Top 5 apps to buy insurance in india 2022

Taking out an insurance plan is essential for a secure. Protected future essential. However, the insurance industry is a huge industry that caters to many different needs. Some of the most common insurance categories offered by general insurance companies are health insurance, home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, homeowner's insurance, etc. Given the myriad of insurance plans offered by different companies, it can be quite difficult for the common man to determine which insurance policy he needs and which plan best suits his requirements. Many apps and websites on the internet address this very issue and allow users to compare the different insurance policies offered by different countries that suit their requirements. There are countless variables that go into determining the right policy for a customer, such as. B. Premium, sum insured, coverage, policy term, etc. These factors need to be carefully weighed before buying an insurance policy. In India, numerous private and government companies offer insurance policies, most of which have adapted to the digital space with their own app for public use. Listed below are the top 5 apps to buy insurance in India in 2022.

Top 5 apps to buy insurance in india 2022

1) PolicyBazaar

Policybazaar is the largest comparison app for buying insurance in India. Users can compare the available investment offers and buy the one that suits them best. The app's features can be accessed by all resident Indians, non-resident Indians and people of Indian origin. The insurance quotes offered by the platform are: Life insurance, term life insurance, term insurance, health insurance, medical insurance, auto insurance, car insurance, two-wheeler or motorcycle insurance, travel insurance, etc. As well as investment plans like tax savings plans, ULIP, pension, retirement etc. Some of the PolicyBazaar include Hospital Locator, Cashless Garage Locator, the comparison feature that allows users to compare their shortlisted quotes, claim help for quick and easy problem resolution, Insta Renew that allows users to renew instantly their car insurance etc.

Top 5 apps to buy insurance in india 2022

2) Insure through ICICI Lombard GIC

ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company's Insure app allows users to purchase their insurance plans online. It provides motor insurance for cars and bikes, health insurance, travel insurance etc. And has connections to over 3600 cashless hospitals and over 5900 cashless garages, making it quick and easy for users to process claims. The app also offers additional features, such as. B. A travel insurance for business and leisure travel covering all possible inconveniences like trip cancellation, mishandled baggage, cancelled hotel booking etc. Covers, health insurance that can be purchased or renewed via app and covers pre-hospitalization, hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses as well as auto insurance that can also be purchased or renewed via the app. In addition, users can use the insurance premium calculator in the app to select the plan that fits their budget. ICICI Lombard GIC's Insure app has one of the highest claims settlement ratios in India.

Top 5 apps to buy insurance in india 2022

3) HDFC Life Insurance

HDFC Life Insurance app offers both policy purchase and policy service. It offers five types of insurance policies, namely health insurance, term life insurance, savings and investment plans, child plans and retirement plans. The app also allows users to compare policies and track policy issuance and payment renewals. HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Life is a term life insurance plan that provides benefits based on the policyholder's age and lifestyle requirements. Other top plans offered by the app include HDFC Life Sanchay Par Advantage – a health insurance plan, HDFC Life Sanchay Plus, a non-linked, non-participating savings plan that promises returns, HDFC Life Pension Guaranteed Plan – which offers a single premium annuity with a guaranteed regular income for life, HDFC Life Click 2 Wealth – ULIP and HDFC Life Cancer Care, which covers cancer diagnosis and offers a lump sum benefit. One of the leading life insurers in India, HDFC Life offers a wide range of policies covering all individual and group insurance needs.

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Top 5 apps to buy insurance in india 2022

4) Oriental Insurance for Mobile Devices

The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd., a subsidiary of the Government of India, is one of the leading ing non-life insurance companies in India and offers a wide range of policies for health insurance, property insurance, personal insurance, vehicle insurance, travel insurance etc. Users can renew over 100 policies from OICL through the mobile app. New policies for the following schemes can also be purchased through the app: Private Car Package Policy, Two-Wheeler Package Policy, Private Car Third Party Liability Policy, Two-Wheeler Only Third Party Liability Policy, Overseas Mediclaim Policy, Individual Mediclaim Policy, Happy Family Floater Policy, Individual Personal Accident Policy, Individual Janata Accident Policy, Nagarik Suraksha Policy, Household Insurance Policy and Shopkeepers Insurance Policy. Non-OICL policies can also be renewed through the app, private car package policy, two-wheeler package policy, private car liability policy, two-wheeler liability only policy, accident policy, etc. All OICL retail policies can also be renewed without insurance breakage. Other features of the mobile app include online payments via credit and debit cards, internet banking, e-wallets/money cards and UPI, cash and check payment option in agent login, option to search and download policies, claim notes, option to upload claim related documents, Option to search for displayed claims, Customer dashboard showing list of policies and displayed claims, Agent dashboard showing number of premium figures, policies and commissions earned, Office locator with office contact details, Agent locator with their contact details and Network Hospital locator. OICL specializes in issuing policies for large projects such as steel and chemical plants, power plants, petrochemical plants, etc.

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Top 5 apps to buy insurance in india 2022

5) SBI General Insurance

The SBI General Insurance mobile app allows users to manage policies, access relevant services and information you can quickly purchase and manage health, motor, travel and home insurance policies and renew health and motor insurance policies online. It also provides benefits of services like 1MG and Fitternity . Some of the major policies offered by the app are:

Arogya Supreme Policy – This health insurance policy provides cashless hospitalization in over 6000 hospitals, along with pre and post hospitalization expenses, and covers 586 day care procedures.

Arogya Sanjeevani Policy – This IRDAI-curated health insurance policy offers lifetime renewals and covers AYUSH treatments, nursing and intensive care costs, day care and advanced medical procedures.

Individual Accident Policy – This insurance policy provides full coverage for causes of disability or death due to accidents, loss of income coverage, and coverage for ambulance expenses and hospitalization.

Motor Private Car Policy – This policy covers damage done to the vehicle due to accidents, third party liability and personal accident incidents of the own driver and add-ons for depreciation reimbursement marquees. Customers can purchase the homeowners policy if they own the property, or the contents policy if they are renters and only want to insure the contents.

Others from SBI General Insurance are the Arogya Plus Policy, the Arogya Premier Policy, the Arogya Top-Up Policy and the Two-Wheeler Policy. "Insuraksha," one of the app's features, in a unique personal risk advisor that provides specific recommendations for a client's coverage needs. Additional features offered by the app include Cashless Network Garages (2500+), Cashless Network Hospitals (5000+), Policy Renewal, downloading health cards, policy documents, editing personal information, etc. The company also offers commercial products that suck as fire, aviation, construction and engineering, parcel, marine and liability insurance.

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