Motorcycle tours, enduro tours and enduro hiking

Motorcycle tours, enduro tours and enduro hiking

Boundless freedom on two wheels on tours to the most beautiful landscapes, experience with our motorcycle tours and enduro tours worldwide. Where to go, you decide. We take care of the rest!

Motorcycle and Enduro fans who want to feel the wind while they enjoy the curves along a coast or explore with the Enduro over bumpy and therefore lonely paths, are exactly right with us. We organize motorcycle tours. Enduro tours to dream destinations for bikers. Get ready for a unique event. Unforgettable bike experience!

For our motorcycle tours and enduro tours you should take a few days time. We offer tours from 5 – 50 days. Motorcycle tours on the road or Enduro tours for beginners and advanced riders. Due to our excellent contacts worldwide you can expect the most beautiful tours with the best material and experienced organizers. As stopovers we organize rustic accommodations or true dream hotels, where you can take a time-out. Depending on the chosen destination, it is also possible to bring your own machine to the tour. And who would like, receives on the motorcycle journeys and Endurotouren also numerous technology Tipps and cheats. An Enduro driving training before departure can also be booked with us, in order to prepare optimally for the upcoming trip.

Up to the highest mountain trails, along coasts or cross-country through the country. Our motorcycle tours and enduro tours offer you a varied and unlimited possibility to enjoy the fun on your moped. Join us on a motorized adventure on two wheels. Start a motorcycle tour or an enduro tour in your desired destination. Of course, the companion without a bike can also be there and have fun.

In our offer you will find guided motorcycle tours. Here you can easily join a travel group and experience together. Individual motorcycle tours – we are on the road in many countries. Offer you the motorcycle trip at desired date.

You want to go off-road? Our Enduro tours are a possibility to say goodbye to the asphalt. Or you want to rent a motorcycle – not everywhere, but in many places of the world we can help you with that.

Or you have a completely different idea – just ask – maybe we know a solution.

With or without escort – or on your own with a rental motorcycle. With roadbook or with our support. However you imagine your tour – we are there for you. Always with as much service as possible. We cooperate with some selected partners. Through our membership with Solamento you can also get flights, hotels, connecting stays and everything you need in terms of travel services.


All services you book with us are, even if we work with foreign partners,

Insured against insolvency according to German law with us as organizer. You do not transfer money abroad.

With us you will find guided motorcycle tours at bookable dates. We offer guided motorcycle tours in

Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

Among others motorcycle tours in the countries: Georgia, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Scotland, Norway, California, Alaska, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Spain, Morocco, Arizona, Mexico, Cuba…And much more. There are tours with your own motorcycle or with rental motorcycles.

Here you can find some concrete offers.

You can simply book these and be there. In 2018 we offer more than 100 motorcycle trips to various destinations around the world, in every season of the year. We are happy to advise you.

For your individual motorcycle tour, we will be happy to submit, after detailed discussion

Your travel wishes an offer. For this we can also motorcycles and OffRoader

Combine. So if you have participants who don't want to or can't ride a motorcycle, then

We offer them the opportunity to participate in the tour as a self-driver with an off-road vehicle

Or to ride along as a passenger in the supply car.

You can rent with us, in some destinations, current BMW, KTM and Yamaha motorcycles

And drive your individual tour. We have at all our

Targets service points, so that you are always optimally cared for here as well. We will gladly suggest a route for you. Book for you the desired hotels.

For long-term stays in South America we offer you the special service – Buy and Sales Back

So that also this functions problem-free, we settle the

All paperwork for you. Benefit from our experience of 20 years. There are approx.

80 current BMW motorcycles available. Carefully maintained, reliable and with the

Security of our own service network.

We can transport your own motorcycle to different places. At the moment, the destinations are the countries along the Silk Road. The offer will be extended in 2017. Ask for your desired destination.

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