License plates special license plates at a glance

Have you ever heard of the carbon license plate?? What does the green. Red license plates? And what is the difference between a changeable and a seasonal license plate?? What the different license plates are all about, what advantages they offer and who can use the special license plates, you will learn in this article.

What you can expect here

The standard: EU license plate
Transfer platesShort-term license plates / 5-day license plates / daily license plates
Export license plates / customs license plates / export license plates
Red license plateRed 05 license plate
Red 06 license plate
Red 07 license plate

0 license plate
Carbon license plate

The standard: car license plate EU

The Euro license plate is the conventional standard license plate within the EU. It is marked on the left edge with a
blue bar provide, in which the stars of the European flag are located. Below this is the Country license plate with corresponding abbreviation, z.B. "D" for Germany. Next to the blue bar follow One to three letters, which is the Administrative district of the registration authority specify.

By the way: This is how the registration of your car!

In the
test badge will indicate when the next HU is due. The stamped plate contains the coat of arms of the federal state and the Name of the registration authority. On the right side Identification number, consisting of one to two letters and one to four digits. This part can be individually designed as a personalized license plate.

Transfer license plate

The transfer license plate is a Generic term for the short-term license plate, the export license plate and the red license plates. It is either for the domestic or foreign transfer of new or registered vehicles. Already deregistered vehicles or for test and inspection drives used. If several vehicles are transported, several transfer plates are also required. What are the differences between the various types of license plates for transfers, you can find out here.

Attention: The mark must be
clean and legible at all times its. You can find out how to keep your car clean in our comprehensive guide to washing your own car. Transfer-. Test drive in Germany. Although the short-term license plate is generally recognized within the EU, there is no legal entitlement to it. However, it is forbidden to drive abroad with the day license plate in order to import a vehicle into Germany. The export license plate is intended for these purposes. In contrast to the red license plate, the short-term license plate may be also by private persons are used.

License plates special license plates at a glance

The day license plate is on a yellow field visible on the right side, in which the expiration date with day, month and year is stamped. In addition, the identification number begins with an 03 or 04. A vehicle with a short-term license plate may only be registered with the valid HU participate in road traffic. Single Exception: The journey to the HU may also be used without TÜV. If defects are found there, you may also start the journey to the workshop without a valid TÜV, provided that the vehicle has been classified as roadworthy.

Export license plate / customs license plate / export license plate

The export license plate, also known as customs license plate or export license plate, is for the permanent export of a vehicle meant and maximum 12 months valid. It can be recognized by the red bar on the right side, in which the validity date is noted.

License plates special license plates at a glance

The Export license plate is registered in the respective country, from which the vehicle is exported. So if you want to import a vehicle from abroad to Germany, apply for the customs plate in the appropriate country. Alternatively, you can also import the vehicle on a trailer or car transporter, in which case you do not need an export license plate.

Red license plate

The red special license plates also fall into the category "transfer plates", but these are reserved for the trade. Exception is the red 07 license plate for vintage cars. You can recognize the red license plates by the red lettering, the red frames and the respective number abbreviation (05, 06 or 07) in the identification number.

Red 05 license plate

The red 05 license plate will be by technical inspection bodies and monitoring organizations used. Otherwise it is very similar to the red 06 license plate.

Red 06 license plate

The red 06 license plate is also "dealer license plate common and applies to Vehicle manufacturer, -workshops, -parts manufacturer as well as -Dealer, which can be found on test, trial or transfer drive are. Excluded are private persons as well as commercial and purpose trips. A commercial seller is therefore not allowed to make private journeys with the 06 license plate. For this reason a Logbook and a Special vehicle registration booklet must be carried. Each vehicle has a separate page in the vehicle registration booklet.

The transfer with the red license plate may within the EU take place. In contrast to the short-term license plate, the dealer license plate not vehicle-bound. So a dealer may use the same 06 license plate for all his sales vehicles. However, only dealers classified as "reliable" will receive. Manufacturer the coveted red vehicle license plate. The registration is initially valid for 12 months, can with correct guidance however unlimited be extended. In addition, the registration authority is authorized to visit unannounced at any time and to withdraw the red license plate in case of violations.

Red 07 license plate

Also as red classic car license plate known, the 07 license plate can for several classic cars be used. The classic car does not have to be registered or have passed the main inspection. Instead, a classic car certificate is due, which you must present when applying for the 07 license plate.

License plates special license plates at a glance

The red classic car license plate is for purpose-bound journeys for the representation and care of the oldtimer designed like z.B. Classic car meetings or workshop visits. The advantage of the red 07 license plate lies in the tax benefits.

H license plate

The H license plate, i.E. The historical license plates, is also suitable for classic cars. Here, however, in contrast to the red 07 license plate, it is registered classic car. The license plate is assigned to a specific vehicle and cannot be changed. The following requirements must be met by a vehicle in order to be considered a classic car and thus receive the H license plate:

– First registration is at least 30 years back
– Motor vehicle main components are in the Original condition

Period-typical optics is still preserved
– Passed general inspection (TÜV)
classic car appraisals

License plates special license plates at a glance

The historical license plate also comes with a Tax relief therefore. In addition, the classic car is not required to have an environmental badge.

Tip: Other
Information about classic cars as well as to the separate tax and insurance regulation you receive in our old timer councellor.

Change license plate

The changeable license plate enables the vehicle owner to, two vehicles of the same vehicle class (M1, L, O1 or classic car with H license plate) to drive alternately. This does not apply to vehicles with red, seasonal or transfer license plates. Both vehicles must have a valid HU and also the Tax and insurance costs are the same for both vehicles.

Note: From
2021 increases the vehicle tax for vehicles with high CO2 emissions. You can find out more about this in our article on the new vehicle tax 2021.

A large cost saving is not to be obtained with the change license plate therefore. Although some insurers offer special rates for interchangeable license plates an, but even here you save at most ca. 10 percent. So if you want to use both vehicles at the same time, you have to change the license plate every time without saving a lot of money. One interchangeable license plate is therefore usually worthwhile only in exceptional cases, z.B. If you want to use it in combination of car and camper or oldtimer and everyday car.

The changeable license plate consists of two parts: On the one hand from the common part, Which visually resembles the normal EU license plate, but is marked with a small "W is. In addition, both motor vehicles have vehicle-related part. This is an extension of the license plate, which is permanently mounted on the vehicle. It contains the last digit of the changeable license plate, the HU sticker as well as the letter combination from the common part. The vehicle-related part is important because it means that both vehicles are permanently recognizable as registered, even if the changeable license plate is not attached. Indeed, public parking without a vehicle license plate is prohibited and subject to a fine.

Seasonal license plates

The seasonal license plate is ideal for vehicles that are not driven during certain seasons. Typically, these are convertibles, caravans and motorcycles. A vehicle with a seasonal license plate may only be driven within a for a period fixed by the holder between eight weeks and eleven months participate in public road traffic. This includes public parking. Out of season, you must park the vehicle accordingly in a private parking lot, such as z.B. A garage, park.

License plates special license plates at a glance

You recognize the seasonal license plate two numbers on the right margin. These indicate in months from when to when the vehicle is registered. Vehicle every year on-. To have to deregister. How to save time and money.

Diplomatic license plate

The diplomatic license plate is, as the name suggests, only Diplomats reserved. This includes z.B. Ambassador, consul and head of an international organization. These persons enjoy the privilege of diplomatic immunity. This means that diplomats not prosecuted for regulatory offences can be. Besides they have free passage in case of security barriers and are Exempt from vehicle tax.

In the event of an accident, the occupants of a vehicle with diplomatic plates are given preferential treatment. The license plate is personal, however, an exception can be requested for the chauffeur.

0 license plate

Receive the 0 license plate Diplomats of particularly high rank and can be recognized by the zero followed by the country code and then the rank number.

License plates special license plates at a glance

Green license plate

The green license plate is similar to the standard license plate, but differs with regard to the green font. Which motor vehicle receives a green license plate, depends on the use and not on the type of vehicle. The following uses are intended for the green license plate:

– vehicles for winter service / street cleaning
– agricultural or forestry vehicles
– Milk truck
– Aid organizations
– showman's trade
– rescue vehicles
– Disabled transport
– Special trailers for sports equipment
– Animal transport (for sporting purposes)
– working machines with a maximum design speed of 20 km/h
The It must be possible to prove the purpose of use at any time, otherwise a reproach threatens to the tax evasion. Vehicles with green license plates are exempt from vehicle tax. On the other hand, the vehicle insurance must be paid regularly.

E license plate

With an "E" after the identification number are pure battery electric vehicles, Plug-in hybrids and Fuel cell vehicles marked. The E license plate entitles to Use of bus lanes as well as in many cities to the free parking. Learn about other advantages here. The conditions of an E license plate!

License plates special license plates at a glance

Note: Save even more money with the new environmental bonus for electric cars! The 3D license plate differs only in appearance. The material from the normal car license plate. Otherwise it fulfills all requirements of a standard license plate. The three-dimensional appearance is created by the letters, which are not embossed in the plate, but are placed on the license plate and firmly connected. This procedure is called Plug-in embossing. The 3D license plate, unlike the conventional license plate, consists of Plastic, whereby it is especially flexible, durable and environmentally friendly in the manufacture is. In the production fall ca. 75 percent less CO2 than with an aluminum license plate. Besides, the 3D license plate is made of plastic not susceptible to rust or dents.

Carbon license plate

Fine-tuning down to the last detail: Those who want it to be a little fancier can opt for a carbon license plate. The 3D classification mark with noble shimmering carbon surface Is particularly popular among fine tuners.

Leasing license plate

Are there Special license plate for leased vehicles? The answer is no. Depending on the agreement, either the lessor or lessee will provide approval. Often the lessee is responsible for the registration of the car. This is also registered as the vehicle owner. However, as the owner, the lessor retains the vehicle title after registration a. You do not need a transfer plate, as the transfer is done by the dealer when leasing.

License plates special license plates at a glance

With leasing, just as with purchasing, you have the Possibility to use the different special license plates. However, this has no effect on the leasing rate. If you want to e.G. If the lessee uses a seasonal license plate, the lease payment is still due for the entire year. You can find more information about leasing in our big leasing guide.

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