Krist bicycle insurance

Krist Bicycle Insurance

Comprehensive insurance coverage for your bike.

Unlike a homeowner's policy, a comprehensive bicycle insurance policy covers not only bicycle theft, but also parts theft and damage z.B. By falls or accidents also insured.

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Advantages at a glance

Carbon frame insured – Theft protection, parts theft – Falls and accidental damage – Around the clock 24 hour coverage – Repair or replacement in case of vandalism, accident or fall – Moisture damage to battery, motor and control devices – Electronic damage to battery, motor and control devices are also insured. (short circuit, induction, overvoltage) – Simple and uncomplicated settlement with free choice of repair shop

What is insured?

Insured is the bicycle with or without auxiliary motor (Pedelec). This includes all the parts that are permanently attached to the bike and belong to the function of the bike, such as the saddle, handlebars, lights, bell, luggage rack.

Bicycle accessories loosely connected to the bicycle that are regularly in use are also covered:

Bike lock, bike trailer, tow bar, lights, bike speedometer, bike mirror, bike compass, bike helmet, air pump, map holder, water bottle, bike bag, tool bag, repair kit, bike basket, child seat, plug-in fender, reflectors, rain tarp.

Krist bicycle insurance provides compensation for


– In case of loss of the bike due to theft, burglary or robbery – In case of theft of parts permanently attached to the bike (including batteries) – In case of theft of the bike from a parked motor vehicle that has been locked or. Is locked. – Insurance coverage is also available for theft from bike racks attached to it that are secured with locks, provided the bike is separately securely attached to the bike rack with a lock.


– Malicious damage or destruction by unknown third parties


– Accident – vandalism – damage caused by falling or crashing – operating errors, clumsiness – fire, explosion, lightning – storm, hail, flood, avalanches, landslide – moisture damage to battery, motor and control devices – electronic damage (short circuit, induction, overvoltage) to battery, motor and control devices – wear and tear up to a bike age of max. 5 years – wear and tear also on tires and brakes up to 150 EUR per insured event and insurance year

What is replaced?

Compensation for theft

The costs of a new bicycle of the same type and quality (replacement value) are reimbursed, up to a maximum of the agreed sum insured, regardless of the age of the bicycle.

Compensation for vandalism/damage

Reimbursed the necessary repair costs for the restoration of the previous condition. Regardless of the age of the bike.

Sum insured

The sum insured is calculated from the dealer selling price of the bike incl. The parts that are firmly connected to the bike and belong to the function of the bike. The lock used to secure the bike does not have to be considered when determining the sum insured, but will be compensated above the sum insured if the bike is stolen.


In case of damage there is no deductible.

Where are you insured?

The insurance coverage is valid in the Federal Republic of Germany as well as worldwide during a stay abroad without any time limit.

– Round-the-clock 24-hour coverage

What is not insured?

– Damages that do not affect the function of the thing (z. B. Scuffs or damage to the paintwork) – Damage caused by rust or oxidation – Damage for which a third party is contractually liable as manufacturer, seller, from a repair order or other contractual relationship – Damage as a result of manipulation of the drive system or due to improper installation or modification – Damage caused intentionally by the policyholder – Participation in cycling events with mass starts or rides or riding events where the competitive achievement of a maximum speed is important.

– Insurance protection exists however for the participation in trips and driving events, which do not begin with a mass start and with which it does not depend competitively on the reaching of a maximum speed or with which it concerns a Triathlon, Duathlon or Cyclo cross competition without bicycle mass start

What to watch out for?

– To be secured at all times with an independent lock customary in the trade. – In case of accommodation in an exclusively self-occupied locked building / room / shed, the closure regulations do not apply. – If the bicycle is stored in shared premises, it must be secured with a lock to prevent theft. – In the case of theft of a bicycle from a parked motor vehicle, there is insurance coverage if the motor vehicle is locked. – In the event of theft from a bicycle carrier secured with a lock, insurance coverage exists, provided that the bicycle is separately firmly connected to the bicycle carrier with a lock.

In case of damage

– In the event of a claim, the original dealer's receipt must be submitted to the insurance company, including the frame number, as well as the complete purchaser's address. If the repair costs are expected to exceed 150,- EURO, a cost estimate must be submitted to the insurer for approval before the repair is carried out. Invoice for the insured bike and if necessary. Submit permanently mounted attachments in the original – in case of theft/ burglary additionally submit the invoice for the bicycle lock used in the original – report damage due to criminal acts to your police station – in case of repairs due to damage submit the corresponding invoice of the bicycle repair shop. The invoice must contain details of the insured bike such as z. B. Brand, type, frame number included. – Photos of the damaged parts, or. Of the damaged wheel are to be submitted, please keep damaged parts

Krist bicycle insurance

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When does the protection start?

Coverage begins on the date shown on the policy certificate.

How the agreement ends? You can terminate the contract at the end of the next agreed insurance period. Cancel at the end of each renewal year. The notice period is one day.

Likewise, you can cancel the Krist bicycle insurance after the occurrence of a claim. Then the insurance period ends even before the end of the agreed duration.

Contractual bases

The data on our website are not complete. You can find the complete information here in the contract documents.

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