Be there the fat bike tour 2022

The desire to FATBike? How does that sound to you then: it's pretty cold, so cold that the snow crunches under your tires as you mill forward. Below you a FATBike and meter thick winter, above you blue sky. And around you a bunch of other crazies, who together with you will unstoppably spiral to one of the most beautiful mountain huts in the snowy Alps. A hearty hut evening and a huge portion of Bavarian delicacies await you at the top – and every calorie will be well earned! Sounds tempting? Then you should definitely read on now!

The FAT-Bike.De Twin Top Winter Tour 2019

Be there the fat bike tour 2022

A perfect target!

Am 9. February 2019 we set off for the FAT bike.De Wintertour 2019 on and you can be there! After the successful FATBike Enduro it is time again for a joint event. And that's exactly what we want to do this time where our Fatties feel most comfortable: in the cold and snow.

Be there the fat bike tour 2022

More people, more fun!

Even if the number of participants is limited by some factors: everyone is invited to join us! And even if you don't have your own FATBike, you can be there: thanks to the kind support of Maxx, there are quite a few testbikes available to rent and have fun with – among them also some Huraxdax EL.

What is the plan?

Be there the fat bike tour 2022

The Twin Top Winter Tour 2019 will, as the name suggests, take us to two summits – in our case mountain huts. This is an open tour. Say: everyone can come, stay and leave when and as long as he/she wants to. We set a route. Take care of a little social program. And who would like, comes with. The start of our tour will be in the well-known mountaineering village of Sachrang, from where we will set off on an extended warm-up and familiarization tour through the beautiful area around Sachrang. Then follows the ascent to the Priener hut – here wait ca. 700 meters of altitude spread over approx. 9km route on us.

Be there the fat bike tour 2022

Impressions of the Priener Hütte (Source: prienerhuette.En)

On the Priener hut we let it go thanks to hut landlady Moni and crew with the fabulous Reindlessen, packed to the brim with Bajuwarischen Schmankerln, FAT well. As a special highlight Flori Reiterberger will accompany us, who was the first biker ever to win the legendary Yukon Arctic Ultra race and thus became a legend himself. By the way, in the week after our event Flori will become the fabulous 1.000 miles of madness of the Iditarod race break up.

Be there the fat bike tour 2022

Bivouac with Flori. Well, desire? (Source: F. Reiterberger)

Flori will report on his experiences in a slide show in the evening – those who haven't frozen by then will do so at the latest… Those who like can spend the night with Flori in the bivouac in front of the door afterwards.

Day 2: from Kufstein to the Weinbergerhaus

After a good night's sleep at the hut, we return to the valley the next morning after a hearty breakfast and continue by car to Kufstein. From Kufstein we tackle the second ascent to the Weinbergerhaus.

Be there the fat bike tour 2022

Not only beautiful in the evening: View from the Weinbergerhaus

This time it is a crisp 770 meters of altitude on only 7km route, which winds along the beautiful Kaiser Mountains. At the Weinbergerhaus you will be the host of the hut. Fatbike fan Tobi takes care of our physical well-being. After the noon it goes then back to Kufstein from where we will scatter then again into all winds.

What do you have to do?

Be there the fat bike tour 2022

Fine delicacies from the Weinbergerhaus

As indicated above, this is an open tour. Accordingly you do not have to pay anything to us. You have the strings in your own hands, so to speak. But we have already booked enough sleeping places, so you can get them from us. The journey takes place individually, ideally with own passenger car. Also the way from Sachrang to Kufstein is done by each of us on our own. The costs for overnight stay, food and beverages everyone settles directly with the respective hut operator.

Be there the fat bike tour 2022

Tough opponent: the last meters to the Priener hut.

In addition, we ask you to prepare yourself sufficiently – we have attached a suggestion for a packing list at the very end of this article. For a bike we can provide, as said – blankets, sleeping bags, food, condition or nice weather we can but unfortunately not provide😉

Interest? Then go!

Be there the fat bike tour 2022

(R)auf geht's!

If you are interested in joining us on this exciting and scenic tour, then write to us by no later than 10. January 2019 to [email protected]. Very important Even if the trips are only a few kilometers – these kilometers are, depending on the weather, at least sometimes crisp and very exhausting. So you should have a solid health. Be in good physical condition and also have mountain biking experience in the mountains.

Do you have everything? Then we need your name, address and phone number. Of course, all data will be kept strictly confidential. Not passed on to third parties without your explicit consent. Please let us know if you need a bike. If the number of participants exceeds the capacity of the Priener Hütte, it is "first come, first serve" – so it pays to be quick.

You get after the 10.01. A confirmation by eMail from us with all important addresses, contact information and details. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel the tour in case of insufficient number of participants or extreme weather conditions (even at short notice).

So, let's go! We are looking forward to you!

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