Triscan gets a new ceo

Michael Juul Hansen – current CEO of FTZ Autodele og Værktøj A/S (part of Hella) – replaces John Iversen as CEO of Triscan.

Triscan gets a new ceo

After a long and very successful period at FTZ, the last 3 years of which he has been CEO, Michael Juul Hansen will be retiring from 01 January 2009. May face new challenges by replacing John Iversen as CEO and becoming co-owner of Triscan. John Iversen is still the main shareholder. The other shareholders, Bente Jørgensen, Morten Hallum, Steen Ray Pedersen and Jørgen Grand, retain their shares.

"We are pleased that Mr. Juul Hansen is taking over responsibility for Triscan and have great expectations for further development, with a doubling of storage capacity in Germany being the latest in a series of projects in the European region" reports John Iversen. "Mr. Juul Hansen's successful career and solid experience in the independent aftermarket will have great significance for Triscan's future development. Mr. Juul Hansen has extensive knowledge of the industry. Is familiar with Triscan's most important customers " John Iversen continues.

From the 1. May John Iversen becomes Chairman of the Board after Bente Jørgensen, who continues as a member of the Board of Directors. "In addition to my work as Chairman of the Board, Mr. Juul Hansen's joining has given me the opportunity to intensify my work with small businesses", John Iversen concludes.

The change comes after John Iversen had for some time been looking for a successor who could take over the management of a strong and solid company with great international potential. "I am very excited about the new challenge at Triscan, where I get the opportunity to work on a broad, international basis in the industry. Triscan is part of an industry where the fight for market share is fierce. The Triscan team is extremely competent. I am happy to be a part of this company as a co-owner. I'm motivated by working for a company that is built on a solid foundation and has great growth potential. That, coupled with the opportunity to become a co-owner, made me decide to make the switch," says Michael Juul Hansen.

Ichael Juul Hansen originally comes from the financial sector, where he trained at Jyske Bank. After 10 years in banking with a special focus on investment advice, Mr. Juul Hansen gained extensive knowledge of the car industry in 1995 – 2000 at Woodchester Credit Lyonnais / GE Capital, which at that time was the market leader in car financing through car dealers and importers in Denmark. Michael Juul Hansen ended his career at GE as a department manager responsible for financial cooperation with car import companies in the Nic. Christiansen Group in Kolding. There he continued his career for 3 ½ years as sales manager at Hyundai Auto Import.

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