide columns in the ground in a stable concrete base. In addition as a reading tip our contribution concrete mix: Mixing ratio& Co. If the ground is already concreted, it is sufficient to screw on the columns.

❹ Now you can already put the sliding gate in the guide columns. It is now on rollers. Can be moved the first time.

❺ Next, you still need to connect the gate to the automatic operator.

❻ If you have chosen a high-quality sliding gate opener, you may now have to take care of the programming of the gate opener. Say, for example, set an access code.

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