Car insurance for beginners

Which insurance do I actually need for my car?. Where can I save as a student? Here are the answers about car insurance for novice drivers.

Car insurance for beginners

Many students own their own car (here you can find the 7 most popular cars for students). However, this does not only ensure greater mobility and freedom. A car also costs money, even when it is not driven. While a liability for
is mandatory for vehicle owners in Germany and you therefore even as a student can not avoid it, is the conclusion of a Partial or fully comprehensive insurance is a voluntary option. Still, you shouldn't do without car insurance. However, especially if you are a novice driver, this can cost you dearly. That's why we have helpful tips for beginner driver insurance, with which you save money and still do not have to sacrifice safety.

Tip: Here you can find an overview of all relevant student insurances.

Saving on car insurance for novice drivers

Novice drivers who want to insure their own car usually pay a high premium at first. Because novice drivers are included in the Unfavorable no-claims class 0 Classified in the fully comprehensive insurance, which quickly makes owning a vehicle an expensive pleasure. A more favorable classification is usually only possible after three years of driving license possession. On the other hand there are some Measures, with those of Contribution significantly reduced from the start can be.

1. Insure the car through the parents: Use second car regulation and family bonus

Do you insure your vehicle as Second car from mother or father, it is usually classified in a better no-claims class. Second car are directly connected to the SF class ½ classified, with which only around 75% of the full premium rate accrues. If the car stays accident-free, you'll be rewarded with more discounts in the long run.

If you have registered your car in your own name, but at the Same insurer as your parents insured, you can also get from the Family bonus benefit. Any additional family member who takes out insurance with the same liability company will automatically be included in the No-claims class ½ classified.

2. Car insurance for novice drivers: find out about type class before buying a car

The amount of the insurance premium also depends on the type class in which your car is classified. Passenger cars are more expensive depending on annual balance of damage Classified in type classes. Statistically, the more damage the car causes, the worse the classification turns out to be. If you inform yourself about this from the beginning, you can save money by buying a booster seat. Here you can find a classification of all cars in terms of type class.

Car insurance for beginners

3. Finding the right car insurance provider – it pays to compare

You can also save a lot of money by choosing the right provider. A comparison is worthwhile, because car insurances differ in the Amount of the premiums and also in the offered services. In fact, the price differences are large. You should also consider various additional benefits when choosing an insurer.

So it can make a difference if Certain items in the car are also insured or the no-claims class Not automatically downgraded after an accident Will. An overview of all benefits can be found, for example, in this car insurance comparison.

4. Lower costs through driver safety training and driver's license with accompanied driving

Do you have your Driving license at the age of 17 made and on the Accompanied driving participated, the car insurance companies with discounts of up to 16 rewarded, since these novice drivers statistically cause fewer accidents. A completed driver safety training can also have a favorable effect on the amount of the premium. You can take one, for example, at the ADAC (German Automobile Club).

5. Car insurance for novice drivers: registering a car in the first half of the year

In order to be classified in a more favorable no-claims class in the following year, the insurance contract has to be Be in place for at least six months. That's why it makes sense to register your car in the first half of the year. So in the new year you can benefit from a lower premium for your car insurance for novice drivers and not have to wait another whole year.

6. Insurance for novice drivers: Pay for minor accident damage yourself

If you assume the worst case scenario and things do go wrong, it may be worth paying for the damage out of your own pocket.

For: If your car insurance covers the costs, so your no-claims class changes automatically to your disadvantage. It is completely irrelevant how much the car insurance reimbursed.

On average this means about 37% more cost from the following year. Therefore it is particularly worthwhile in the case of minor damage, to reach into the wallet oneself. A corresponding downgrade calculator, which determines the limit for downgrading and thus tells you up to which liability or comprehensive damage you should pay yourself, can be found at Stiftung Warentest.

If you want to insure your car as a student, you can quickly get a little fright when looking at the amount of insurance premiums. The good news is: there are good ways to effectively lower the cost of car insurance for novice drivers. The choice of the correct car insurance takes thereby an important position. In addition, it can make a big difference whether the car is insured as through the parents or as a second car and what type class is your car. Alternatively, it is also worthwhile to think about other concepts, such as z.B. Car sharing or car leasing to consider. So you can not only get the driver's insurance cheap, but also be environmentally friendly mobile.

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