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12.03.2020, 20:17

The trigger for this topic was a statement by Serena in the Bodo Wartke topic: (12.03.2020, 20:03)Serena wrote: [> ].. And the photo in the Afterglow…

Old acquaintances

Many of you seem to have photos taken of yourselves and the stars at every concert (not only of AB, but also of other artists), if there is something like an Afterglow.

Why? What do you get out of it? A special memory? Do you really ever look at the pictures again?

I have never taken a photo with anyone in the Afterglow and no one with me (I am a star after all)

Old acquaintances

) And if I ever stoop so low as to pose for a photo with anyone, please shoot me! I would find this simply embarrassing

Old acquaintances

Maybe my sociophobic genes are showing a little bit too.

But just explain to me why you take these photos (or get an autograph on the ticket every time) or even why you don't do it.

So, you may then throw stones at the madman

Old acquaintances


12.03.2020, 20:28

It is indeed a nice memory of this evening.

Old acquaintances

And yes, if you visit the same artist more often, it becomes uniform, which is why I don't take a photo every time. With the AB anyway almost never (once with Ivonne, that was important to me

Old acquaintances

) and at Bodo's a few times, just because he looks so damn good.

Old acquaintances

I don't collect autographs either, so not more than once. If I have one from an artist once, that's enough for me. Accordingly, I don't save tickets either.


12.03.2020, 21:50

I no longer collect photos and autographs for myself at the AB and Medlz! At the AB I only collect when I need autographs for somebody else.

Apart from that I only chat with the gentlemen's choral society.

Old acquaintances


12.03.2020, 22:03

I also don't have every concert ticket signed anymore. Probably now only the ones that I consider to be special for me.

Photos in the AG at the AB I make for my concert album. There I stick the pictures then also always purely.

With other artists, there is no explicit reason why I take the pictures there. Whereby a reason for it could be that I use them for Instagram.


12.03.2020, 22:50

So far I have only photos with the old acquaintances, Wise Guys and Culcha Candela.

At the first and second WG concert I took pictures and signed the CD as a memory of the WG. And yes I still look at the photos

At the AB concerts it was actually the same thing. I think the photos are a good memory . I also love to look at them again when I'm bored or I want to remember special moments. With Culcha Candela I only took pictures with the singers. With them it was also because I find it a nice memory . But they don't announce that they are coming out, so it was more of a coincidence .

I would not know now with which star I would like to have a photo is perhaps also because I have no idea of most stars, because I'm not really interested.


12.03.2020, 23:12

I've never taken a picture with any artist and I've never gotten an autograph either I just realized

Old acquaintances
Old acquaintances

I wouldn't want a photo either – I'm totally unphotogenic and can't stand it when someone takes a picture of me

Old acquaintances

.. Especially when one of them looks really good (Serena, I have to agree with you in this case)

Old acquaintances

) I would feel stupid if I mess up the picture then

Old acquaintances

But I also like to keep the tickets and if I ever buy a CD at a concert, I'm sure I'll have them signed as well. Would be a good reason to go to each of them and talk to them, which is really hard for me.

Oh yes, if that counts, I have 2 signed books and with Philippe Karl even a photo on which my girls dragged me on it

Old acquaintances


12.03.2020, 23:16

I also only have special tickets signed (exactly 2 so far). To my first photo with an AB has persuaded me Ingo ("You only need to stand there, I'll do the rest!"), that's not what I originally wanted. But if I then one "in the collection" and the others do not…Is also not possible. Then there was another one with everyone when I was in charge of the MISEREOR booth, once with Serena and in Göttingen…, those were very special concerts.

I have autographs on the above mentioned 2 cards, on my tour shirts and on the title pages of my concert diaries.

Why all this? Reminiscing is certainly one reason, but in the end I haven't asked myself why, because for me it's just part of being a fan. I never had this desire for autographs/photos before the ABs. And I often browse through my concert reviews. I enjoy the pictures.


13.03.2020, 01:35

I would really like to have photos from the Afterglow. But not with myself! The light conditions of the afterglow would probably not do me any favors. Signatures on the CDs, as a kind of signature of the "work", are a must for me – especially because they are a welcome possibility to get in contact and to start a conversation. Of course, this is only possible once per CD and I would have to think about an alternative icebreaker – should I ever visit several concerts of a tour. In this context I remember a really stupid mishap: After my first AB concert visit. Afterglow I had the signed "We-are-there"-CD put in my fanny pack. In there, the silver lacquer pencil on the black CD cover unfortunately suffered a bit. The signatures were a little bit scratched. At home I had the idea to fix the varnish with hairspray (which I got as a present at some hairdresser's visit anno dazumal). That worked out quite wonderfully. After my second Afterglow I had the "Life-is-beautiful"-CD transported in another bag and the signatures remained intact. At home I thought: Joa, fixation does not hurt anyway. So I got out the hairspray again and started spraying. However, the gentlemen had used a sharpie for signing this time. He didn't like the hairspray so much. The signatures are totally blurred. I could simply wipe it off with a handkerchief. So now the CD cover is unsullied again. I guess I'll just take it to the next concert – whenever that will be – and have it signed again. With the story to it I have at least immediately 'nen conversation entrance.

Old acquaintances


13.03.2020, 09:19

In principle, I feel the same as you, Lu.

I don't own a single autograph (or I do, my mother once brought me one that she thought would give me pleasure..) and I never took photos with anyone at concerts. I can do with it also nothing at all, that gives me somehow nothing. I do keep tickets of nice events as a memory, simply because there is also the date on it and I occasionally have such moments from the series "When was that again??". I have a box with such things and occasionally I rummage through it and am happy about suddenly appearing memories.

The only exception was now in Göttingen, where we took group photos with the whole troop. But then it was more about the group. To make memories of a great evening together.

But this is a general thing of mine. I almost never take photos of great moments, because I am much too busy at that moment to record and enjoy it. I just make a picture in my head…

Besides, I find it highly embarrassing for me to grin into the camera and pose for posed photos, when I see such pictures, I think rather of the unpleasant feeling that I had in the process and crumble even afterwards again inwardly to dust. I feel the same way with conversations in the Afterglow or similar moments. I tend to keep unpleasant memories of such out-of-the-floor cramp talks, where you don't really have anything to say, so I just leave them alone. On the other hand, I had very nice and good conversations when I went there specifically because I wanted to say something concrete, ask, remark or thank them for something special. Both with the AB and elsewhere.


13.03.2020, 09:37

I am really happy that there have already been some answers; somehow I had the fear "nobody dares again"

Old acquaintances

With the conversations in the Afterglow (and also the photos) it goes me exactly like you, cookie

Old acquaintances

It's almost more likely that Ingo talks to me than I talk to him, and the topic is always my health anyway. Sometimes it is difficult for me to bend the bow to a small thanks for a great concert. But of course I am touched that he and also Clemens always show concern for me

Old acquaintances

With the Wise Guys I took a lot of photos during the concerts; since the AB don't want me to do that, it has rather fallen asleep, if I can ever go to a concert… But in the AG I somehow don't feel comfortable either.

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