Which lights are there on the car.

Which lights are there on the car.

In addition to gasoline and diesel, there are also other drive types. Find out more about LPG, fuel cells and co.Alternative drives Anti-lock braking system

Anti-lock braking system ASR

ASR Audi A3 insurance

Audi A3 insurance Audi insurance

Audi insurance speeding out of town

Speeding out of town Export license plate

Export license plate Deregistering a car

Deregistering a car Towing a car

Car towing Car registration

Registering a car Parking a car

Parking car Financing car

Financing a car Importing a car

Import car Paint car

Car paint Car polish

Car polishing Car travel

Car travel Car skidding

Car skids Car does not start

Car won't start Car override

Bridging a car Bridging a car

If you want to transfer your car, there are a few things to consider. We explain everything important.Car transfer Car re-registration

Whether you're moving house or changing owners, here you'll find all the information you need on documents, costs& License plates you need for car registration.Re-registering a car Selling a car

Selling a car Scrapping a car

Scrapping a car Car refurbishment

Car preparation Charging the car battery

Charging the car battery Buying a car

Buying a car Buying a car& Payment

Buying a car& Payment Car purchase Warranty

Car purchase warranty Car purchase negotiation

Negotiate car purchase Car care tips

Car care tips Fogging up car windows

Fogging up car windows Making a copy of the car key

Car key duplication Lost car key

You have lost your car key? Good advice does not have to be expensive: We tell you how to behave best.Lost car key Car insurance for novice drivers

The premium of a car insurance is also influenced by the experience of the driver. We give you some background information and money saving tips.Car insurance for novice drivers B196 Driver's license upgrade

B196 driver's license minor damage

Minor damage Accompanied driving

Accompanied driving Hill start assist

Hill start assist Biodiesel

Biodiesel speed camera fine

Speed camera fine BMW insurance

BMW insurance brake assistant

Brake assistant Speed fine

Speeding fines Car sharing

Car sharing Checklist for buying a car

Car purchase checklist Test drive checklist

Checklist test drive coverage card

Cover card digital vignette

Digital vignette Digital driver's license

Digital driver's license E license plate

E-license plate eCall

Ecall Appeal fine notice

Appeal penalty notice Electric drive

Electric drive Electric car premium

Electric car premium Electric car statistics

E-cars are becoming more and more popular – we have therefore collected exciting facts.Electric car statistics Electronic immobilizer

Electronic immobilizer natural gas car

Natural gas car first aid course

First aid course Buying your first car

First car purchase ESP

ESP European accident report

You should always have the European accident report with you when traveling by car in other EU countries. We explain why, and how to fill it out.European accident report eVB number

The electronic insurance confirmation (eVB) is important for the registration of your car. Learn more here.Evb number driving aptitude seminar

Driving aptitude seminar Driving aptitude test

Driving aptitude test driver assistance systems

Driver assistance systems Hit and run

Hit and run vehicle registration

Vehicle registration vehicle owner

Vehicle owner Vehicle identification number

Vehicle identification number Vehicle classes

Vehicle classes Vehicle registration

Vehicle registration lost

Lost vehicle registration document High beam assistant

High beam assistant Moisture in the car

Moisture in the car Driver's license

Driver's license license classes

Driving license classes Driving license costs

Driving license costs Driving license

Driver's license trial period

Driving license probationary period Flashing during the probationary period

Flashed in the probation period used car insurance

Used car insurance wrong-way driver

What to do if a wrong-way driver is on your road? This and more you can find out here.Ghost driver Green license plate

Green license plate Green insurance card

Green insurance card H license plate

H license plate for classic carsH license plate hail damage

Hail damage Mobile phone at the wheel

Cell phone at the wheel Charging a cell phone in the car

Charging a cell phone in the car General inspection

General inspection Head-up display

Head-up display Engine capacity

Cubic capacity Transporting a dog in a car

Transporting a dog in the car Hybrid car

Hybrid car i-Car

I-vehicle speed cameras in built-up areas

Speeding in built-up areas International driver's license

International driver's license trade-in

Trade-in inspection for car

Car inspection Stolen license plate

Stolen license plate Motor vehicle liability insurance

You would like to take out motor vehicle liability insurance? Or know what is insured in our motor vehicle liability insurance? Then you are right here.Car liability insurance car license plate number

License plate number Vehicle tax

Vehicle tax Vehicle type classes

Motor vehicle type classes Motor vehicle insurers

Overview of the different car insurers in Germany.Car insurer Calculate car insurance

Calculate car insurance Cancel car insurance

Cancel car insurance Save on car insurance

Save on car insurance Car insurance tax return

Change car insurance tax return car insurance

Changing car insurance Compulsory child seats

Find out here when and for whom child seats are compulsory – plus tips on the safest places in the car, and more.Child seat obligation Air conditioner disinfection

Disinfecting the air conditioning system Check lights in the car

Check lights in the car Headphones in road traffic

Headphones in traffic Fuel

Fuel short term license plate

Short term license plate Country license plate

Country license plate Long drive with children

Long car trip with children Leasing

Leasing LPG

LPG Majorca policy

Mallorca-Police marten damage

Marten damage Mobility with disabilities

Mobility with disability MPU

MPU fatigue warning system

Drowsiness warning Night vision assistant

Night vision assistant Insuring a new car

Insure a new car Emergency braking assistant

Emergency brake assistant Compensation for loss of use

Loss of use compensation Car oil change

Engine oil is the lifeblood of the engine. We explain when an oil change is necessary, how long it takes and how much it costs.Oil change on the car Opel Corsa insurance

Opel Corsa insurance parking assistant

Parking assistant Breathalyzer limit car

Blood alcohol limit car Blood alcohol limit e-bike

Promille limit e-bike Promille limit bicycle

Promille limit bicycle points in Flensburg

Points in Flensburg Reducing points in Flensburg

Reduce points in Flensburg Check points in Flensburg

Check points in Flensburg Points in Flensburg expire

Points in Flensburg expire Discount protection

Discount protection Regional class

According to GDV statistics, the regional class reflects how many accidents occur in a registration district.Regional class Change tires

Change tires Tire designation

Tire designation Emergency lane

Emergency lane Red license plates

Red license plates Rest insurance

Rest insurance seasonal license plate

Seasonal license plate No-claims bonus class

The no-claims class indicates the amount of time you have been driving without a claim.No-claims class Pollutant class

Pollutant class Checkbook

Checkbook Change windshield wiper

Change windshield wipers Polish headlights

Polishing headlights Protective cover

Protection letter Schwacke list

Everything about the Schwacke list, how expensive it is and what alternatives there are – in this article.Schwacke list Safe abroad

Safe abroad Smart Repair

Smart Repair Special right of cancellation car insurance

Special right to cancel car insurance Save fuel

Save fuel Lane departure warning

Lane departure warning system Lane change assistant

Lane change assistant Automatic start-stop system

Start-stop automatic rockfall

Rockfall Storm Damage

Storm damage day registration

Daytime registration Cruise control

Cruise control Tesla Model 3 insurance

Tesla Model 3 insurance tips for vacation driving

Tips for vacation driving Total loss car

Total loss car blind spot

Blind spot TÜV exp.

TÜV expired transfer license plate

Transfer plate environmental badge

Environmental badge Maintenance costs of the car

Maintenance costs of the car Holiday check for your car

Vacation check for your car Behavior in case of car accident

Behavior in the event of a car accident Traffic sign recognition

Traffic sign recognition Fully or partially comprehensive insurance?

Fully or partially comprehensive insurance? Power of attorney vehicle re-registration

Power of attorney vehicle re-registration Power of attorney vehicle registration

Power of attorney for vehicle registration Provisional cover note

As soon as your car insurance policy has been taken out, but you have not yet received any documentation, the provisional cover note applies.Preliminary confirmation of cover When does the car insurance (not) pay??

When does the motor vehicle insurance (not) pay?? Set up warning triangle

Set up warning triangle Hydrogen car

Hydrogen car changeable license plate

Interchangeable license plates What lights are there on the car?

What lights are there on the car? Which car suits me?

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