Kw 50 crane truck

Today, it is taken for granted in our district that almost every second fire department is equipped with a so-called. The rescue team is equipped with a hydraulic rescue kit, i.E. Rescue shears and a rescue spreader, in order to be able to provide fast and effective help, especially in the case of traffic accidents with trapped persons.The today's conditions preceded however a long, in the meantime over 50-jähriger development, which the following contribution, as well as the photos of the fire-brigade Garmisch, in extracts to reproduce:In the apron of the first-time procurement of a Rüstwagens for theLandkreis Garmisch – Partenkirchen took place on Saturday 20. August 1955 on the town hall square in Garmisch – Partenkirchen before the two mayors of the market, representatives of the district office, district fire inspector Stückl and numerous fire department commanders of the district an inspection and demonstration took place.In view of the increasing number of traffic accidents in the district, the acquisition of a rescue vehicle was intended to close a gap in the supply of emergency services that had existed until then.On Saturday 11. August 1956, it was then so far:The new armored vehicle on Mercedes- Benz, 145 hp, total weight 15 t, body and crane with 10 t lifting capacity of the company Metz, the district of Garmisch- Partenkirchen received from H.H. Dean Lorenzer the church blessing and was officially put into service as the first and most modern crane and armored vehicle in Bavaria by District Administrator Renk and District Fire Inspector Stückl,… Stückl lent in a short speech its joy, over the new armored vehicle, expression. Among other things, he said that mechanization has brought many conveniences, but also more dangers, and has assigned new tasks to fire departments. The new rescue vehicle is an important and valuable piece of equipment in the field of technical assistance. During the joint ride with the Savings Bank Director Hillebrant once again expressed that they had chosen the best armored vehicle that existed at that time.Among the guests were Regierungsrat Beseller and other gentlemen from the District Office, the mayors Schütte, Maderspacher and Seitz (Mittenwald), as well as numerous local councillors. Finally, the president of the Bavarian Savings Banks and Giro Associations, Minister of State a.D. Dr.Zorn the word and congratulated the district on the new vehicle, a gift from the Kreissparkasse Garmisch- Partenkirchen, which could be made possible from its surpluses. The vehicle was stationed at the Garmisch Fire Department.The rescue vehicle had its first major deployment in November 1956 in a serious traffic accident at the Kranzbach Bridge between Klais and Krün. In the process, a truck rammed a Postomnibus. The result: one dead. Three seriously injured. From the very beginning, the rescue vehicle's area of operation also extended to the neighboring Tyrol, as such a vehicle was lacking there.Due to the increase in road traffic and the associated increased risk of accidents, the fire department was increasingly called upon to provide technical assistance and to rescue and recover trapped persons. With the vehicles available at that time, the journey to the scene of the accident, especially on mountain roads, was very time-consuming.The command of the fire department Garmisch therefore decided to buy a so-called WLF 82/2. Emergency aid vehicle to be purchased.On Sunday the 1.November 1971, a Mercedes van L 508 D was ceremoniously put into service. Active firefighters equipped the vehicle accordingly and fitted it with the necessary technical equipment.The fast and maneuverable vehicle considerably reduced the travel time to the scene of the emergency and thus the injured persons could be helped more quickly.On Sunday the 21. November 1976, a new crane truck, KW 25 of the company Krupp, could be solemnly put into service as a replacement for the Rüstwagen which had come into the years. The costs for the acquisition of the crane truck amounted to 300 €.000,- DM. With 250 HP, the KW 25 could lift up to 25 tons of load and had an outreach of 25 meters.The previous emergency vehicle was replaced in 1980 by a rescue vehicle RW 2, Mercedes Benz (Ziegler), for accidents and technical assistance.Because of the high repair expenditure and difficulties with the spare part procurement for the KW 25 the district decided to procure a new crane truck KW 50 of the company Liebherr and to hand over to the fire-brigade Garmisch. On Sunday the 16.May 1999, the inauguration of the new crane truck took place at Richard- Strauss- Platz.The new crane truck and the now 2006 in service AB- Rüst/ Material, which is mounted on a 3-axle MAN TGA 26.430, the Garmisch fire department is technically up to date in order to be able to help quickly, effectively and with the necessary, well-trained personnel as a central support fire department for heavy technical assistance in the entire district, as well as in the neighboring Tyrol.

Details: Crane truck KW 50 and WLF 82/2 with AB- Rüst/ Material

This vehicle was purchased by the district of Garmisch – Partenkirchen and handed over to the Garmisch fire department to carry out technical rescue operations for people and animals, as well as for assistance in preserving significant material assets or preventing major environmental damage. It is a replacement for a 27 years old crane truck, which had to be replaced because of the high repair costs and difficulties in the procurement of spare parts. The new crane truck has a weight of 48 tons. With an outreach of 3.5 meters, it has a lifting capacity of 50 tons. When the telescopic boom on the max. Length of 42 meters is extended, a load of one ton can still be lifted. An electronic display informs about load, crane utilization, working radii, boom length and lifting height. At the rear of the vehicle there is a 20 ton winch with a cable length of 70 meters, as well as a towing device. The crane truck also has a harbor rescue cage with a base area of 3.75pm, which can be loaded with five people or 500kg. Furthermore, various tools are used. Slinging equipment carried along. The vehicle engine has a power output of 408 hp, the crane engine 163 hp. In the field, all eight wheels can be driven. All four axles can be locked by means of a differential lock.

WLF 82/2 with AB- Rüst/ Material

The three-axle chassis of the MAN TGA 26.430 with "Hydrodrive" hydraulically driven front axle and liftable trailing steering axle is driven by a 430 hp strong engine.In addition, there is a loading crane, it 10.6 t. With a lateral projection of 1.9 m lifts. With a reach of 15 m it still has a lifting capacity of 1.8 t. The crane itself also contains a winch with a usable rope length of 60 m and a pulling force of 2.2 t. The hook unit is capable of picking up roll-off containers weighing up to 26 tons. The permanently installed Rotzler Treibmatic winch has a pulling force of max.

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