Census 2022 how the survey runs

Census 2022 how the survey runs

Neckar-Odenwald district. (pm) Tomorrow, Sunday, is the census date. From Monday 16. May, the nationwide surveys and thus also the surveys in the Neckar-Odenwald district within the framework of the 2022 census will begin. For this purpose, interviewers, so-called survey officers, are on the road in the entire district area, which approx. 30.000 people surveyed as part of the household sample.

Household sampling is a method used in the 2022 census to verify civil registration data. A small portion of the population, about 10 to 15 percent, is sampled in this method. The result is extrapolated to the entire population. In the Neckar-Odenwald district, 7.500 addresses selected by the Federal Statistical Office. In the first step, these addresses are visited by the survey officers, who are sworn to secrecy. Appointment notification letters were sent to the households living in the district. A rescheduled appointment is possible via a virtual telephone number, which can be found on the appointment announcement letter. In a second step, the interviewers identify themselves on site with an ID card. Subsequently survey the household in a short interview. The following characteristics are queried in the context of the so-called personal target 1 survey: surname, first names, date of birth, gender, nationality, marital status, living situation (how many people lived in Germany on 15. May in the home) and whether there is only one main residence in Germany.

This information can be given by an adult member of the household on behalf of all other members and is therefore completed in a few minutes at the front door. If the respondents have been designated exclusively for the Objective 1 survey, the survey has ended at this point and the household has fulfilled its obligation to provide information.

In addition, most of the selected respondents are scheduled for another survey. In this case, the survey officers hand over to the residents the access data for the practical online questionnaire of the Objective 2 survey. An online survey is advantageous due to the filtering, as this means that only the relevant questions for the respective respondent are asked. In addition, as soon as all questions have been answered, the data are sent directly to the State Statistical Office. In exceptional cases, it is also possible for the interviewers to hand over a paper questionnaire or conduct a personal interview.

The target 2 survey is the survey on the following characteristics: Living situation (with whom do they live in a household); nationality and immigration, education and training, occupation, part-time and paid jobs, job search, current main job, place of work, industry, or. Economic sector as well as occupation. Depending on the situation of the respondent, the survey ends after only a few questions (z. B. Pupils).

In addition to the household sample, the household may also be interviewed as part of the building and housing census, provided that ownership is available.

The census and statistical offices would like to thank all respondents for their participation. If you have any questions, please contact the Census Office of the City of Mosbach at 06261/9388538 or at [email protected] and the Neckar-Odenwald district census office at 06261/84-3030 or at [email protected] available. More information on the census is also available on the Internet at www.Census2022.En to be found.

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