What is the use of an online reservation?.

What is the use of an online reservation?.


Avis reviews

No accessibility – has despite booking as a return station simply not on without an info in advance. There is a notice at the station – temporarily closed. – No info from headquarters either. Unfortunately, I have to use Avis because of my company – for me this always causes massive problems. Either the stations have closed – also with renting – or lie far outside of the station or also it niiiiiieee someone attainable!

I avoid renting as far as possible – the case now shows it again.

Quite possibly the worst customer service in the world! This station was closed early despite us arriving during the opening hours on our booking confirmation. We drove to another station where we were told we could pick up our car and they told us we could not rent a car and that we need to double check the opening hours despite the opening hours not being updated on the website! The customer service was abhorrent at the Budapest str office. The staff and station manager were incompetent and rude. The station manager offered no advice on how to rectify the situation. It is disappointing as I have used Avis/Budget in the past but if anything goes wrong with your booking do not expect any help.

My wishes were not fulfilled, very taken the lady and the gentleman. Just say AGP, s. Never had such difficulties as in today's rental. Otherwise, the AVIS staff is very friendly. Must really think about renting again. Very very sad.

Very nice service person. Super car inclusive. Update. They don't try to talk you into any insurance, but they give you very good advice. Anytime again!

A really friendly and reliable branch in Berlin-Spandau in Brunsbütteler Damm only to recommend unfortunately closed on Saturday

Bad expensive service and then they charge you with extra huge bills for nothing! I got a15 euro fine from the state because driving slightly too fast and they charged me another 30 euro because they had to send two letters: D

Have rented a car online and also received the confirmation by mail, the next day came a call, unfortunately no car available. What is the use of an online reservation??

I rented a car for a lot of money, almost double the price of other rentals in the area. Then I was also cheekily debited the entire deposit and after a month, despite phone calls and email still not paid back. Email response only after 10-15 days.Does not go at all something like that. NEVER AGAIN.

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