Change after maintenance is enough

Change after maintenance is enough

After buying a car, regular maintenance for the car is a "mandatory course" for car owners. However, due to the uneven quality of the auto repair market, some "black" auto repair" have found that car owners in general are lackingCar Weaknesses of maintenance knowledge, add unnecessary items when customers maintain the vehicle, or cut backAccessories Change the mileage to make a profit; and most car owners do not know if they are deceived because they do not understand the real situation.

A few days ago, a person inCar repair People who have been in the business for many years 'jump out' and turn outCar maintenance There are some common "flicker" tricks.

Change three filters for maintenance

We usually putAir filter,Fuel filter,Oil filter Collectively referred to as three filters. Many cars are serviced about every 5000 kilometers. Somewhat repair shops recommend to change the three filters at every maintenance, so that more profit can be made. In some repair shops, they always cut off and replace at most two. The air filter is often saved. Sometimes the steam filter is also omitted.

In fact, car manufacturers require more than 5000 kilometers for a single replacement, but this also depends on the use and maintenance of the car. If the car fills up at a small gas station all year round, drives on dirt roads and travels long distances in the mountains, it should be changed every 2000 kilometers. If the car is in good condition, when driving in the city, it can be done every 10.000 to 20.000 kilometers are changed. Generally speaking, the three filters every 15.000 to 20.000 kilometers changed, d.H. A single change after maintenance is sufficient.

Three maintenance flushes

If the car is not easy to ignite, it can beAccelerator pedal If it is dirty, repair shop will advise you to do "three washes". Many small repair shops on the road now advertise "professional cleaning without disassembly". First use "professional non-disassembly cleaning fluid" to clean the air inlet, commonly known as "spin bottle", and then clean the cleaning areaValve,CarburetorDetergent It was sprayed on and the oily sludge was wiped off visibly and tangibly, the time was not wasted and the labor cost was 100 yuan.

After the three washes the problem really disappeared. In fact, most problems can be solved as long as the throttle is washed. In addition, the really effective cleaning of the intake duct is to completely disassemble it and wash it like an exhaust hood, but the maintenance workers are very troublesome and think that the effort is not profitable.

Maintenance replacementSpark plug

When the oil volume increases, you can replace the spark plug. The general repair shop will recommend to do it at 20.000 to 30.000 kilometers to replace. In fact, this is determined by the quality of the spark plug. The normal spark plug can be bought once for 40.000 kilometers and the platinum and iridium spark plugs once for 60.000 to 80.000 kilometers to be exchanged.

Here's one way to save money: Buy a spark plug yourself that costs dozens of dollars and the expensive one only costs hundreds of dollars. If you find a medium-sized store, you can install it with your own eyes for ten or twenty dollars.

This has a greater advantage, that is, it can prevent repair shop to put the used spark plugs, which were removed from other people's cars, into your car.

Maintenance engine

The engine is the heart of a car. People who do not understand cars are very afraid of the "heart disease" of the car. If the car emits blue smoke, it is a remarkable thing.

Send it to the repair shop. People say that the engine needs to be overhauled, so we must obediently hand over the car to them.

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