Why can my premium and the provisionally issued insurance policy change?.

Why can my premium and the provisionally issued insurance policy change?.

Insure your car with the coupon code car2022 and secure a Shopping-Gvoucher worth up to 30 €. You can find the terms and conditions here. Why can contribution. Change provisionally issued insurance policy? Why can my post. Change the provisional insurance policy?The insurance certificate contains the data from your application to R+V24. Changes may occur if your specified no-claims class (SF class) is not confirmed by your previous insurer or the registration office. It is important, that you correctly state the name of your previous insurance, your policy number and your first and last name.

If the data do not match, we will receive feedback from your previous insurer. Your contract will be changed and you will receive a new premium invoice with changed premium.

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Do you have a Question about your contract? Please log in to the R+V24 contract center and send us a message. Please select your contract. Click on "Send Message" under "Actions".

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Where can I find my contract data??

1. Log in to your Contract Center a 2. In the overview you select the appropriate contract with click on the Contract number from 3. Scroll down. There you will find all important information about your contract

Why has my no-claims bonus class (SF class) changed??

Your no-claims class (SF class) can change due to accidents or changes in the contract basis. Change of SF class at the turn of the year …

Where can I find important documents for my contract?

1. Log in to your Contract center a 2. In the overview you select the corresponding contract by clicking on the Contract number off 3. Scroll down. In the section Insurance cover find your contract basis

How to revoke my insurance?

In which no-claims bonus class of the comprehensive insurance I am classified?

If you were already fully comprehensive insured before, we take over the SF class from your previous insurer. If you want to insure a car for the first time in the comprehensive insurance or …

How the SF class is taken over by the previous insurer? The transfer of the SF class is done electronically. Is standardized throughout Germany by the German Insurance Association e.V.V. (GDV). We cannot influence the course and speed of this procedure …

When will my no-claims class be downgraded??

After a self-inflicted damage, your no-claims class (SF class) will be downgraded in the following year. This increases your premium. …

Can I take over the no-claims class of my foreign previous insurance??

Yes, if you were previously a policyholder with a European insurance company. We need an english or german certificate of your previous insurance according to §5 paragraph 7 compulsory insurance law …

Can I take over the SF class of another person?

The transfer of the no-claims class (SF class) from another person or company is not possible at R+V24. You also cannot transfer your SF class to another person.

Which no-claims class (SF class) does my second car get??

Your additional vehicle gets either SF class 1 or 3. That depends on how the no-claims class of your first vehicle is. Under the following conditions your second car gets the SF class 1: …

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