Netmagazine cbr 1000 rr

Motorcycles in the shade.

Netmagazine cbr 1000 rr

Striking arrow shape This
successful design comes from Polo motorcycle.

Netmagazine cbr 1000 rr

In collaboration with the well-known Turn signal specialists

Kellermann GmbH it has been put into practice and


Netmagazine cbr 1000 rr

Worth mentioning Made in Germany Production.

The individual styling of this Micro Polo LED embodies

With its striking arrow shape pure Elegance and Sporty-


Netmagazine cbr 1000 rr

Micro Polo LED turn signals in the shape of an arrow for the arrow-fast fire blade Means fine LED technology will also have a small

Construction of the Turn signal housing enables, which in the

Eloxal chrome, satin finish and black available


Netmagazine cbr 1000 rr

The aerodynamic housing consists of light

Aluminum material, which in the Motorcycle section

Under no circumstances as Standard defined can be done.

With a Total length from 75 mm act the Micro Polo

LED extremely filigree.

Netmagazine cbr 1000 rr

Brevity is the spice of life. One of the Advantages this LED technology is their high

Light output. Through the used Clear glass the Micro

Polo LED this is extremely bright flashing lights, good out-

Beams. This ensures a high level of safety at the Flashing for a Safety plus.

Netmagazine cbr 1000 rr

In the Reality is this Advantage, as for example with

Brighter environments at sunny days, however

Also at Counterfeiting at Road traffic

From of utmost importance. In contrast to LED turn signals

More favorable manufacturer, becomes with the Micro Polo LED-

Illuminants on the basis of the Longlife Protection Guard

Technology, the guarantor for a high Lifespan

Given. Harmful voltage spikes, which the LEDs

Could destroy, are done by means of this Control technology

Avoided. Due to the soldered LEDs separates an

Repair in most cases from. With the assembly of the

Micro Polo LED should have a slightly larger Time spent

Be scheduled.

Netmagazine cbr 1000 rr

Detailed installation instructions are included in the scope of delivery. For clean installation of the Power lines must

Motorcycle dependent some Fairing parts and the

Seat be dismantled.

Netmagazine cbr 1000 rr

With the mounting plates are to cover the holes on the fairing

Become. The left ones are intended for the front, the right ones for the rear, if

No accessory license plate holder was mounted. Besides the actual Micro Polo LED turn signal is

Additionally Power resistance (8.2 Ohm)

LED turn signals each needs.

Netmagazine cbr 1000 rr

Per Micro Polo LED turn signal, a power resistor is needed This Performance resistance will be included in parallel Electricity-

Line of the turn signal connected to the increased flash-

Frequency to reduce. When connecting the LED turn signal

To the vehicle, it makes sense to pay a bending tube for the To-

Management to use them against bruising or

Damages To protect.

For one registration free ride are the Micro Polo LED

EVEN WITH A E-mark provided and thus for the

Road transport approved. To avoid possible Scheuer contacts

From license plate off are to be avoided for the

Anti-vibration fixing arms optional

Extensions in 25mm and 40mm offered.

More info:

Polo Express Dispatch GmbH& Co. KG

Reisholz shipyard Str.

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