Kfz gutachter göppingen

Kfz gutachter göppingen

Look for the proofs of the inspections. General inspections (HU) together. Are all inspections registered in the inspection booklet? If maintenance or an MOT is due, you should take care of it, otherwise the leasing bank will charge you for it.
Eliminate damage. Normal signs of use must be accepted by the lessor. Neither tires nor brakes need to be untouched. The vehicle may also show other usual use traces, z.B. Small stone chips or fine scratches on the door handles. But: accident damage, consequences of vandalism and anything that affects road safety must be repaired by you. If your vehicle has such damage, you should have it repaired by a specialist workshop, if possible at low cost with Smart Repair. This also includes that the tires must have the minimum tread depth. Original tires. Your vehicle must be returned in the same condition in which you received it. This includes that it is equipped with the original tires – usually summer tires. Car keys complete? Remember to bring all the car keys you received to the return appointment. Remove accessories. You must remove any accessories you have installed without leaving any residue before returning the vehicle. This includes z.B. Stickers or cell phone holders. Take witnesses. Ask a witness to accompany you to the handover appointment, z.B. A work colleague, friend or neighbor. Photograph documents: Make copies or legible photos of the vehicle documents, i.E. The inspection booklet, the TÜV sticker, the registration certificate, the warranty booklet, etc.
If applicable. Make a purchase offer. In the case of a leasing contract with residual value settlement, you should consider offering the leasing bank to buy the vehicle. The bank does not have to accept this offer, but then cannot charge you a higher residual value difference if it sells the vehicle at a lower price. Of course, a purchase can only be considered if you can find the appropriate financial resources and continue to use or resell the vehicle. Often, reselling privately is cheaper than having the leasing bank sell the vehicle to the dealer at dealer purchase price and settling the difference with you. These principles also apply if you convey the offer to buy to another solvent person, z.B. From your family. Immediately before the handover: The following steps should be taken shortly before the handover, ideally at the dealer's front door. If you record the condition of the vehicle at an earlier point in time, it could be objected that damage could have occurred in the meantime until the handover.

Take a picture of the car. Take pictures from all sides, including the interior, the roof and the Mileage indicator. Photograph critical areas several times, z.B. Damages where there could be discussions. Expert: Bring your own expert with you to the lease handover. Have the expert document the condition immediately before the vehicle is handed over. If the appraiser can't come to the dealership, schedule the appraisal appointment so you can drive from there directly to the lease return. Only sign your own return protocol. Do not sign any return protocol or protocol prepared by the dealer or the leasing bank, even if the dealer pressures you to do so. In our experience, such documents almost always contain unfair clauses to your disadvantage. It is better to draw up your own log with your witness and have your witness sign it. If the dealer insists on a signature, have him give you his document and ask for time to think it over. That is your right. Do not sign anything on the spot.

High additional demand for leasing return? Send us the leasing statement. Your leasing contract. We check the documents. Rejects unjustified claims.

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