Safely on the road with a boat trailer

Safely on the road with a boat trailer

At the beginning of the water sports season, motorboat, kayak, sailboat, canoe, yacht and co.Often with a boat trailer. Transported in the direction of the water. To be driven home again in autumn. However, driving with a boat trailer is a skill that must be learned and some important rules must be observed in order not to endanger your own safety and that of other road users. If you want to transport a boat by car, you need a special car trailer for it. A special insurance also belongs to it as selectable from www.Caravella.De. Before setting off, it is essential to secure the cargo conscientiously to prevent the boat from becoming a dangerous projectile in the event of a collision or emergency braking. Furthermore, it is also important to adjust to the special conditions during the trip, since a boat trailer can significantly affect the handling of the car.

For safe transport, conscientious securing of the load is always a prerequisite

The watercraft must first be safely stowed on the trailer before setting off to ensure that the boat can be transported safely and does not become an incalculable danger in road traffic. The ADAC refers to the mandatory load securing, which is defined by the road traffic regulations. If the boat is not sufficiently secured, not only the own safety and that of other road users is endangered, but there is also the threat of severe penalties. For the secure fastening of the boat, special lashing straps must be used, which comply with the EU standard DIN EN 12195-2, whereby the lashing force of the straps must correspond to at least half the weight of the boat. If the lashing straps are damaged, they must be replaced immediately. Boat parts made of textile or hemp are not permitted with regard to load securing.

Note changed driving physics

The seat position, as well as the mirror adjustment should be adjusted before driving due to the new conditions with the boat trailer. Extra care should always be taken during the ride and it is advisable to take your time to get used to the change in driving behavior. Careful and cautious testing in terms of handling with the boat trailer in turns, accelerating and braking are highly recommended. In addition, it is particularly important to maintain sufficient distance from the vehicle in front and not to exceed the maximum speed limit applicable to trailer trips.

Safety training before trips with the boat trailer

People who feel unsafe driving a boat trailer have the option of taking a special driving safety course at automobile clubs. Under professional guidance, one learns there, from load securing to dealing with the special driving physics, practically and theoretically, how the boat can be transported in a safe manner. For boat owners, this is a worthwhile investment in their own safety. Even to those of other road users.

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