Mats hummels’ dating chaos ex

Last summer, Mats Hummels reportedly dated HER: Lisa Straube, professional table tennis player from Dortmund, Germany. Now the young influencer spoke out in the love chaos surrounding the footballer – shortly afterwards, unknown persons damaged her car. How Straube reacts to the attack.

Ouch, that hurts just looking at it! In her latest story, Lisa Straube (21), influencer and alleged ex-love interest of professional kicker Mats Hummels (33), now shows what internet trolls are capable of in real life: Unknown persons scratched the car of the professional table tennis player.

Straube's statement on the matter: "And that, dear friends, is what you call ill-will." In addition there is a middle finger to the perpetrators as well as the dedication: "Very dear greetings to the cardboard nose, which that was."

Shortly after the breakup, Mats Hummels was seen with Lisa Straube

Lisa Straube had been spotted with the BVB star shortly after the separation of Mats and Cathy Hummels (34) became known in August 2021, was already considered his new love. However, neither of them ever confirmed that.

Cathy Hummels: who laughs last – Mats cuddles at home

Nevertheless, Straube remained in the conversation. The Dortmunderin was helped by sexy photos and influencer collaborations, but also some comments that seemed as if they were a side blow in the direction of Cathy Hummels.

Straube shows solidarity with Cathy Hummels

All the more surprising that Lisa Straube sides with the still-footballer's wife in the latest dating drama.

Mats hummels' dating chaos ex
Mats hummels' dating chaos ex

The love confusion in a nutshell: ex-GNTM winner Céline Bethmann (23) is currently firing up the rumor mill about an affair with Mats Hummels, even posting a selfie from his bedroom. Even more: Bethmann gave an interview. Spoke in it about the alleged romance.

She sent the link to Cathy Hummels, who in turn posted the message on Instagram. Phew. Lisa Straube then came forward and said she found Céline's "taunts" "pathetic", Cathy Hummels' handling of them all the more admirable.

Fans now suspect that the attack on Lisa's car could be related to her comments on Céline Bethmann's Instagram show. According to the motto: "If you had rather said nothing, then your car would also have been spared."

Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by L I S A M A R I E (@lisa.Straube)

This is how cool the influencer reacts

But silence is out of the question for Lisa Straube. Nevertheless, she gives herself controlled and considered. In your stories, she explained, "I'm starting to really feel like somehow there's something new waiting for me every day. Yesterday the one with the car, and last night there was another incident at my house.

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