Gps tracker usb stick jammer especially for signal tracking

When you buy and use a mortgage car, it is best to be equipped with a GPS tracker USB stick jammer within a certain period of time. Especially the friends of car dealers to pick up the car and buy the mortgage car, that is, once you get the car, you can open the GPS jammer and put one in the car and one in the trunk! Driving the jammer can ensure that you have no worries during the return trip. However, the jammer cannot be turned on 24 hours a day. After you arrive safely at your location, you will need to find a professional to examine the GPS itself and install a GPS tracking device as well as a concealed lock, key change, and other security measures Mistakes just in case.

Gps tracker usb stick jammer especially for signal tracking

In addition to the radio jammer Some people can say that they use signal detectors to find out and destroy GPS tracking devices. Yes, this is also true, but this is only useful for some GPS devices. If the GPS tracker is in a dormant state most of the time, the signal detector cannot detect it! Why? For example, some GPS trackers with long standby time have only one alarm time per day. After waking up, they immediately return the car's position information to the owner's cell phone platform, and then switch to the sleep state. In the sleeping state it has no signal. It is absolutely impossible for car thieves to detect it! In addition, it is installed wirelessly. There is no wiring on the surface of the device. It can be placed anywhere in the car (as long as it is not placed in a place where the signal is blocked), which is very hidden and safe.

Simply put, a cell phone signal blocking jammer is a jammer in which the signal bands from radio, cell phone, Bluetooth and WLAN all cause noise at a certain distance so that electronic devices such as cell phones and radios lose communication signals. It is as if you are in a very noisy vegetable market and others cannot understand what you are saying and you cannot understand what others are saying. Listening and talking are useless. The effective distance of the cell phone jammer used in schools and examination rooms is usually within 200 meters. And usually install lots of units, cover them repeatedly and boost the shielding. When you buy a larger "shield" you need more professional equipment. Usually drive a car with signal shielding. Be careful: the original signal jammer was designed to fight crime and serve law enforcement and the military. In fact, buying a signal shield on your own is also suspected of being a violation of the law. Signal jammers in the hands of criminals can have serious consequences.

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