Child in car and door closed

Until such a situation happened to me, I thought: Oh no, oh no, this must never happen – I just have to be careful enough, then it won't happen. Well, it's not that simple after all.


On the way to shopping. With mountains of thoughts and to-do lists flickering around in my head before I even had my first coffee. I had my daughter alternately in my arms and in the shopping cart, sometimes she whined because she was sitting in the cart, sometimes because she was no longer in it… The other background noise in the supermarket was of course also unsettling. So I skimmed the gears in mental autopilot – forgot half of them and had to shift back right away… I was stressed, yes, you can call it stressed. An appointment at home was metaphorically already knocking in my head and I had to hurry up. And hurry up with a child never works, I understood that now. Almost all parents will know what I am talking about.

Child in car and door closed

Without boring you with my explanations on and about the checkout belt, just this: long queue, putting all purchases away alone and typing in the PIN incorrectly once.

So, but now, finally! Out on the parking lot and to the car, bags purely, zack, my daughter I already buckle in the car seat. Anyone who has children knows this: sometimes it works well, sometimes it is an unparalleled procedure to fasten the seat belt. Tears I could just prevent, but the mood was at rock bottom. Time-wise it will all work out somehow, then I'll be ten (or fifteen) minutes too late…, I thought to myself.

Hectically I pushed the shopping cart to the collection point, put my deposit euro in my jacket pocket and wanted to feel my car key. There I got a little anxiety pang. The jacket pocket was empty, only my Euro was in it. Other side? Also empty. Handbag? Lost on the way? Lost in the market? A quick look into the car and I felt queasy. There it was. I already knew that it was useless, but I pulled on the car door anyway – maybe by some miracle it was open after all..? No, to. The door handle slid back, starting position.

Child in car and door closed

Panic? Stay calm!

The spare key is of course at home. Panic! But I know from every guidebook: don't panic! Stay calm. Easier said than done.

I exhale, through the window I see my daughter – who has fortunately dozed off. A short grin now pushes itself up nevertheless, what an absurd situation. Which we already somehow manage. I collect myself and make a phone call: A call to the ACV emergency call center. The calm voice of the operator on the other end makes me breathe a sigh of relief. Everything will be fine. Roadside assistance is on the way!

Child in car and door closed

The day passed me by again and I became calm. When the breakdown service then unlocked the car with his special tool and my daughter was awake after all, at least her joy was great. Action! Driving! Hach. Well, now the ride became a special ride for me too. Never have I been more grateful to just sit in the car and drive home.

Opening the door was settled with the automobile club in our case, because opening the car is for members free of charge.

I missed my appointment (I can't even remember what I was going to do…) of course. But that was no problem – I had already experienced enough that day…

Child in car and door closed

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5 tips from the Automobile Club Traffic

To avoid parents are not on their own if the key is lost or locked in the car, the Automobil-Club Verkehr (ACV) has compiled five important tips for emergencies.

Keep calm

Try, as hard as it may be, to stay cool. If you react dissolved and panicked, at worst you transfer this mood to the trapped child.

Check bags

You are not sure if the key is really in the car? Then, despite the excitement, you should check all your pockets (pants, jacket, inside pockets) and shake out your handbag or shopping basket – maybe the key slipped in after all.

Deposit spare key

Can someone quickly get hold of the spare key and bring it over quickly? This can be either the partner, but also neighbors or grandparents who have access to the key. You yourself should stay with the car in any case.

Notify breakdown service

Anyone who is a member of an automobile club can call the breakdown service. Car can be opened without damage. With ACV, the service is included in the membership – the key service, on the other hand, can be a heavy burden on the family budget.

Making an emergency call

If the sun shines, the vehicle can heat up strongly. For small children this can quickly become dangerous, because they can't tolerate the heat as well as an adult can. When temperatures rise, you should therefore call 911. Then you decide together whether a rescue vehicle is needed. The child may be in acute danger. If the engine is still running or the vehicle itself is a hazard, the police will help you.


We are giving away an annual membership in the ACV (regular membership fee is 59.76 euros). The winner receives a year of help for himself, his partner and his underage children in the event of a breakdown or accident, whether by car, bicycle or motor home, while traveling or on the way to daycare.

Oops! We couldn't locate your form.

Eligible are persons over the age of 18. Year of life with residence in Germany. The closing date is 30.04.2018. The legal process is excluded. All participants will be entered into a draw for an annual membership at the standard rate worth 59.76 euros. Membership ends automatically after one year. The payment of the profit in cash is not possible. There are no additional costs. Your data will be stored, processed and used exclusively for the execution of this competition and the dispatch of the prizes. There is no disclosure of data to third parties beyond that. The prize cannot be paid out in cash or transferred. By participating in the competition, you agree to these conditions of participation. Good luck!

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