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The status symbol car is slowly phasing out and more and more the car is becoming a commodity. It should drive us from A to B and it doesn't matter how strong it is and how great it looks. Especially in urban areas, where parking prices are high, sharing a car is becoming more and more popular. Not only that, sharing a car can save a lot of money. Three people buying a car saves 2/3 of the purchase price. In addition, insurance, registration and repairs are also divided by 3. No wonder that so many people prefer this option to owning a car. We have developed WeeShare for this purpose.

Not sure if sharing the car is worthwhile for you? Figure it out!

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Back in 2010 the three of us bought an old Jaguar, a lovers object. Since we all live in the city, we all agreed to share the car and forgo steady availability. On the other hand, over the 2 years we had it, we saved 8000 USD per head. An already insane amount for an inexpensive vehicle like ours. At the beginning it was very chaotic and confusing. Questions quickly arose about who should pay for what, how we were going to balance the costs between us, who had it when and where it was (we didn't have a fixed parking space). We communicated a lot via phone, chat and public calendars but the chaos remained. This was the start of an app which serves all these purposes. Knowing that this need is not unique to vehicles, we developed the app so that it can be used for all objects that are shared. Detailed information about car sharing can be found in our article Carsharing.

Where is the car

If there is no private parking space available it is never clear where the car is. For this purpose WeeShare uses the positioning system which allows to determine on the map exactly where it is parked at the moment. When the position changes, everyone is informed immediately. See the current location. In addition, the position system can also record distances so that costs incurred can be allocated to them. For more info on WeeShare's positioning system, click here: The Position System

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Who has the car

To make it clear who has the car and when, and to secure reservations in the future, WeeShare's booking system allows to save corresponding entries via the calendar. In addition, you can record periods when the car is not available for use. Just as the position system allows distances to be recorded, here the automatically recorded booking times can be used to allocate costs to the time of use. Users are immediately notified of changes in availability. More information about the booking system of WeeShare can be found here: Bookings and reservations

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Who paid for what

When sharing, the cost overview quickly becomes complicated. Most costs can be shared by all users, but there are exceptions. Some expenses do not affect all users or the gasoline should be distributed only according to use. These aspects were also taken into account during the development. Weeshare's spending system allows you to spread the cost in different scenarios. So booking times or distances can be used for distribution or simply distribution to all or only specific users. For more info on WeeShare's issue system, click here: Share issues.

See the current location

Whether you want to share the car only with your friends or also make it available for others is up to you. With the above features you to share the car no more hurdles in the way. To top it off, you can use the chat and note system to exchange text and picture information about the car. You can store important, always accessible information as notes.

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